Best Gifts For People Who Love Turtles

Have you ever spent hours searching for the perfect gift to give a loved one who loves turtles but simply couldn’t find anything fitting?

Gift shopping can prove to be difficult at times, but you are not alone in this struggle.

If you are in the market for the perfect gift to give a turtle lover, look no further. 

I have put together a list of the five best turtle gift ideas on Amazon. 

You will find a gift for every kind of turtle lover, along with a brief description and features regarding each item.

The best gift for a turtle lover is an item that will serve a purpose or solve a problem while also supporting turtles. The number one gift to give your turtle lover is a turtle phone case from Pela Case. This functional gift will be used daily and will support ocean conservation by donating a percentage of the total sales to Pela’s charitable partners.

Gifts For Turtle Lovers In This Reviews

What Makes a Good Turtle Lover Gift?

When searching for a gift, the top variables to consider are thoughtfulness, price, useability, sustainability, and the likelihood the recipient will like it.

Every person is an individual, and many people have different interests and styles.

When considering a gift for the turtle lovers in your life, be sure to keep these checkpoints in mind.

What to Look for

Shopping around for a gift is tiring, and sometimes we feel the urge to settle on an item which may be returned rather than spending the extra time finding the perfect option.

When looking for an excellent gift for any turtle lover, the first aspect to keep in mind is the thoughtfulness you put into the gift.

Since you have already landed on purchasing a turtle-themed gift for this reptile lover, you’re already on the right track. 

Scour your brain to remember what this person loves about turtles or what their other interests are.

The second variable to keep in mind is the budget you are able to allocate to this shopping trip.

Gift giving is not about how much you spend, but purchasing a cheaply made item solely for the low price is not the way to go either.

Your best bet is to decide on a budget before you begin searching for gifts and figure out what your price range is.

What to Avoid

There are a few aspects of a gift you will want to avoid when shopping for a turtle lover.

The first and most important is the sustainability of the product. 

Avoid purchasing something cheaply made or packaged in an abundance of plastic.

Turtle lovers are bound to be aware of the threatened and endangered states of their beloved sea turtles. 

Supporting a company without the sustainability of the product and the oceans in mind can come off as thoughtless.

Instead of purchasing a gag gift which is cheaply made and clearly going to end up in the garbage very quickly, opt for a sturdy gift with the environment in mind.

You also want to consider useability when finding a gift. 

Again, a gag gift or a gift you settled on but know the recipient will likely discard or return it is the easy way out of gift-giving.

The best gifts are problem-solving items. 

Think back to the times you’ve received your favorite gifts. 

These gifts likely alleviated a problem you dealt with on a daily basis.

For instance, one of my favorite gifts was a set of rubber floor mats for my car. 

I was constantly entering my car with wet or dirty shoes and having to visit the car wash much too often. 

Although these car mats do not sound glamorous or exciting, they are still one of my favorite gifts to this day because of the problem they solved.

The final aspect of the gift to keep in mind is whether the recipient will actually like it. 

Again, you want to avoid settling on a gift just to get the job done.

If you are stumped on what to get your turtle lover, consider the list of best turtle gifts below.

gifts for people who love turtles

The 5 Best Turtle Lover Gifts on Amazon

The following list contains the top five gifts to five any turtle love, #1 being the top gift. 

All items have at least four stars on Amazon. 

A review of the product and a list of its top features will be included for each entry.

Turtle Phone Case by Pela Case

Pela: Phone Case for iPhone 11-100% Compostable...
  • THE WORLD'S FIRST COMPOSTABLE PHONE CASE: Pela cases are made of plants and are verified to meet EN 13432 and ASTM D6400...
  • TOP-NOTCH PROTECTION: Your Pela Phone Case provides amazing protection from drops and scratches, as the flax creates a...
  • JOIN US IN WORKING TO CREATE A WASTE FREE FUTURE: Just like you, at Pela we are working to create a waste free future. That's...

The best gift to give any turtle lover is hands down, a phone case from Pela. 

Pela’s slogan of “everyday products without everyday waste” is perfectly fitting for someone who loves our oceans and their inhabitants.

These phone cases are durable, plastic-free, and 100% compostable.

