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Our general snake information covers the broad topics surrounding snakes but not for an exact species. This is a great spot to begin learning a little about snakes and see if they’re a pet you’re truly interested in. Click any of the posts below to read.

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types of pet snakes

Types Of Pet Snakes

After consideration, you have decided to commit to adopting a pet snake.  However, there are a few things you want

why do snakes hiss

Why Do Snakes Hiss?

What does it mean when a snake hisses? Should you be concerned when you hear this sound? Snakes are generally

how often do snakes shed

How Often Do Snakes Shed?

Do you wonder if you should be worried about your snake’s shed? Have you noticed your snake’s skin dulling and

how fast do snakes grow

How Fast Do Snakes Grow?

Will your adult snake outgrow its tank? What helps a snake grow?  Snake growth surprises new owners all the time. 

how do snakes sleep

How Do Snakes Sleep?

Have you ever seen your snake seemingly staring off in the distance? Do you wonder if your snake is sleeping

how to ship snakes

How To Ship Snakes

Are you looking to expand your snake population? Have you been considering breeding your snakes and selling them? Whether you

how old can snakes get

How Old Can Snakes Get?

Are you a snake owner who’s become quite attached to your snake?  Do you find yourself thinking about the life

how to breed snakes

How To Breed Snakes

Are you interested in breeding snakes (for fun or money)?  Are you new to the world of breeding and curious

how do snakes pee

How Do Snakes Pee?

Do snakes use the bathroom as we do? What does snake pee look like? Whether you’re not sure how often

how do snakes move

How Do Snakes Move?

How have snakes evolved to move so effectively without legs? How do so many snakes climb trees or swim?  Snakes

how do snakes fight

How Do Snakes Fight?

Ever wonder how an animal without arms and legs can fight? What happens to the loser of a snake battle?

why do snakes yawn

Why Do Snakes Yawn?

Are you interested in learning more about your snake’s behaviors? Have you ever seen your snake open wide, looking like

how do snakes hear

How Do Snakes Hear?

You’ve probably seen those videos with snake charmers playing music to snakes, but have you ever wondered if this is