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Our general turtle & tortoise information covers the broad topics surrounding turtles & tortoises but not for an exact species. This is a great spot to begin learning a little about turtles & tortoises and see if they’re a pet you’re truly interested in. Click any of the posts below to read.

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a turtle opening its mouth featured

Do Turtles Have Teeth? (Not Exactly…)

Turtles do not have teeth. A turtle bites using its beak, which is made up of keratin sheaths. Some species have sharp serrated edges on their beaks that help them cut into food.

are tortoises good pets

Are Tortoises Good Pets?

How much effort does tortoise care take? Do they make good pets in real life? It’s smart to have questions

mini tortoise breeds

Mini Tortoise Breeds

If you have been thinking of owning a miniature tortoise as a pet, you probably consider which species is right