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how to tell a coral snake from a corn snake

How To Tell A Coral Snake From A Corn Snake

Are you trying to identify the type of snake you just saw? Are you worried you might have a coral snake living around your home? Do you worry you have a coral snake instead of a corn snake in your possession? Corn snakes are brightly colored and safe to have as pets, while their cousin,

how to sex a corn snake

How To Sex A Corn Snake?

Are you curious if your corn snake is a boy or a girl? Do you want to learn how to tell the difference between males and female corn snakes? Sexing the corn snake in its enclosure in your home is not the most effortless process, given there aren’t glowing differences between the males and females.

how long does a corn snake live

How Long Does A Corn Snake Live?

Are you doing some research on the oddly cute corn snake? Do you want to know what you’re getting into when it comes to time with these reptiles? Corn snakes are great pets to have because of their mild nature, low care requirements, and healthy disposition. But how long does a corn snake live? In

how old is my corn snake

How Old is My Corn Snake?

Are you fascinated by the docile corn snake? Have you been gifted a snake and are wondering how old it is? Maybe you thought you bought a tiny snake and are now realizing it’s outgrowing its home? If so, you’re not alone—a lot of other people have wondered, too.   The easiest way to determine

best corn snake morphs

Best Corn Snake Morphs & Details

Are you looking to buy a corn snake, but you’re wondering which kind to get? Are you an experienced reptile owner looking for a special kind of corn snake? Morphs, or special-looking versions of the reptile, are a fun twist on the standard corn snake. But there are a lot out there, and it is