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Experienced Small Animal Veterinarian
Dedicated to Responsible Pet Ownership

Dr. Dilber Hussain is a passionate licensed veterinarian, writer, and animal welfare advocate who provides medical care for a variety of animals.

Dr. Hussain received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam. He specializes in small animal medicine, including diagnosing and treating common diseases and injuries.

He is an advocate for responsible pet ownership and provides sound advice to his clients for their animal family members. In his free time, Dr. Hussain enjoys indulging in his hobby of writing.




Lizards, Uromastyx

Best Substrate For Uromastyx (& The Worst)

The best substrate options for uromastyx lizards are reptile carpet and paper towels. Sand and loose substrate are not good for your uromastyx’s enclosure as your pet can swallow them, which can lead to impaction.

Bearded Dragons, Lizards, Uromastyx

Bearded Dragon vs Uromastyx: Head to Head Comparison

Bearded dragons grow to 20 to 24 inches long, they are omnivores you must feed them live insects and leafy greens. Its basking spot must reach 104 to 107°F. Uromastyx grows between 10 and 30 inches long.

Lizards, Uromastyx

Uromastyx Heating & Lighting Requirements

A uromastyx enclosure must stay between 80 and 85°F on the cool side and 90 and 100°F on the warm side. Heat the basking spot to between 110 and 120°F.

Bearded Dragons

Best Basking Rocks For Bearded Dragons (Top 7 Review)

Do you have the basking spot for your bearded dragon, …

Milk Snake, Snakes

How To Care For Milk Snakes (Complete Setup & Care Sheet)

Feed an adult milk snake 1 mouse a week. House it in a 20 to 70-gallon terrarium with an ambient temperature between 75 and 82°F on the cool end and 80 and 85°F on the warm end.

Painted Turtle, Turtles

Painted Turtle Facts (Lifespan, Eating Habits, Breeding & More)

The average lifespan of the painted turtle is between 35 and 40 years. Breeding season begins in March and ends in June. The average clutch size is 5.

Painted Turtle, Turtles

Painted Turtle Care Sheet (Comprehensive Guide)

To care for a painted turtle, feed it insects, fish, aquatic plants, and commercial turtle food. Put it in an enclosure that is at least 42 inches wide and 12 inches deep.

Bearded Dragons

How To Help & Prevent A Bearded Dragon Bleeding From Anus

Have you noticed blood in your bearded dragon’s stool or …


10 Awesome DIY Reptile Terrarium Enclosures To Make At Home

Are you thinking of getting a bit creative with your …