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why wont my leopard gecko eat

Why Won’t My Leopard Gecko Eat

Have you noticed your leopard gecko is not touching the food you give it? Are you worried your leopard gecko is sick or stressed? If you are worried about your leopard gecko’s eating habits, one of your first questions might be: Why Won’t My Leopard Gecko Eat? Your leopard gecko might not be eating due

how to tell what morph your leopard gecko is

How To Tell What Morph Your Leopard Gecko Is

Have you recently purchased a new leopard gecko and are in love with the patterns and colors it displays? Do you want to learn more about your leopard gecko and what kind of morph it is? When you want to explore some of the different morphs found in leopard geckos, you might start by asking:

best leopard gecko morphs

Best Leopard Gecko Morphs

Have you noticed there seems to be a variety of colors and patterns on leopard geckos? Are you interested in learning more about these patterns and colors of different leopard geckos? If you are thinking about purchasing a new leopard gecko, you might be overwhelmed by all options. This could lead you to wonder: What

how to make a moist hide for a leopard gecko

How To Make A Moist Hide For Leopard Geckos

Are you worried about your leopard gecko having shedding issues or refusing to lay eggs? Do you want to make sure your gecko feels safe and secure in its tank? Hides are an essential part of any leopard gecko’s habitat, and they don’t take much to set up. But if you have space, it’s a

best light for leopard gecko

Best Light For Leopard Geckos

Do you get lost looking at the hundreds of heating lamp options for reptiles? Are you a concerned owner who wants the best gear for your leopard gecko’s habitat? Most owners get lost in all the heating lamp options, and since most of them are designed for all reptiles, you may wonder which is the

how to incubate leopard gecko eggs without an incubator

How To Incubate Leopard Gecko Eggs Without An Incubator

Are you worried about spending extra money on a fancy incubator for your leopard gecko eggs? Do you want to get into gecko breeding without breaking the bank? It’s entirely possible to make your own incubator and save some money while hatching leopard gecko eggs, but many owners who do this on their own miss

what are reptile scales made of

What Are Reptile Scales Made Of

Have you ever wondered what a reptile’s scales are made of? When touching a reptile, have you been surprised by the feel of its skin? Do you ever question why your reptile periodically sheds its scales? The skin of a reptile is vastly different from many other animals because it has scales, which may cause

how to make reptile containers not smell

How To Make Reptile Containers Not Smell

Is your reptile container starting to smell bad? Are you having difficulties keeping your terrarium clean? Reptiles are wonderful pets, but the containers they live in often start to smell unless adequately maintained and cleaned. You may ask yourself, “how do I make my reptiles containers not smell?” To prevent your reptile containers from smelling,

what is the difference between a reptile and an amphibian

What’s The Difference Between Reptiles and Amphibians

Do you know if a lizard is considered a reptile or an amphibian? What about a turtle? A snake? It is sometimes challenging to tell the difference by looking, but in reality, reptiles and amphibians are different species with significantly different features.  When deciding whether or not to bring an animal into your home, you

how to keep humidity up in reptile tank

How To Keep Humidity Up In Reptile Tanks

Are you struggling to keep humidity levels up in your reptile tank? Do you need some ideas on how to address this problem? If you want your reptile to thrive in its environment, you must maintain an appropriate humidity level. Lower humidity levels may lead to dehydration or other health issues for your pet. So

What's The Site About?

Our goal here at Oddly Cute Pets is to provide valuable information on pets some people would consider “odd”. There is a wide variety of pet options out there and future pet owners of these animals need a reliable source of information on how to care for them, feed them, build their habitats, and just guides on how to be awesome at it.

This is why Oddly Cute Pets was created and it all started with a spark of curiosity from one dad’s children interested in having a pet frog. So, thanks to those two kids we now have this wonderful site!

What All Do We Cover?



Pets have their own unique behaviors which can be signs of different things such as stress, health issues, or simply being playful but it’s important to know the difference.



Each animal will have their own special care needs to live a happy and healthy life and we want to make sure you’re able to provide that for them.



A proper diet is extremely important for the majority of these pet types. Most have specific dieting needs you will need to follow for them to grow healthy.



A habitat is fun to create for your pet but comes with different requirements depending on your type of pet. It’s exciting to get to rearrange habitats and create beautiful environments.



We want your pet to live a long healthy life and avoid any health complications. We provide helpful information to help you do this and deal with any issues you may experience.



Not only are there specific items you will need to buy to own some of these pets there will be other items which are just fun to pick up. We review all types of items for your oddly cute pet.