how fast do snakes grow

How Fast Do Snakes Grow?

Will your adult snake outgrow its tank? What helps a snake grow?  Snake growth surprises new owners all the time.  But it’s crucial to know what to expect from growth and how to help snakes grow well.  Let’s start at the beginning with the question: How fast do snakes grow? …

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how do snakes eat eggs

How Do Snakes Eat Eggs?

Are you curious about what snakes should or should not be eating? Have you seen a snake on T.V. eat an egg and are wondering if they eat eggs whole? Many snakes do eat eggs as part of their diet, but this might make you ask: How do snakes eat …

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how do snakes sleep

How Do Snakes Sleep?

Have you ever seen your snake seemingly staring off in the distance? Do you wonder if your snake is sleeping or awake? Because snakes don’t have eyelids, it might be hard to determine what exactly they are doing. You may wonder: How do snakes sleep? While it might be hard …

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how to ship snakes

How To Ship Snakes

Are you looking to expand your snake population? Have you been considering breeding your snakes and selling them? Whether you are buying or selling snakes, it would be difficult for you to travel across the country to pick up or drop a snake off. Because of this, snakes are quite …

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how old can snakes get

How Old Can Snakes Get?

Are you a snake owner who’s become quite attached to your snake?  Do you find yourself thinking about the life of snakes, wondering how long snakes live and can keep us company?  Owning a snake is fantastic and a fun pastime, but snakes may live a while.  You need to …

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how to breed snakes

How To Breed Snakes

Are you interested in breeding snakes (for fun or money)?  Are you new to the world of breeding and curious to learn more before you get started?  It’s not something everyone should take on, but it’s a fun extension of owning a pet snake.  We’re here to help you with …

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how long can snakes hold sperm

How Long Can Snakes Hold Sperm?

Are you interested in learning more about how snakes reproduce? Have you ever considered breeding snakes? Whether you are a snake owner or an enthusiast, understanding the reproductive process in a snake is something you might be interested in learning. When most owners learn female snakes may get pregnant months …

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how do snakes pee

How Do Snakes Pee?

Do snakes use the bathroom as we do? What does snake pee look like? Whether you’re not sure how often your snake should produce waste or if you’re wondering what those chalky lumps you keep seeing in your snake’s bedding are, a good owner learns their pet’s bodily functions.  As …

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how do snakes move

How Do Snakes Move?

How have snakes evolved to move so effectively without legs? How do so many snakes climb trees or swim?  Snakes are interesting creatures from nose to tip, but their bodies are so different than ours.  It makes you wonder:  How do snakes move? A snake moves by controlling its muscles …

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how do snakes reproduce

How Do Snakes Reproduce?

Have you ever wondered how snakes breed? How do snakes even meet each other and decide to mate in the first place? Every living thing on Earth has a way of mating.  Snakes are no different, but how do snakes reproduce?  Snakes reproduce by males inserting their genitalia into the female’s, …

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how do snakes create venom

How Do Snakes Create Venom?

Are you interested in learning more about snakes in the wild? Do you think you have seen a venomous snake in your area? Whether you are concerned about a venomous snake or just interested in learning more, you’re bound to have many questions when it comes to snake venom. One …

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how do snakes climb snakes

How Do Snakes Climb Trees?

Have you seen your snake climbing the branches in their enclosure? Do you wonder about snakes in the wild living in the trees? If you have noticed many snakes are adept climbers but are unable to figure out how they get so high without arms or legs, you might wonder: …

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how do snakes catch their prey

How Do Snakes Catch Their Prey?

Do you wonder how snakes hunt? What do snakes do in the wild to get their food? Snakes are one of nature’s most vicious predators.  Depending on size and requirements, they attack and eat a wide variety of prey. But how do snakes catch their prey? While some snakes actively stalk …

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how can snakes eat large prey

How Can Snakes Eat Large Prey?

