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If you’re thinking about getting a pet bearded dragon you’ll find all the information we have on this lizard below. Bearded dragons are a popular pet and for good reason. They truly are lizards with personality.

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can my bearded dragon eat kiwi 1

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Kiwi?

Have you ever considered feeding your bearded dragon kiwi? What vitamins and nutrients does kiwifruit contain beneficial to your lizard’s

bearded dragon mirror

Bearded Dragons And Mirrors

Does a bearded dragon recognize its reflection? You know your bearded dragon needs sources of mental activity, and you’re wondering

bearded dragon enema

Bearded Dragon Enema

Have you heard about bearded dragon enemas, but you’re a little freaked out? Are you worried about a possible impaction

bearded dragon diseases

Bearded Dragon Diseases

Do you know what common bearded dragon diseases to watch for? What do you do if you notice something off