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Dogs and cats have so many websites, TV shows, and movies dedicated to them. But what about geckos, gerbils, and Greek tortoises? These animals are often overlooked when it comes to our idea of pets. But anyone who owns one knows that they are a valuable addition to the family and have unique personalities and care needs. They make our life better, and we realized that there is not enough information available on how to make their life better. We want to change that.

Veterinarian Reviewed

While we always recommend you visit your local veterinarian with any medical questions and emergencies, we strive to provide medically accurate and veterinarian-reviewed information throughout our site.

We Love Pets

As caregivers to oddly-cute pets ourselves, we want to help equip more people to care for these unique and lovable creatures. Rodents, reptiles, and snakes make great companions and pets for a variety of households.

Pet Care Information

We have a variety of articles about all kinds of exotic and pocket pets – furry, scaled, and shelled! Click on any of the following categories to view our helpful articles and learn more about your animal.

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Learn more about caring for your guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, or chinchilla! Each rodent has their own unique activity needs, cage preferences, and care requirements.

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Lizards are a cold-blooded exotic pet with special care needs. Learn more about bearded dragon, leopard gecko, chameleon, iguana, crested gecko, green anole, and lizard care in general.

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Some people are scared of snakes, but you know they make great companions. Learn more about keeping your corn snake, ball python, boa constrictor, garter snake, or milk snake happy.

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Turtles and tortoises have long lives. Find out more about enriching their life with our articles about Mississippi map, peninsula cooter, or box turtles, and African spurred, Greek, Hermanns, and Indian star tortoises.

About Us

Our team of pet lovers and medical care professionals research articles about unique, unusual, and oddly-cute pets. Together we find out what information is missing from the internet about how to care for and understand these animals.

Our goal is to answer questions that petowners are facing with easy-to-find, and accurate information. If you have any article suggestions or questions, contact us!

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Our goal here at Oddly Cute Pets is to provide valuable information on pets some people would consider “odd”. Future pet owners of these animals need a reliable source of information on how to care for them, maintain habitats, and guides on how to be awesome at it!