Are you mystified by your snake’s ability to swallow food whole?  How do they fit large animals in their smaller bodies? If you’ve spent any time watching a snake during feeding time, you’ve probably wondered:  How can snakes eat large prey? Contrary to popular belief, a snake’s jaw does not …

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how do snakes fight

How Do Snakes Fight?

Ever wonder how an animal without arms and legs can fight? What happens to the loser of a snake battle? Fighting is often a necessary part of life.  Most animals compete with one another and establish dominance in different ways.  This may you leave you wondering: How do snakes fight? …

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how do snakes communicate

How Do Snakes Communicate?

Have you ever wondered what your snake is thinking? Do you think about how snakes in the wild react when they see other snakes? If you have noticed how some animals communicate with each other or with humans and wonder how this idea applies to snakes, you might ask: How …

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why do snakes yawn

Why Do Snakes Yawn?

Are you interested in learning more about your snake’s behaviors? Have you ever seen your snake open wide, looking like it is yawning? When you see your snake randomly opening its mouth extra-wide in what looks like a yawn, you might ask: Why do snakes yawn? Snakes open their mouth …

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how do snakes hear

How Do Snakes Hear?

You’ve probably seen those videos with snake charmers playing music to snakes, but have you ever wondered if this is real?  Can snakes even hear?  If you have a pet snake at home, you may be asking:  How do snakes hear? While snakes do not have traditional ears like humans, …

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how do snakes give birth

How Do Snakes Give Birth?

Are you ready for your pet snake to give birth? Have you researched whether your snake lays eggs or gives birth to live young? If you love owning snakes, the next logical step is to breed them. This is a fascinating pastime, but it does require some research.  One of …

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where do snakes go at night

Where Do Snakes Go At Night?

Do you want to learn more about the habits of snakes? Have you wondered if some snakes are active during the day or night? If you are interested in learning more about what snakes do during the night, you might ask: Where do snakes go at night? Depending on the …

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banded sea snake underwater in the ocean

How Do Sea Snakes Breathe?

While most snakes live on land and occasionally swim in the water, sea snakes spend their entire lives in the water.  Why are they so different from your average snake? How do sea snakes breathe?  Sea snakes, like other snakes, require air to breathe despite living in the water. They …

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how do snakes drink water

How Do Snakes Drink Water?

Are you considering purchasing a snake as your next pet, but you have a few questions?  Do you wonder how much food they eat or how much water they drink? Doing your research beforehand is essential, considering there are over 3,000 species of snake.  However, you should also learn about …

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where do snakes go when it rains

Where Do Snakes Go When It Rains?

Have you read articles about an increase in snake bites during certain weather conditions? Do you want to learn more about how snakes behave in the wild? When looking into how snakes behave in their natural habitat, you’ll realize this changes depending on the time of year, weather, and temperature. …

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how do snakes breathe

How Do Snakes Breathe?

Do you wonder if snakes breathe like us? Are you curious about how your pet breathes? It’s obvious snakes and humans are two very different types of animals.  However, just like us, snakes also need to breathe.  This may leave you wondering: how do snakes breathe? Snakes can breathe via their …

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how do snakes swim

How Do Snakes Swim?

Have you ever seen a snake in a movie swimming and you wonder if it’s real? Do you wonder if snakes even like water? If you are looking to research more about snakes and how they behave when they are in the water, you might ask: How do snakes swim? …

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what snakes have live babies

What Snakes Have Live Babies?

Many people assume all snakes lay eggs, which then hatch into baby snakes. However, did you know some snakes have live babies? Snakes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and the way they give birth also differs. As an interested snake owner, you may want to know: …

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how do snakes hunt

How Do Snakes Hunt?

What makes snakes such great hunters? When feeding your snake live prey, you may have asked yourself, how does your snake track this animal?  How do snakes hunt? Snakes are smell-reliant hunters. They pick up chemical information with their tongues by flicking them in and out. Some snakes also track …

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