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Hamsters are Rodents. Members of the subfamily Cricetinae, which has 19 species grouped into seven genera. They have established themselves as well-liked little animals. Click through to a post below to read more on the guinea pig.

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Hamster vs Gerbil (Differences & Similarities)

Most hamsters (except the dwarves) are bigger than gerbils. They have more compact features and are nocturnal, solitary animals. Gerbils are more placid than hamsters. They like to live in pairs and groups. They live for 3 to 4 years in captivity and have more mouse-like features.

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Why Hamsters Bite Their Cage (& How To Prevent It)

Hamsters chew on the bars of their cage to wear down overgrowing teeth, relieve boredom, and because they are stressed. They also bite their bars when they feel irritated, when their cages are too small, and just for fun.

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Can Hamsters Live Together In The Same Cage?

Most hamsters are territorial animals and do not fare well when sharing a hamster cage. To prevent fights, keep them separate. Dwarf hamsters are the exception and can share a cage with other hamsters of the same sex.

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How Long Are Hamsters Pregnant? (& What To Expect)

A female hamster stays pregnant for 16-22 days, depending on the species. Syrian hamsters remain pregnant for 16-17 days. If you have a Dwarf Roborovski hamster, she’ll keep her babies in for 22 days or an entire month.

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Why Hamsters May Bite (& How You Can Stop It)

Like other prey animals, hamsters bite as a defense mechanism. If they feel threatened or scared in any way, they will chomp down on the nearest finger, hand, or object. Let’s look at how to stop hamster biting altogether and why your pet might take a nip at you.

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Are Hamsters Nocturnal? & Other Sleeping Habit Info

In the following article, we dive deep into the sleeping habits of one of the world’s most beloved fluffy pets–hamsters! Let’s learn more about your hamster’s sleeping schedule, how to adjust it, and what it means for you as its owner.

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How Much Does A Hamster Cost To Buy & Raise

Finding out how much this little guy will cost you, in the long run, has never been easier. We’ve packed this article full of everything you need to know, from the initial cost of your hamster to its monthly expenses.