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The Green Anole lizard, also known as Anolis carolinensis, is a species of arboreal lizard native to the southeastern United States. These small, slender lizards are often kept as pets and are popular among reptile enthusiasts for their vibrant green coloration, charming personalities, and ease of care. Green Anoles are active during the day, and their diet mainly consists of small insects such as crickets and mealworms. They are also known for their unique ability to change color depending on their mood, environment, and temperature, making them fascinating creatures to observe. Despite being a common sight in their natural habitat, Green Anoles face threats such as habitat loss, predation, and competition from non-native species.

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Why Do Green Anoles Turn Brown? (Here’s Every Reason Why)

Green anoles turn brown when they feel cold; when they don’t feel comfortable in their enclosure; when they face predators; or become dehydrated. They will also change colors when they are stressed, sick, or shedding. Males will turn bright green when defending their territory.

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Green Anole Care Sheet: Complete Guide For Your Pet

A green anole will live for about 5 years in captivity. It will need a 10-gallon terrarium fitted with a heat lamp and at 60-80% humidity. Feed it gut-loaded crickets every other day and give it water to drink by misting the leaves and walls of its enclosure. Take it to the vet once a year.