types of pet lizards

Types Of Pet Lizards

If you have recently decided to commit to a pet lizard, you may be wondering which species is best for your lifestyle and budget.  What you want in a pet lizard depends on a few factors.  Are you a beginner reptile keeper or do you have some experience?  How much …

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how do lizards hear

How Do Lizards Hear?

Have you tried looking for ears on your pet lizard? Do you wonder if your lizard can hear you talking to them? Even though they don’t have ear flaps as we humans do, lizards hear noises around them. But you might be wondering: How do lizards hear? Lizards have a …

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how do lizards lose their tails

How Do Lizards Lose Their Tails?

Why do some lizards regenerate their tails? Is dropping tails normal? For some new lizard owners, a dropped tail is freaky.  In many cases, this is normal, though it may start you wondering: How do lizards lose their tails? Lizards have evolved to detach their tails as a defense mechanism. …

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why do lizards have scales

Why Do Lizards Have Scales?

Are you interested in learning more about your lizard? Have you ever wondered about the scales covering your lizard’s body? If you are looking to learn more about your lizard and how they survive in the wild, you might wonder: Why do lizards have scales? Scales are multifunctional for lizards. …

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how long do lizards live

How Long Do Lizards Live?

Are you curious about the lifespan of lizards? Have you been thinking about getting a lizard as a pet and wondering how long you will keep it? If you are in the market for a lizard, or simply just curious about these reptiles, you may have the question: How long …

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how do lizards reproduce

How Do Lizards Reproduce?

Are you interested in learning more about the life cycle of a lizard? Do you wonder how baby lizards come to be? If you are curious about the reproduction of lizards, you might ask: How do lizards reproduce? Most lizards reproduce sexually, meaning they need a male and female to …

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how to take care of lizards

How To Take Care of Lizards

Are you interested in bringing a unique pet into your home? Do you have your eye on a particular lizard, but aren’t sure if it is the right fit for you? If you are considering adopting a lizard as a pet, but have zero experience, you need to know how to …

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why do lizards do push ups

Why Lizards Do Push-Ups

Does your lizard have funny quirks you enjoy watching? Do you want to figure out why your lizard is doing some of the things they do? If you are a lizard owner, you have probably caught your pet doing some funny things, including something reminding you of human push-ups.  If …

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