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Our general snake information covers the broad topics surrounding snakes but not for an exact species. This is a great spot to begin learning a little about snakes and see if they’re a pet you’re truly interested in. Click any of the posts below to read.

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how do snakes breathe

How Do Snakes Breathe?

Do you wonder if snakes breathe like us? Are you curious about how your pet breathes? It’s obvious snakes and

how do snakes swim

How Do Snakes Swim?

Have you ever seen a snake in a movie swimming and you wonder if it’s real? Do you wonder if

how do snakes hunt

How Do Snakes Hunt?

What makes snakes such great hunters? When feeding your snake live prey, you may have asked yourself, how does your

what eats snakes

What Eats Snakes?

Are you interested in learning more about how snakes live in the wild? Have you ever wondered what dangers a

best snakes for handling

Best Snakes for Handling

Have you been considering buying yourself a snake as a pet?  Are you overwhelmed with how many different snake breeds