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best ointment for mouth rot in chameleon

Best Ointment For Mouth Rot In Chameleons

Are you worried your chameleon may have mouth rot?  Mouth rot is a fairly common disorder found in pet lizards and other reptiles, and while it is serious and potentially life-threatening, if left untreated, it is easily cured with the right ointments and care.  Below we share with you the best ointment for mouth rot

best uv meter for chameleon

Best UV Meters For Chameleons

Do you worry about your chameleon not getting enough UVB? Maybe you worry you’re overexposing your pet to UV radiation? One of the most common mistakes in setting up cages we see comes from not including enough UVB radiation. But honestly, the only way to tell exactly how much your pet is getting is by

best substrate for chameleons

Best Substrate For Chameleons

Do you want to set up your chameleon tank perfectly? Are you wondering about what to put on the bottom of your chameleon tank? A substrate isn’t a big area of concern for chameleons, but it’s still important to use the right stuff. While there are hundreds of substrate options out there for reptiles, you

best basking bulb for chameleon

Best Basking Bulb For Chameleons

Do you want to set up your Chameleons habitat just right so it lives a healthy life? Are you worried about keeping your Chameleon’s cage warm enough? As we all know, the correct habitat set up is key for Chameleons health. One of the important parts of this set up is the basking spot. The

best lighting for panther chameleon

Best Lighting For Panther Chameleons

Are you looking into getting a panther chameleon as a pet? Do you want to make sure you set up your Panther chameleons habitat just right? One of the key parts of a successful reptile habitat is the lighting. With Panther chameleons, this is even more important. Panther chameleons are a little more gentle than

best uvb bulb for chameleons

Best UVB Bulb For Chameleons

Are you setting up a chameleon’s habitat for the first time and want to make sure they have everything they need for a long and healthy life? One of the best things we can do as owners are providing a stable and healthy habitat for our reptile friends. There’s a lot involved in setting up

best misting system for chameleons

Best Misting System For Chameleons

Are you looking for an easier way to mist down your chameleon’s cage? Do you want to make sure your reptile friend is getting all the water it needs? Spraying down your chameleon’s cage is one of the most important jobs you have as an owner. But, to be honest, it takes some work on

what do you need for a pet chameleon

What Do You Need For A Pet Chameleon

Do you want to get your own new pet Chameleon, but you want to know what you’re getting into? Are you excited about getting a new reptile pet, but you don’t know what you need before you start? It’s the best option to get everything you need ahead of time. Having all the right gear

best chameleon cage

5 Best Chameleon Cages

Are you a new chameleon owner unsure of whether or not you have the best enclosure for your pet? Do you want to adopt a chameleon, but you also want to get all the gear you need first? There isn’t much with chameleons more important than setting up their habitat properly, and getting the best

where can I buy a chameleon

Where Can You Buy A Chameleon

Are you interested in becoming the owner of a chameleon? Have you looked at chameleons at a store but aren’t sure if this is the best place to make your purchase? If you are looking to add a chameleon to your home, you might wonder: Where can I buy a chameleon? There are many options