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Leopard Gecko 3d Book

We've Solved The BIGGEST Problems You'll Face

Create The Perfect Habitat

Leopard Geckos have specific habitat requirements needed to survive. You'll know exactly how to establish a thriving environment.

Complete Diet Guide

A lot of people struggle with their pets diet because it changes as they age. You will have the perfect feeding timeline and information ready as they age.

How To Care For Dragons

You'll learn things like how to bond and tame your pet, bathing them, trimming nails, and more.

Guide To Health

Common health issues and how to spot them quickly, size and growth, male or female, and sickness prevention.


If your pet begins doing something strange and it worries you we've included every behavior you'll come across and what it means for your pet so you don't stress out.

Schedules & Timelines

We've given you the perfect timeframe for when you should feed, clean habitats, change flooring, and more.

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Giving Your Pet The Best Care

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I've had Leopard Geckos for most of my life and I love introducing new people to these pets. I always recommend they grab a copy of this guide if they're serious about getting this pet.
Mary Thompson
Mother Of Leopard Geckos
The material covered in The Leopard Gecko Handbook has helped me tremendously! I'm way more confident taking care of my leopard gecko with what I've learned from this handbook.
Adam Burdett
First Time Having A Leopard Gecko

What's Included In The Leopard Gecko Handbook?

When you purchase this handbook, all of the content – our comprehensive illustrated guide – will be delivered INSTANTLY to your device. And it’s packed full of straightforward steps to help you take what you learn and immediately apply it to your pets life.

Digital Handbook Designed For Mobile

You’ll receive “The Pet Owners Handbook For Leopard Geckos” (PDF) instantly on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This is a must have guide for you as a leopard gecko owner. With mobile access you’ll be able to take it anywhere you need.

This comprehensive leopard gecko manual covers everything from setting up your terrarium, feeding schedules, dietary needs, leopard gecko behavior, health issues, and caring for your pet. Buy it once, and own the latest versions for life!

What You'll Learn In The Leopard Gecko Handbook

Whether you’re a new leopard gecko owner or you’re just wanting to make sure your pet care is top notch, this course will teach you all the essentials. Here’s a rundown of what the course will cover:






If We Don't Make You A Better Pet Owner, We'll Give Your Money Back.

We’re proud of The Leopard Gecko Handbook and we’re confident you’ll find it incredibly helpful. But if you don’t, we’ll be happy to refund your money.

But we know you won’t be disappointed!


Commonly Asked Questions


What if I already own a leopard gecko?

You’re here because you want to be a better caretaker for your leopard gecko and learning all you can in order to do that can be done by picking up this handbook. Both new and current owners can learn a lot from this.


What device can I read the ebook on?

You can read it on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Take it anywhere you need using your laptop, e-reader, smartphone (iPhone or Android) or tablet. This includes iPads, Galaxy, Nook, Kindle, Sony eReader and more.


What is an ebook?

Ebooks are digital guides that you can read on your own computer or mobile device. When you purchase the ebook, we’ll send a PDF (which works on all devices).


How do I download the ebook?

Once your payment is processed, you’ll see an order confirmation screen. You’ll also receive an order confirmation email with a link to your downloads. If you don’t get an email after you purchase, check your spam folder. If it’s not there, send an email to


Is my credit card secure?

100% yes. We’ve partnered with Stripe and Paypal to handle the billing and provide a secure 256-bit encryption. We take every step available to us to help keep your transaction safe.


Is there a money-back guarantee?

You bet. We put a lot of work into this digital book to make the most comprehensive leopard gecko handbook on the planet. But if, for whatever reason, you don’t find it helpful, we’ll refund your money.