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how fast can a bearded dragon run

How Fast Can A Bearded Dragon Run?

Are you curious about the capabilities of the bearded dragon? Do you want to take the bearded dragon out, but you’re afraid it will get away from you? Part of pet ownership is knowing what your pet is capable of, and is key to being a good owner. When researching a bearded dragon, it may

how to tell if your bearded dragon is happy

How To Tell If Your Bearded Dragon Is Happy

Are you a new bearded dragon owner figuring out how to tell if your beardy is happy? Do you know what the common happy behaviors are? Part of being a good owner is knowing which behaviors show happiness and which show stress. With bearded dragons, the answers may surprise you. So today, we’ll help you

why does my bearded dragon run away from me

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Run Away from Me?

Does your bearded dragon run at the sight of you? Are you worried your bearded dragon doesn’t like you or fears you? Running from a more gigantic, unknown creature such as a human isn’t something to be overly concerned with, but by looking at the reason why a beardy runs can help you determine how

why is my bearded dragon bobbing his head

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Bobbing His Head?

Are you a bearded dragon owner who wants to learn all they can about their pet? Have you noticed your bearded dragon bobbing its head a lot? This is standard behavior for bearded dragons, and as a good pet owner, you’ll want to know what this and other behaviors mean for your reptile. After seeing

bearded dragon closing eyes when stroked

Bearded Dragon Closing Eyes When Stroked

Is your bearded dragon closing its eyes when stroked? Are you worried about whether this is a sign of affection or distress? Don’t worry! You are in the company of many bearded dragon owners who only want to make sure their pets are happy and healthy. So, what does it mean when a bearded dragon closes eyes

why is my bearded dragon glass surfing

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing?

Is your bearded dragon running around the tank and bouncing off the glass? Are you worried your pet is going to hurt itself with this behavior? I don’t blame you. Glass surfing is a dangerous behavior, but fortunately, fixing it is relatively easy. So you’re wondering, “Why is my bearded dragon glass surfing?” Glass surfing

why is my bearded dragon mean

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Mean?

Are you afraid your bearded dragon doesn’t like you? Do you notice many mean behaviors from your bearded dragons towards you or other animals? Many new owners are afraid their new pets have naturally “mean” personalities, and so they wonder, “Why is my bearded dragon mean?” Your bearded dragon isn’t being “mean.” It’s stressed out

what to do if a bearded dragon bites you

What To Do If A Bearded Dragon Bites You

Is your bearded dragon biting at you? Would you like to be prepared just in case your beardy does bite you? It’s always good to be prepared in case something terrible happens. As a rule, beardies are gentle and laid back creatures unless stressed out. These reptiles can get stressed out by many things not

how to tell if your bearded dragon likes you

How Do You Know If A Bearded Dragon Likes You?

Are you a new bearded dragon owner learning how to make sure your new pet is happy and healthy? Do you want to bond with your bearded dragon? One of the reasons beardies are so popular as pet reptiles are how they show affection. It is possible for these pets to recognize you and “like”

what does it mean when a bearded dragon waves

What Does It Mean When A Bearded Dragon Waves?

Is your bearded dragon waving at you? Are you wondering what this behavior means? Arm-waving is extremely common with bearded dragons, but there is a lot of disagreement about what it all means. There are a lot of common myths out there about this, and knowing the truth is one of the parts of being