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how big of a tank does a bearded dragon need

How Big Of A Tank Does A Bearded Dragon Need?

Are you unsure of what size tank you need for your bearded dragon? Do you want to make sure your bearded dragon or beardy, as their owners commonly call them, is going to be happy and healthy in their habitat? Having the right size tank for your bearded dragon will help guarantee they remain happy

what do you need for a bearded dragon habitat

What Do You Need For A Bearded Dragon Habitat?

Are you looking at getting a bearded dragon? Do you want to know what you need for a bearded dragon before you buy it? Getting a new pet can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure about what the beardy needs. One of the most important things for this reptile is a proper tank setup. So

how long can a bearded dragon go without uvb

How Long Can A Bearded Dragon Go Without UVB?

Are you a new bearded dragon owner wondering about the UVB for this pet? Did your UVB light burn out, and now you need to know how long your beardy can survive before you pick up another? Most lizards have evolved for a need to absorb the sun rays as part of their body’s function.

how to lower humidity in bearded dragon tank

How To Lower Humidity In Bearded Dragon Tank

Do you own a bearded dragon and live in humid areas? Are you worried about the problems which arise too high humidity in your reptile’s tank? Keeping an enclosure set up correctly is one of the most important things to help your bearded dragon live a long and healthy life. And quite often, the most

what temperature should a bearded dragon tank be

What Temperature Should A Bearded Dragon Tank Be?

Are you worried about your bearded dragon’s habitat setup? Do you want to make sure you’re getting the temperature just right for these picky but cute pets? Bearded dragons are relatively healthy creatures with little health problems which come up naturally, and one of the biggest things to do to help prevent a whole host

young bearded dragon in dirty cage

How To Clean A Bearded Dragon Cage

Are you a new bearded dragon owner who wants to care for your pet in the best way possible? Are you unsure how to clean the bearded dragon’s enclosure? Cleaning your pet’s enclosure is a key part of good hygiene, which prevents a whole host of diseases. Doing this isn’t hard, but it is important

bearded dragon in tank

What Can Live With A Bearded Dragon: Safe Environments

Do you think your bearded dragon is lonely? Are you considering breeding bearded dragons? Would you like to add a second pet to your enclosure? If you already have a bearded dragon, it’s essential to know its space and territory limitations. This is key to having healthy bearded dragons. What can live with a bearded

baby bearded dragon being held in palm of hand

How Long Can A Bearded Dragon Go Without Heat

Is your power out and you’re wondering if your bearded dragon is in danger? Are you waiting for a new UV bulb for your basking lamp and worried about your enclosure’s temperature? Are you taking a trip and can’t keep the heating lamp on in the car/plane? Knowing the limits of your bearded dragon is