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Oddly Cute Pets is a site dedicated to the unique pets of this world. You’re not going to find anything on cats or dogs here. You will find information for pet lizards, snakes, and odd small animals.

can a leopard gecko be an emotional support animal

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How Does It All Work?

Our team includes more than ten dedicated researchers, writers, and technical assistants to ensure we’re bringing you the best possible content for your pets.


Our team has years of experience honing their craft.

Topic Coverage

We search the web for common questions people ask about their pets and answer them all.

Team Effort

Each post goes through multiple team members to provide you with the best content.


We ensure the products we recommend are of the highest quality. See our affiliate disclosure here.


The information in our posts is fact-checked by multiple team members.


Our assistants help enhance our content through link recommendations to other content on the site.

Wesley Oaks

Founder of Oddly Cute Pets

Wesley is passionate about creating websites like this and running the publishing team behind them. He loves learning new things about these unique pets and sharing what he learns with others.

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