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When Do Box Turtles Hibernate

When Do Box Turtles Hibernate?

Do box turtles hibernate? Where are all the box turtles in winter? You may be wondering whether your pet box turtles need to hibernate in your home. How could you, as their owner, set them up for a successful hibernation?  What are the risks involved?  Good owners are prepared for such questions, and we’re here

how do box turtles reproduce

How Do Box Turtles Reproduce?

Are you thinking about reproducing or breeding box turtles? It’s a natural extension to the love of owning one of these pets, but you need to be careful about how it works and understand what you’re getting into.  This article is here to help you come to breeding better prepared.  How Do Box Turtles Reproduce?

best food for box turtles

Best Food For Box Turtles

Have you questioned whether you are feeding your box turtle the best foods?  It is not uncommon to feel a bit overwhelmed when you bring a new pet home.  A box turtle is unlike other pets, where you typically only have one or two types of feed.  Pet owners need to understand what the best

what do box turtles eat

What Do Box Turtles Eat?

Are you considering getting a box turtle and want to be aware of what foods box turtles eat? As a pet owner, it’s essential to understand the healthiest foods to provide to your pet turtle.  Unfortunately, box turtles are fairly tough to care for, but with our helpful article, at least you’ll know what foods

safe plants for box turtle habitats

Safe Plants For Box Turtle Habitats

What plants are toxic to box turtles? You need to set up a habitat for your pet turtle before you buy or adopt them.  However, you may be wondering how vital their wild habitats are in forming a new captive one.  Are there recommended plants for different subspecies?  What benefits do plants provide for a

how to take care of a box turtle

How To Take Care Of A Box Turtle

How do you take care of a box turtle? How do you make sure your pet turtle is happiest and healthiest? You’re curious about pet turtles.  You might be considering bringing one into your home.  Of course, you want to do your research.  What kind of habitat will it need?  What do you feed it? 

how cold can a box turtle survive

How Cold Can A Box Turtle Survive?

What are the box turtle‘s temperature needs, and how much cold weather can a box survive?  To keep your pet healthy, happy, and thriving, it’s essential to understand the various temperatures a box turtle will need in its habitat, as well as how cooler temperatures and basking will affect your turtle’s growth and habits.  Providing

how to age a box turtle

How To Age A Box Turtle

How do you age a box turtle?  Unless you raised your turtle from a hatchling or got it from someone who did, you’re probably curious about your turtle’s age.  After all, a box turtle is a relatively long-term commitment – a healthy box turtle can live well over 25 years as a pet, with some

how do box turtles drink water

How Do Box Turtles Drink Water?

Are you concerned about your box turtle getting enough water? Do you want to learn more about how to give your box turtle a well-balanced diet? Turtle keepers must understand their pet’s diet and water requirements.  It is an essential part of successful pet ownership.  Proper food and water consumption are necessary for a turtle’s

best bedding for box turtles

Best Bedding For Box Turtles: Top 5

With all the choices available for reptile terrariums, what is the best bedding for box turtles? Setting up a healthy and authentic habitat is an essential part of caring for your box turtle.  Along with factors like tank size, lighting, temperature, and humidity, bedding (also known as substrate) can make a huge difference in your

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Our goal here at Oddly Cute Pets is to provide valuable information on pets some people would consider “odd”. There is a wide variety of pet options out there and future pet owners of these animals need a reliable source of information on how to care for them, feed them, build their habitats, and just guides on how to be awesome at it.

This is why Oddly Cute Pets was created and it all started with a spark of curiosity from one dad’s children interested in having a pet frog. So, thanks to those two kids we now have this wonderful site!

What All Do We Cover?



Pets have their own unique behaviors which can be signs of different things such as stress, health issues, or simply being playful but it’s important to know the difference.



Each animal will have their own special care needs to live a happy and healthy life and we want to make sure you’re able to provide that for them.



A proper diet is extremely important for the majority of these pet types. Most have specific dieting needs you will need to follow for them to grow healthy.



A habitat is fun to create for your pet but comes with different requirements depending on your type of pet. It’s exciting to get to rearrange habitats and create beautiful environments.



We want your pet to live a long healthy life and avoid any health complications. We provide helpful information to help you do this and deal with any issues you may experience.



Not only are there specific items you will need to buy to own some of these pets there will be other items which are just fun to pick up. We review all types of items for your oddly cute pet.