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how to pop a ball python

How To Pop A Ball Python

Do you want to find out the gender of your Ball Python? Have you wondered if it’s even possible to determine the sex of your snake? Even though male and female Ball Pythons look almost identical in appearance, there are several ways to find out the gender of your snake. One of these ways is

how to make a blue eyed leucistic ball python

How To Make A Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python

Have you dreamed of owning a Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python? Or maybe you’ve recently heard about this stunning, white-skinned, blue-eyed snake and want to find out more? Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Pythons are relatively rare Ball Python morphs and are typically expensive snakes to buy. However, it’s possible to create your own Blue Eyed

how to force feed a ball python

How To Force Feed A Ball Python

Are you concerned because your ball python is not eating? Have you given your ball python a meal, but it isn’t interested in eating? If you are worried your ball python is losing too much weight because of a lack of appetite you might wonder: How do I force feed a ball python? If your

how to feed a ball python live mice

How To Feed A Ball Python Live Mice

Are you interested in the feeding habits of the ball python? Is your ball python not interested in eating the frozen mice you have been trying? If you are noticing your ball python is not interested in their food, you might consider trying live prey, but with this decision, you could wonder: How do I

how much should my ball python weigh

How Much Should My Ball Python Weigh

Are you worried your ball python isn’t getting adequate nutrition? Have you wondered if your ball python is healthy? When you are concerned about the health of your ball python you evaluate their weight, but this might lead you to ask: How much should my ball python weigh? A full-grown healthy ball python should weigh

how much does it cost to feed a ball python

How Much Does It Cost To Feed A Ball Python

Are you looking into getting a ball python, but do you want to know more about the costs before you commit it? Do you like to budget your expenses before jumping into new pets? Ball pythons are overly expensive, especially when compared to most other pets, but the one they have a higher recurring cost

how many eggs does a ball python lay

How Many Eggs Does A Ball Python Lay

Are you looking into breeding into ball pythons? Do you want to know about how many babies you’ll get from breeding, so you don’t bite off more than you’re able to handle? Breeding ball pythons is a fun extension to owning a couple of them. It’s simple to do, and many find it rewarding. But

how long does it take for a ball python to poop

How Long Does It Take For A Ball Python To Poop

Are you worried your ball python hasn’t pooped in a while? Do you want to help your pet be healthy? As gross as some may find it, droppings are usually one of the earliest indications, something is wrong with the health of any pet. When the dropping changes in some way, it’s time to watch

what can i feed my ball python besides mice

What Can I Feed My Ball Python Besides Mice

Are you tired of only feeding your ball python mice? Or maybe your ball python still shows signs of hunger after its feedings? If so, you’re probably asking, “What can I feed my ball python besides mice?” In this article, we’re going to uncover several other feeder options to offer your ball python. We’ll also

how long can a ball python go without eating

How Long Can A Ball Python Go Without Eating

Is your pet ball python refusing to eat? Ball pythons are notoriously picky eaters and are famous for going on “hunger strikes” (aka going for long periods without eating). If your ball python isn’t eating, you’re probably wondering how long can a ball python go without eating. Today, we’re going to answer this common question

What's The Site About?

Our goal here at Oddly Cute Pets is to provide valuable information on pets some people would consider “odd”. There is a wide variety of pet options out there and future pet owners of these animals need a reliable source of information on how to care for them, feed them, build their habitats, and just guides on how to be awesome at it.

This is why Oddly Cute Pets was created and it all started with a spark of curiosity from one dad’s children interested in having a pet frog. So, thanks to those two kids we now have this wonderful site!

What All Do We Cover?



Pets have their own unique behaviors which can be signs of different things such as stress, health issues, or simply being playful but it’s important to know the difference.



Each animal will have their own special care needs to live a happy and healthy life and we want to make sure you’re able to provide that for them.



A proper diet is extremely important for the majority of these pet types. Most have specific dieting needs you will need to follow for them to grow healthy.



A habitat is fun to create for your pet but comes with different requirements depending on your type of pet. It’s exciting to get to rearrange habitats and create beautiful environments.



We want your pet to live a long healthy life and avoid any health complications. We provide helpful information to help you do this and deal with any issues you may experience.



Not only are there specific items you will need to buy to own some of these pets there will be other items which are just fun to pick up. We review all types of items for your oddly cute pet.