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best worms for baby chameleon

Best Worms For Baby Chameleons

Are you new to the world of chameleons? Have you just brought a baby chameleon into your home, but aren’t sure what is best to be feeding him or her? When you are trying to figure out what your baby chameleon should be eating, you might ask: What are the best worms for a baby

best plants for chameleons

Best Plants For Chameleons

Are you setting up your chameleon’s cage but confused on exactly what plants to use? Do you want to make sure you choose the best and safest plants for your pet chameleon? It’s one of the saddest situations I see when a new chameleon owner accidentally picks a poisonous or bad plant to put in

how often do chameleons eat

How Often Do Chameleons Eat

Are you looking into getting one of these cute reptiles, but you want to know a little more about their eating habits? Do you worry your chameleon pet isn’t eating enough? As with all pets, a healthy and steady diet is important to keep them alive as long as possible. Chameleons and reptiles have much

how do chameleons mate

How Do Chameleons Mate

Are you wondering how chameleons mate? Do you want to get into breeding these cute reptiles but want some basic information on how to get started? Having chameleons breed is a fun twist on owning these pets, but if you don’t know what it all involves, you’re never going to succeed and could even cause

how many eggs do chameleons lay

How Many Eggs Do Chameleons Lay

Are you interested in learning about breeding chameleons? Have you ever wondered about when your chameleon was born? If you are curious about chameleons and their reproduction, you may have asked the question: How many eggs do chameleons lay? The number of eggs a chameleon lays will vary based on the species and the size

how big do jackson chameleons get

How Big Do Jackson Chameleons Get

Are you thinking about purchasing the dinosaur-like Jackson’s chameleon but are curious about how large they get? Or maybe you already have your own Jackson’s chameleon but are still wondering how big do Jackson chameleons get once they reach adult size? From knowing what size of cage you should purchase to determining if a Jackson

best ointment for mouth rot in chameleon

Best Ointment For Mouth Rot In Chameleons

Are you worried your chameleon may have mouth rot?  Mouth rot is a fairly common disorder found in pet lizards and other reptiles, and while it is serious and potentially life-threatening, if left untreated, it is easily cured with the right ointments and care.  Below we share with you the best ointment for mouth rot

best uv meter for chameleon

Best UV Meters For Chameleons

Do you worry about your chameleon not getting enough UVB? Maybe you worry you’re overexposing your pet to UV radiation? One of the most common mistakes in setting up cages we see comes from not including enough UVB radiation. But honestly, the only way to tell exactly how much your pet is getting is by

best chameleon names

100 Best Chameleon Names

Have you recently purchased a pet chameleon but still have no idea what to name it? Naming pets is never easy, but naming chameleons is even harder. Why? Chameleons are colorfully unique pets with special characteristics and personalities, and as you’ve probably discovered (since you’re on the hunt for the best chameleon names), they require

best chameleon for handling

Best Chameleon For Handling

Do you want a chameleon pet to handle and play with? Are you looking for a friendly and easy-to-care-for pet chameleon? Chameleons make great pets for their colorful bodies and interesting personalities, but they don’t typically like being handled. Still, if you’re looking for a chameleon for beginners, you may want to opt for one

What's The Site About?

Our goal here at Oddly Cute Pets is to provide valuable information on pets some people would consider “odd”. There is a wide variety of pet options out there and future pet owners of these animals need a reliable source of information on how to care for them, feed them, build their habitats, and just guides on how to be awesome at it.

This is why Oddly Cute Pets was created and it all started with a spark of curiosity from one dad’s children interested in having a pet frog. So, thanks to those two kids we now have this wonderful site!

What All Do We Cover?



Pets have their own unique behaviors which can be signs of different things such as stress, health issues, or simply being playful but it’s important to know the difference.



Each animal will have their own special care needs to live a happy and healthy life and we want to make sure you’re able to provide that for them.



A proper diet is extremely important for the majority of these pet types. Most have specific dieting needs you will need to follow for them to grow healthy.



A habitat is fun to create for your pet but comes with different requirements depending on your type of pet. It’s exciting to get to rearrange habitats and create beautiful environments.



We want your pet to live a long healthy life and avoid any health complications. We provide helpful information to help you do this and deal with any issues you may experience.



Not only are there specific items you will need to buy to own some of these pets there will be other items which are just fun to pick up. We review all types of items for your oddly cute pet.