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The Chinchilla is a small rodent native to the Andes Mountains in South America. These furry animals are known for their soft and dense fur, which is highly valued for its use in clothing and accessories. Chinchillas are social animals and live in groups in the wild, but they can also make great pets with proper care and attention. Their diet mainly consists of hay, pellets, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Chinchillas are active primarily at night and have a lifespan of around 10-15 years in captivity. Despite their popularity as pets, chinchillas are considered an endangered species in the wild due to habitat destruction, hunting for their fur, and capture for the pet trade.

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Best Housing Temperature For Chinchillas

A chinchilla’s normal body temperature range is from 98-100°F. If a chinchilla gets too hot, he’ll die of heat stroke. Extreme cold can lead to hypothermia, which is equally dangerous.

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Can You Shave A Chinchilla? (Should You?)

Only a veterinarian should ever shave a chinchilla’s fur. Chinchilla owners should never shave their pets as their skin is very sensitive and prone to dryness and infections.


Chinchilla Cage Setup Ideas (Layouts & Necessities)

A wire mesh 4x4x3 feet big, tall cage will work best. Attach the food bowl and the hay rack to the walls of the cage on the inside, above the ground, and the water bottle on the outside. Place hideouts on the floor and exercise wheel 1ft above the floor to avoid falls.