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how often to feed bearded dragon

How Often To Feed A Bearded Dragon

Are you a new bearded dragon owner looking at their diets? Do you wonder if you’re feeding your bearded dragon the right way? Providing a healthy and appropriate diet is essential to having a happy and long-lived dragon. Part of this is knowing how often to feed a bearded dragon. How often you feed a

how many superworms to feed a bearded dragon

How Many Superworms To Feed A Bearded Dragon

Are you interested in learning more about superworms? Do you know why some people love superworms for bearded dragons, and others avoid them?  There are some excellent reasons to use superworms as a part of a beardie diet, but you may wonder how many superworms to feed a bearded dragon. Superworms are a decent source

how to feed bearded dragon

How To Feed A Bearded Dragon

Are you looking at getting a bearded dragon for a pet, but you want to know what feeding it involves? Do you want to check you’re feeding your reptile in the right way? Feeding a bearded dragon is one of the most significant parts of owning a bearded dragon. So you need to know how

how many crickets to feed a baby bearded dragon

How Many Crickets To Feed A Baby Bearded Dragon

Are you worried about feeding your baby bearded dragon crickets? Do you think your baby bearded dragon is overeating? Baby bearded dragons are adorable, but they’re often so small it stresses many new owners out. Can they take care of themselves? Are they eating enough? Too much? It’s always good to research your pets to

how many mealworms to feed a bearded dragon

How Many Mealworms To Feed a Bearded Dragon

Do you wonder how many mealworms your bearded dragon should eat? Have you heard different things about mealworms and their place in a beardy’s diet? Mealworms are a standard part of many beardy diets, but you may wonder how many mealworms to feed a bearded dragon. Mealworms are a good source of protein, but they’re

how many roaches should a bearded dragon eat

How Many Roaches Should A Bearded Dragon Eat?

Are you looking at feeding your bearded dragon Dubia roaches? Do you wonder how many of these insects a bearded dragon should eat? Dubia roaches have remained an excellent choice for a bearded dragon insect food, and they have gained more popularity over the recent years.  Still, as you look into them, you probably noticed

what not to feed your bearded dragon

What Not To Feed Your Bearded Dragon

Are you a new bearded dragon owner worried about accidentally getting your pet sick by feeding it the wrong thing?  Do you worry about choosing the wrong foods for your reptile friend? Like all animals, there are certain things we humans can eat and they can’t. There are also foods you might think are okay

how to get bearded dragon to eat greens

How To Get Bearded Dragons To Eat Greens

Are you worried your bearded dragons aren’t eating a balanced diet? Do you get frustrated when your reptile friend doesn’t want to eat anything but fatty insects? Don’t feel alone; this is a common problem many bearded dragon owners have at several points during the life of a beardy. These pets tend to be picky

how much water does a bearded dragon need

How Much Water Does A Bearded Dragon Need?

Are you worried about your bearded dragon not knowing how to get its water? Do you like to plan and look at everything involved in caring for your bearded dragon? Great owners take care to know what their pets need and how much they’re getting. For bearded dragons, many owners feel confident in how much

why wont my bearded dragon eat

Why Won’t My Bearded Dragon Eat?

Are you concerned about your bearded dragon refusing to eat? Do you want to know more about these interesting pets and their behavior? Bearded dragons are oddly adorable, for sure, but they also have some concerning habits. One of these is losing appetite and not eating. So, as an owner, you may wonder: Why won’t