turtle shell diseases 1

Common Turtle Shell Diseases 101

What are the most common types of shell disease in turtles? What are the symptoms of shell diseases? Understanding turtle shell diseases and their symptoms are essential to the proper care of your turtle. Knowing what to look for is key to getting your turtle prompt treatment before too much …

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dry docking turtles 1

What Is Dry Docking Turtles?

What is dry-docking, and why do you need to know about it? What is dry-docking used for about turtles? Should all turtles go through a dry docking phase? Dry-docking a turtle is used in various scenarios and is usually performed to help speed along a turtle’s healing process somehow. As …

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turtle shell care products

The 5 Best Turtle Shell Care Products

What are the benefits of using turtle shell care products? Which turtle shell care products are the best? Turtle shell care products have a variety of purposes depending on their formulas. These products range from shell conditioners, anti-fungal baths, water conditioners for aquatic turtles, antibacterial sprays, and even dietary supplements …

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tortoise care for beginners

Tortoise Care For Beginners

Are you considering a pet tortoise but don’t know where to begin? Reptile pets take a lot of care and research.  You think a tortoise might be right for you, but you’re not sure what it will need.  Do different species of tortoise need other substrates?  What about heating and …

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are tortoises good pets

Are Tortoises Good Pets?

How much effort does tortoise care take? Do they make good pets in real life? It’s smart to have questions and concerns about their care practices and whether one would be right for you.  How much do they eat?  Should you adopt babies or adult tortoises?  Questions and concerns are …

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turtle shell cream

Our Favorite Turtle Shell Cream

Are you a turtle owner who needs help caring for your pet’s shell? If you are a new owner of turtles or tortoises, you will likely have questions about proper care and make a few mistakes along the way. A common misconception associated with owning turtles and tortoises is thinking …

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baby turtles that stay small

Baby Turtles That Stay Small

You know you want to adopt or buy a pet turtle.  However, your space is currently limited.  You don’t see yourself being able to host a foot-long aquatic reptile pet.  Are there species of baby turtles which stay small into adulthood?  Do small turtles take up the same amount of …

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mini tortoise breeds

Mini Tortoise Breeds

If you have been thinking of owning a miniature tortoise as a pet, you probably consider which species is right for you. There are many things to consider before deciding on a mini tortoise as a pet. Do you have any experience keeping reptiles, or are you a beginner? How …

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african spurred tortoise care

African Spurred Tortoise Care

How do you properly care for an African spurred tortoise?  Is it safe to keep these animals in captivity? Do these tortoises make good pets?  Many people do not fully understand what keeping a healthy tortoise entails when they decide to rescue one.  This is detrimental to the animal’s health …

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box turtle shell rot

What Is Box Turtle Shell Rot?

What is box turtle shell rot, and how can you recognize the symptoms? Is there a treatment for shell rot, and how can it be prevented? Recognizing signs of illness in your box turtle is an essential part of caring for them. In addition to a healthy diet and well-maintained …

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can box turtles eat blueberries

Can Box Turtles Eat Blueberries?

Are blueberries an acceptable addition to your box turtle’s diet? What should your box turtle be fed daily? Feeding your turtle a variety of fruits and vegetables is beneficial to its health, but what fruits and vegetables in specific are best? Many people bringing home a box turtle for the …

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can box turtles eat apples

Can Box Turtles Eat Apples?

Is it safe to feed apples to your box turtle? Do any other fruits and vegetables add nutritional value to your box turtle’s diet? Feeding your turtle a proper diet is vital for their longevity, as well as preventing disease. As omnivores, box turtle diets should consist of a healthy …

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box turtle varieties

Box Turtle Varieties Explained

Are there different varieties of box turtles? What is the difference between American and Asian box turtles? You may be interested in a box turtle as a new pet.  You might be interested in your local wildlife and how to protect it.  Either way, you want to know more about …

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how fast do box turtles grow

How Fast Do Box Turtles Grow?

Are box turtles bigger or smaller than other kinds of turtles? What affects the growth rate of box turtles? Knowing the growth rate of these reptiles can help turtle owners understand the health and well-being of their pets.  Stunted growth could be a sign of a husbandry issue or medical …

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how far do box turtles roam

How Far Do Box Turtles Roam?

Slow and steady may win the race, but how much total distance can a box turtle cover? Do they have territories, or do they roam freely from place to place? Box turtles are fascinating and opportunistic creatures.  They take advantage of what’s available to them at the moment and are …

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how to breed box turtles

How To Breed Box Turtles

Are you a box turtle keeper looking to expand the family?  Are you interested in learning the best and safest way to breed your turtles? As a box turtle owner, it’s up to you to responsibly breed and care for your pets.  This how-to article will show you all the …

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When Do Box Turtles Hibernate

When Do Box Turtles Hibernate?

Do box turtles hibernate? Where are all the box turtles in winter? You may be wondering whether your pet box turtles need to hibernate in your home. How could you, as their owner, set them up for a successful hibernation?  What are the risks involved?  Good owners are prepared for …

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how do box turtles reproduce

How Do Box Turtles Reproduce?

Are you thinking about reproducing or breeding box turtles? It’s a natural extension to the love of owning one of these pets, but you need to be careful about how it works and understand what you’re getting into.  This article is here to help you come to breeding better prepared.  …

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best food for box turtles

Best Food For Box Turtles

Have you questioned whether you are feeding your box turtle the best foods?  It is not uncommon to feel a bit overwhelmed when you bring a new pet home.  A box turtle is unlike other pets, where you typically only have one or two types of feed.  Pet owners need …

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what do box turtles eat

What Do Box Turtles Eat?

Are you considering getting a box turtle and want to be aware of what foods box turtles eat? As a pet owner, it’s essential to understand the healthiest foods to provide to your pet turtle.  Unfortunately, box turtles are fairly tough to care for, but with our helpful article, at …

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how to age a box turtle

How To Age A Box Turtle

How do you age a box turtle?  Unless you raised your turtle from a hatchling or got it from someone who did, you’re probably curious about your turtle’s age.  After all, a box turtle is a relatively long-term commitment – a healthy box turtle can live well over 25 years …

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