how to tame a leopard gecko

How To Tame A Leopard Gecko

Have you heard about taming a leopard gecko, but you don’t know what it is? Do you want your pet to enjoy interacting with you? The process of getting a pet used to you is an important one. Even if you’re the type of owner who doesn’t interact physically with …

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how to sex a leopard gecko

How To Sex A Leopard Gecko

Do you want to learn how to tell the gender of a leopard gecko, but keep getting confused? Are you looking for clear ways to tell if a leopard gecko is a boy or a girl? Sexing a leopard gecko is surprisingly hard if you don’t know what you’re looking …

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what does a leopard gecko eat

What Does A Leopard Gecko Eat

Have you recently brought a pet Leopard gecko home? If so, you’re probably wondering what does a Leopard gecko eat? In this article, we dive into what leopard geckos eat while also exploring some of the best and worst foods for Leopard gecko health, plus give you some expert tips …

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how big does a leopard gecko get

How Big Does A Leopard Gecko Get

Want to learn more about Leopard geckos? Maybe you’re trying to decide if they’re the right pet for you? If so, you’ve probably wondered, “How big does a Leopard gecko get?” Today, we’re going to answer that question and give you some extra info on these fun and colorful lizards.  …

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best food for iguanas

Best Food For Iguanas

Are you wondering what to feed your pet iguana? Or maybe you’re still trying to decide if an iguana is the right pet for you and you want to find out what iguanas eat so you know how to care for one in the future? If so, this article is …

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best iguana cage

The 4 Best Iguana Cages

Are you on the hunt for the best iguana cage? If so, this article is for you! Today, we’re sharing with you four of our favorite iguana cages. We’ll also give you some expert information on what iguanas need in a cage, what to look out for when shopping for …

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what eats an iguana

What Eats An Iguana

Are you interested in learning more about iguanas and how they live in the wild? Do you wonder how iguanas survive in the wild? When you are exploring the world of the iguana, you might wonder: What eats an iguana? Iguanas have quite a few predators in the wild. Some …

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what sound does an iguana make

What Sound Does An Iguana Make

Have you been researching the habits and traits of iguanas? Are you wondering about their behavior and attitude? If you are interested in learning more about how iguanas ask, one of your first questions might be: What sound does an iguana make? Iguanas will typically make two kinds of sounds. …

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how big does a red iguana get

How Big Does A Red Iguana Get

Have you heard about red iguanas and want to learn a little more about them? Are you curious about why red iguanas are a special member of the iguana family? When I first got into iguanas, I’d heard all about the common green iguana, the beautiful blue iguana, and the …

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when is iguana breeding season

When Is Iguana Breeding Season

Are you curious to learn more about how male and female iguanas reproduce? Did you wonder what it takes to breed iguanas? If you are interested in learning more about the reproductive process of iguanas, you might first ask: When is the iguana breeding season? Triggered by weather, breeding season …

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what can iguana eat

What Can Iguana Eat

Are you a new iguana owner wondering about all of your feeding options? Do you want to do some research on all the things these reptiles can eat? Iguanas are herbivores, but this doesn’t mean they can eat all plants. There are some better and worse than others. As an …

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why wont my iguana eat

Why Won’t My Iguana Eat

Is your iguana showing no interest in the food you put in the enclosure? Have you noticed your pet iguana losing weight? When you are concerned about the eating habits of your pet, you might ask: Why won’t my iguana eat? There are a few reasons your iguana is not …

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what do marine iguana eat

What Do Marine Iguana Eat

Are you interested in learning more about the marine iguana? Although marine iguanas cannot be kept in captivity as a pet, they are fascinating creatures to learn about. One of their most unique features—their feeding habits—is what we’re exploring today. So if you’ve been wondering what do marine iguanas eat, …

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best substrate for iguanas

Best Substrate For Iguanas

Are you looking to set up your iguanas tank or pen, and you want to give it the best flooring possible? Do you get lost looking at all the bedding options for reptiles? When I first looked into my iguana habitat, I didn’t know what to look for in bedding. …

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how to tame an iguana

How To Tame An Iguana

Is your iguana more aggressive than you would like? Would you like to be able to interact more with your pet iguana? If you are attempting to work with your iguana more, you might ask: How can I tame an iguana? With an iguana taming them requires patience and predictability. …

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how to sex an iguana

How To Sex An Iguana

Are you breeding iguana’s and want to know whether the babies are males or females? Do you have a young iguana, but aren’t sure if you have a male or female? When you are trying to figure out if your iguana is a boy or girl, you might ask: How …

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how to raise an iguana

How To Raise An Iguana

Are you interested in learning more about keeping iguanas as pets? Do you need to know more about what you need to do for an iguana before committing to owning it? Raising a reptile such as an iguana isn’t as well-known or as natural as taking care of a dog …

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how to make a iguana leash

How To Make An Iguana Leash

Do you want to take your pet iguana for a walk, but you don’t want it to get away? Are your leash and harness broken, but you don’t want to drop the cash for another one? Interacting and spending time with your iguana is an important aspect of raising it. …

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how to cut iguana nails

How To Cut Iguana Nails

Do you own a pet iguana? If so, you’ve probably already found out iguanas have sharp claws. And while it’s no fun to handle an iguana with long, sharp nails (ouch!), it’s not just uncomfortable for you; it’s also unsafe for the iguana. Iguanas use their claws to remove shedding …

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how fast can an iguana run

How Fast Can An Iguana Run

Have you thought about making an iguana your newest pet, but want to know more about the species? Have you heard iguanas are fast but aren’t sure if it’s true? When you are first learning about iguanas, you might ask: How fast can an iguana run? Members of the iguana …

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