There are countless collections on Pela’s website, and they also have an Amazon store for a fast and easy shipping experience.

The collection I suggest is the Turtle Cases from the Oceana Wavemaker collaboration for apparent reasons.

Don’t stop at this suggestion, though; have a look around at their store. 

Pela has other collaborations like Save the Waves and Surfrider Foundation.

Pela states, “5% of total sales (not just profit) from these collections are donated directly to our causes so they can do the hard work.”

As long as you know what kind of smartphone your turtle lover has, find a sustainable phone case they will love and support a great cause in their honor.

I personally have had a Pela case from their Save the Waves collaboration for a few years, and it is in excellent condition. 

It has saved my iPhone from countless falls, and it makes me feel good knowing when I finally upgrade my phone or opt for a new case, I can send my current issue back to Pela to be composted at their farm in preparation for a new case.


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Solves an Everyday Problem
  • Dozens of Options
  • Reasonably Priced

Reusable Collapsible Keychain Straw

Kynup 4Packs Reusable Straws, Metal Straw with...
  • 【20PCS Included】 This 4 Packs reusable straws includes 4 stainless steel straws, 4 metal cases, 4 keychains and 4 silicon...
  • 【Telescopic Design】This travel dringking straw is small and convenient to carry, It is very portable for Travel and...
  • 【Wide Application】 Every portable metal straws with three sections that can be stretched to 9.05 inches. perfectly...

The second best gift on this list is a reusable straw which is collapsible, easy to clean and doubles as a keychain so you will never forget it. 

The straws I have chosen to add to this list are from Kynup.

Each straw collapses and has its own collapsible cleaner, which gets store inside of the straw.

The products are made of stainless steel and come with 100% silicone mouthpieces.

Once collapsed, everything fits nicely inside of a subtle keychain adorned with a small D ring clip. 

This allows you to take your straw anywhere and attach it to your keys, purse, belt loop, and more.

If you opt for this gift, your turtle lover will be very appreciative. 

Single-use plastic straws are a significant pollutant in our oceans and are a significant threat to sea turtles.

All single-use plastics are harmful to these beautiful creatures, but straws have been the main focus of many turtle lovers for the past few years.

Help your turtle lover eliminate their single-use plastic consumption and gift them with this four-pack of easy-to-clean reusable straws.

Even if they do not frequent restaurants due to the current world climate, these straws will come in handy when ordering take-out or going through the drive-through. 

Now your turtle lover can confidently say “no straw, please” when completing their order.


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Excellent Value
  • Solves an Everyday Problem
  • Collapsible, Subtle, and Easy to Clean

National Geographic Sea Turtle Bottle by S’well

S'well Stainless Steel Water Bottle-17 National...
  • TRIPLE-LAYERED INSULATION: S’well National Geographic Sea Turtle 17oz stainless steel water bottles feature triple-layered,...
  • THE PERFECT FIT: Our metal water bottles and beverage containers are designed with an opening wide enough for most ice cubes...
  • DON’T SWEAT IT: S'well beverage containers are insulated with a copper wall layer to eliminate condensation by providing an...

The third gift on our list is practical, fashionable, and sustainable.

S’well is a highly respected company founded in 2010 and is best known for creating the “original fashion hydration accessory.”

S’well now offers many products, including tumblers, snack storage, and coffee mugs. 

Our focus is on one of their triple-layered vacuum insulated water bottles.

National Geographic collaborated with S’well to create three beautiful water bottles featuring their signature quality photos.

This water bottle resembles the ocean and features a large sea turtle on the front. Its colors are black, blue, and white, making it stylish for any turtle lover.

This gift is thoughtful and will reduce your turtle lover’s need for single-use plastic.

This triple-layered vacuum insulated water bottle is said to keep your water cold for an astonishing 41 hours. 

The opening is created with most ice cubes in mind, and the lid is leakproof when twisted on tight.


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Solves an Everyday Problem
  • High-Quality Product
  • S’well is a Certified B Corporation

Turtle Succulent Planter

Youfui Home Decor Pot Turtle Shaped Succulent...
  • Cute Turtle Design. 2pcs Cute Turtle Shaped Cartoon Animal Succulent pot. Green and Colorful Turtle planter.
  • Creative Decoration. Adorable miniature planter is made of resin materials,handmade, Ideal for fashionably displaying plants,...
  • Save Space.Suitable for home office desk decoration,and it can also make your office unique. It also can put paper clips or...

