can a bearded dragon eat apples 1

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples?

Is it safe to feed apples to a bearded dragon? What kind of nutritional value do apples have? Are there healthier food options you should offer to your bearded dragon instead? It is essential to understand your bearded dragon’s dietary needs because proper nutrition is vital to prevent diseases and …

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bearded dragon third eye 1

Bearded Dragon Third Eye: Fact List

Have you ever noticed a tiny discolored spot on top of your bearded dragon’s head between their eyes? Have you heard other bearded dragon owners talking about their dragon’s “parietal eye” or “pineal organ” and wondered what they were referring to? What purpose does your dragon’s third eye serve, and …

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can a bearded dragon eat spinach

Can A Bearded Dragon Eat Spinach?

Is it safe for a bearded dragon to eat spinach? Are there other foods or supplements which offer health benefits? Understanding your bearded dragon’s dietary needs is vital to maintaining its overall health and well-being. A bearded dragon’s diet should include various fruits, vegetables, insects, and supplements to ensure the …

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bearded dragon mouth rot

What Is Bearded Dragon Mouth Rot?

What is mouth rot in bearded dragons? How is mouth rot caused in bearded dragons? What is the treatment for bearded dragon mouth rot? Understanding your bearded dragon’s behavior and recognizing illness signs are both very important when it comes to ensuring your beardie is happy and healthy. Regularly monitor …

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can a bearded dragon swim

Can Bearded Dragons Swim?

As a bearded dragon owner, have you ever wondered if your little lizard friend can swim? If bearded dragons can swim, do they enjoy it? Should swimming time be part of your beardie’s daily routine? If you ask yourself any of these questions or are wondering if wild bearded dragons …

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can my bearded dragon eat kale

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Kale?

Have you wondered whether or not kale is safe to feed your pet bearded dragon? Leafy greens and vegetables make up a large part of a bearded dragon’s recommended diet. How do you know which leafy greens to feed your beardie? Are all leafy greens equal in terms of nutritional …

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care sheets for leopard geckos

Care Sheets For Leopard Geckos

Leopard geckos are fascinating animals, and they make good pets, even for first-time gecko owners. This care sheet will give you all of the information you need to provide your leopard gecko with a proper habitat, environment, and diet. You will also learn about leopard geckos behaviors and how to …

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leopard gecko vitamins

Guide To Leopard Gecko Vitamins

What vitamin supplements do leopard geckos need? How should you add a vitamin supplement to your leopard gecko’s diet? Making sure your leopard gecko gets the proper nutrition it needs is vital to its health and well-being. Vitamin deficiencies can lead to problems shedding, illness, and disease, such as metabolic …

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leopard gecko food alternatives

Leopard Gecko Food Alternatives

Have you wondered if there are any food alternatives for your leopard gecko? Do they have to only eat a diet consisting of mealworms and crickets?  Diet isn’t something to mess around with, so you need to check out trustworthy help.  Luckily for you, we’re here to help!  Leopard Gecko …

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leopard gecko cage decor

Best Leopard Gecko Cage Decor

What is the most essential part of a leopard gecko’s cage decor? Adult leopard gecko tanks should be a minimum of 10 gallons.  However, to provide a more comfortable and spacious home for your pet, it is recommended the tank be 20 gallons or more.  This leaves plenty of room …

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do leopard geckos need d3

Do Leopard Geckos Need D3?

Should you add a vitamin D3 supplement to your leopard gecko’s diet? Do you need to add UV lighting to your gecko’s enclosure? Feeding your leopard gecko the proper diet ensures it gets all of the vital nutrients it needs to stay healthy and happy. If you are a new …

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types of pet lizards

Types Of Pet Lizards

If you have recently decided to commit to a pet lizard, you may be wondering which species is best for your lifestyle and budget.  What you want in a pet lizard depends on a few factors.  Are you a beginner reptile keeper or do you have some experience?  How much …

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bearded dragon kit cheap

Best Cheap Bearded Dragon Kits

Have you considered getting a bearded dragon starter kit and wondering whether they are worth the price? Starter kits are an option many first-time bearded dragon owners turn to.  They typically provide most of the basics you need for a habitat setup, including the enclosure itself.  Starter kits tend to …

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can leopard geckos eat lettuce

Can Leopard Geckos Eat Lettuce?

Is lettuce a safe food for your leopard gecko? What essential nutrients should be included in a leopard gecko’s diet? Knowing what kinds of foods to feed your leopard gecko is essential for their health and overall well-being. Providing your gecko with a varied diet ensures they receive the vital …

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can bearded dragons eat cat food

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cat Food?

Are foods for other pets also good for bearded dragons? What should be the staple parts of a beardie’s diet? One of a keeper’s primary responsibilities is feeding their beardie a healthful and balanced diet.  It’s essential to understand your pet’s best options and understand why your beardie needs to …

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bearded dragon toy

The 4 Best Bearded Dragon Toys

Are you unsure of the best way to play with your bearded dragon? Bearded dragon toys offer the required activity your pet needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It’s not just good for them physically, but mentally as well.  Keeping your dragon happy and healthy enriches their life and avoids …

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bearded dragon mirror

Bearded Dragons And Mirrors

Does a bearded dragon recognize its reflection? You know your bearded dragon needs sources of mental activity, and you’re wondering if a mirror around its enclosure could provide it.  You may have seen videos of bearded dragons waving at their reflections.  Is this just cute, or is there something else …

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