Best Basking Rocks For Bearded Dragons

Do you have the basking spot for your bearded dragon, but you’re not sure what rock to get for him to relax on?

Does a bearded dragon even need a basking rock?

Basking rocks are great places for your beardie to relax and absorb heat and UVB.

Without a basking rock, your bearded dragon will still use the spot, but a good rock will help encourage him to stay there longer and get more health benefits from the light.

While any rock may do, you want the best basking rock for your bearded dragon.

The best basking rock for a bearded dragon requires enough space to let the beardy relax in several positions and absorb heat. Here are our picks for the best basking rocks: 

Read on for our reviews of the basking rocks and why you should buy a basking rock in the first place.

Why You Need A Basking Rock

In this section, we’ll look at some reasons you need a basking rock.

There are many reasons out there, but here are a few of the important ones.

Encourages beardy to stay in basking area – Most bearded dragons love to relax in their basking spot, which is key to their health.

However, some won’t naturally spend as much time as they need to.

A comfortable basking rock will help them find the basking spot more enjoyable to help them spend more time where they need to be.

Increases heat for your pet – A basking spot will help keep your pet warm.

The basking spot needs a temperature of 105° degrees Fahrenheit (40° C). 

The rock will keep them there longer but also absorb and give off heat on its own.

Allows for more UVB – Beardies need the vitamin D they get from UVB.

If they don’t spend enough time basking to get this, they will end up with calcium deficiencies.

By encouraging the reptiles to stay put, basking rocks help them keep their calcium at good levels.

Helps with digestion – The heat from basking is also key for digestion.

Not enough heat and your pet may end up impacted.

Gives them something to climb on – Beardies love to climb, and a good basking rock will be fun for your pet.

Review Of The Best Basking Rock For Bearded Dragon

best basking rock for bearded dragon

In this section, we’ll look at our picks for the top basking rocks.

Look at the breakdowns of each product, including user pros and cons to help you decide which one is the best fit for your situation.

Carolina Custom Cages Natural Habitat Rocks

Carolina Custom Cages Natural Habitat Rocks, Deep...
  • These Natural Habitat Rocks we have found to be excellent choices for basking rocks, as well as for building habitat rock...
  • Grouped by general size (medium or large) and color (Blue Green, Deep Maroon, Painted Desert, Uluru Red and Watarrka Rose)....
  • As a basking rock, there’s enough natural porosity that although the rock gets warm accumulating heat, it doesn’t get too...

This basking rock by Carolina Custom Cages is a little more expensive than other options, but the premium quality may be just what you’re looking for.

This product comes in a medium and large size.

With these choices, you have the option of picking one depending on the size of your lizard and tank.

The medium size rock typically comes around 6″ inches by 8″ inches.

The large option usually comes in around 7″ inches by 12″ inches.

You are also able to pick different colored-rocks when you buy them.

This way, you buy a rock already matching your tank’s style.

Colors available include:

  • Blue-green
  • Deep maroon
  • Painted desert
  • Uluru red
  • Watarrka rose

These are real rocks, so the heat absorbed will be natural and appropriate to pets, unlike fake slate or ceramic, which can get way too hot.

Carolina Custom Cages is a smaller company whose main job is in breeding and caring for reptiles such as the bearded dragon.

Trust this company for its stellar reputation.

Pros For This Product:

  • Different sizes fit different situations
  • Natural rock and natural heat
  • Comes in different colors
  • A trustworthy company which deals with reptiles often

Cons For This Product:

  • Higher price
  • Rocks may break in transport (but are exchangeable)

Penn Plax Lizard Lounger

Penn Plax Lizard Lounger, 100% Natural Seagrass...
  • Comfortable and climbable lounger that all pet reptiles will enjoy. Hammock is hand woven from durable, 100% natural seagrass...
  • Attach to glass and acrylic terrarium walls. The included suction cups create a durable bond, but also allow you to move it...
  • Great for use with arboreal and terrestrial reptile species, and can be positioned accordingly. The versatility of the lizard...

Although this lounger by Penn Plax isn’t technically a basking rock (more of a hammock), this product will serve a similar purpose at a lower price.

This seagrass lounger comes in a triangle shape with two sides at 10″ inches and one side at 12″ inches.

This makes it more than large enough to hold an entire bearded dragon’s body with the tail curving around or hanging off.

Suction cups attach easily to most tank walls, and the natural, handwoven materials are perfectly safe for your bearded dragon to use.

Hammocks are a popular choice for bearded dragons due to their semi-arboreal nature.

This means they spend a lot of their time in nature climbing, usually to escape prey or hunt down animals.

Beardies love climbing onto these and relaxing.

Putting one in your basking spot will help encourage them to absorb more heat and UVB.

As a hammock instead of a rock, it won’t absorb heat and help warm your pet.

However, you may not need this if your heater is at the right setting.

Pros For This Product:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Beardies love to climb on it
  • Easy to install
  • Large enough for most adult bearded dragons

Cons For This Product:

  • Not a rock
  • Doesn’t absorb heat to warm the bottom of your reptile

Zilla Reptile Shale Rock Den

Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Shale Rock Den,...
  • Rock formations that appear realistic inside the terrarium
  • Satisfy your pet's desire to find a place to hide and cool down
  • Provides and elevated platform for your pet to bask and warm up

This Zilla Reptile shale rock den is a medium-priced product for those wishing to encourage their bearded dragons to stay in the basking area while still offering them a place to hide and feel safe.

The shale rock design looks natural and will match the style of most other bearded dragon furniture products.

Usually, you see these as a piece on the cool side of the tank.

But placing it directly in the basking area will cause the rocks to heat and still warm the beardy.

This may be perfect for reptiles with skittish personalities.

They may not want to rest in an exposed spot, but now they can absorb heat in the shelter.

The non-porous exterior design resists bacteria growth and makes the product easier to clean.

Pros For This Product:

  • Medium price
  • Provides shelter and safety
  • Can encourage a bearded dragon to stay in the basking area
  • Easy to clean, resist bacteria

Cons For This Product:

  • Gives some shade; blocks UVB some
  • Takes up more space


We hope you enjoyed our picks for the best basking rock for bearded dragon.

Any of these will work well in a basking spot, so now it’s up to you which one fits your style the best.

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