The fourth item on our list of best gifts for turtle lovers is a set of two turtle-shaped succulent planters from Youfui.

These planters are guaranteed to liven up anyone’s windowsill or office desk.

The set comes with two turtle-shaped planters. 

One resembles a typical turtle with a green body and brown shell. 

The other is slightly more colorful, with a grey body and patterned shell, flaunting several bright colors.

The pictured succulents are not included in the package.

Look for cacti and succulents at most home & garden stores, including your local Home Depot.

Not everyone has a green thumb, but the number of people interested in house plants and gardening has skyrocketed since the start of the recent pandemic.

Purchasing a set of planters with or without an added succulent is a great gift choice for anyone looking to explore plant care. 

Succulents are a great first plant because they are nearly impossible to kill.

If you opt to get this gift for your turtle lover but they are not interested in caring for any plants, they can always use their new turtle planters as an office decoration or place to store small items such as paper clips or jewelry.


  • Excellent Value
  • Fit for Any Turtle Lover
  • Versatile
  • Excellent Reviews

ReptoGuard Turtle Health Conditioner

The fifth and final item on the list of best turtle lover gifts is actually a product meant for the turtles.

This package of ReptoGuard water conditioners comes with six turtle-shaped blocks designed to keep your tank water clean.

If you have reached this part of the list and haven’t seen any gifts your turtle lover is likely to appreciate, you won’t go wrong with a product specifically for their turtles.

Every turtle needs its tank cleaned regularly, and this may be a daunting and time-consuming task.

In order to help alleviate this problem and keep the turtles in a healthy and clean environment, consider gifting these water conditioner bars.

According to their manufacturer Tetra, each turtle-shaped block will slowly dissolve, treating 20 gallons of water.

This product is a budget-friendly price, has excellent reviews, and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Practical
  • Problem Solving
  • Useful for Every Turtle Owner

Finding the Best Gift for Every Turtle Lover

When you are searching for the perfect gifts for the turtle lover in your life, keep their other interests in mind.

At least one of the five outlined gift options is bound to be an excellent fit for any turtle lover.

There are plenty of other turtle-related gifts and supplies listed on Amazon and similar online stores.

If none of the five listed items are appropriate for the turtle lover in your life, search the web for other options while keeping these critical factors in mind: thoughtfulness, price, usability, sustainability, and the likelihood the recipient will enjoy the gift.


What occasion is best to give a turtle-themed gift?

When shopping for a turtle lover, any occasion is an excellent time to give them a turtle-themed gift.

Whether you are looking for a valuable item the turtle lover can use in their everyday life or a product specifically for their turtles; your companion is likely to be grateful for your thoughtful gift.

The best time to give a turtle lover a gift besides their birthday or a typical holiday is on World Turtle Day.

World Turtle Day falls on May 23 every year and is a day meant to bring attention to and spread knowledge and awareness about tortoises and turtles.

What is a reasonable price for a turtle gift?

This all depends on the type of gift you are looking for, your personal budget, and the relationship you have with the turtle-loving recipient.

If you are looking for a gift to give a coworker or acquaintance, feel free to opt for a product in the lower price range. 

The turtle conditioners, as well as the reusable straws, are both practical gifts with a low price tag.

If the turtle lover you are shopping for is a partner or family member, consider a phone case from Pela or the National Geographic sea turtle water bottle from S’well.

Remember, the importance of gift-giving is not about the amount of money you spend, but the thought you put into your selection.

Is a turtle a good gift for a turtle lover?

Purchasing a turtle to give as a gift might not be the best option. 

If the person you are shopping for is not already equipt with the appropriate housing and time to properly care for a turtle, you are essentially gifting them with a burden.

Giving a turtle as a gift comes with a large price tag associated with purchasing an appropriately sized tank, tank accessories and water filters, food, nutritional supplements, and cleaning supplies.

Unless you are absolutely sure the turtle lover in your life is wanting another turtle and is already equipped with the appropriate supplies, avoid giving a turtle as a gift.


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