how smart are bearded dragons

How Smart Are Bearded Dragons?

Have you ever wanted to train your bearded dragon? Is it even possible to train them? It is hard to tell how intelligent reptiles are.  After all, they don’t respond or behave like most mammals.  Still, you may feel like your pet has a level of awareness around it, leading …

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21 Bearded Dragon Fun Facts

21 Bearded Dragon Fun Facts

We love everything about bearded dragons.  We love them so much, and we wanted to learn even more about them.  How many eggs do they lay?  Where do they come from?  Why can’t you own one in Hawaii? We want to share our love of this oddly cute pet with …

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bearded dragon diarrhea treatment

Bearded Dragon Diarrhea Treatment

Have you noticed your bearded dragon doesn’t seem to be acting right? Are you worried your bearded dragon is sick? If you have noticed your bearded dragon has diarrhea, you are right to be concerned, and this concern will lead you to look for bearded dragon diarrhea treatment. When you noticed …

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bearded dragon care sheet

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet

Are you a new bearded dragon pet owner? Have you worried if you are giving your bearded dragon the best care possible? Any pet owner wants to make sure they provide great care for their animal, and bearded dragon owners are no different. Whether you are a newbie or a …

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how to identify venomous snakes

How To Identify Venomous Snakes

Have you ever wondered if a snake you saw is venomous? Do you worry about seeing a venomous snake? Venomous snakes are scary to come across, but chances are, you’re not running into any anytime soon.  If you are curious about venomous and non-venomous snakes, you might wonder: How do …

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do bearded dragons have teeth

Do Bearded Dragons Have Teeth?

Are you interested in learning more about bearded dragons? Have you found yourself wondering if your bearded dragon will bite you? We know beardies eat insects and vegetation, but it’s their chewing and eating process you may not know about.  This is why today we’re answering your question: Do bearded …

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bearded dragon beds

4 Best Bearded Dragon Beds

Do you want to make sure your bearded dragon is comfortable while it sleeps? Are you worried about making sure your pet has enough to interact with? Searching for the perfect bearded dragon bed may be tricky.  There are so many options to choose from.  Luckily, we found four of …

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why do snakes hiss

Why Do Snakes Hiss?

What does it mean when a snake hisses? Should you be concerned when you hear this sound? Snakes are generally pretty quiet animals, but their most aggressive noise is their hissing.  If your snake has ever reared their head and hissed at you, you may have asked yourself:  Why do …

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why do snakes eat their own tails

Why Do Snakes Eat Themselves?

Do snakes eat themselves? If they do, why would they? There are plenty of videos on the internet depicting snakes eating their tails.  Some flags and pieces of art depict this too, which leads many to wonder:  Why do snakes eat themselves? The exact reason hasn’t been precisely defined, but …

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how many babies can snakes have

How Many Babies Can Snakes Have?

Do snakes always have the same number of offspring? Do different kinds of snakes all give birth the same way? Whether you’re thinking about breeding your snake or you’re just an owner who wants to learn more about your pet, reproduction is an essential part of snake health.  You might …

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what does salt do to snakes

What Does Salt Do To Snakes?

Do you have a problem with snakes around your house? Are you worried about snakes coming across something harmful? One old wives tale about keeping snakes away from a campsite or a home involves creating a ring of salt. Hearing about this “trick” might make you ask: What does salt …

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how do lizards hear

How Do Lizards Hear?

Have you tried looking for ears on your pet lizard? Do you wonder if your lizard can hear you talking to them? Even though they don’t have ear flaps as we humans do, lizards hear noises around them. But you might be wondering: How do lizards hear? Lizards have a …

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how do lizards lose their tails

How Do Lizards Lose Their Tails?

Why do some lizards regenerate their tails? Is dropping tails normal? For some new lizard owners, a dropped tail is freaky.  In many cases, this is normal, though it may start you wondering: How do lizards lose their tails? Lizards have evolved to detach their tails as a defense mechanism. …

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why do lizards have scales

Why Do Lizards Have Scales?

Are you interested in learning more about your lizard? Have you ever wondered about the scales covering your lizard’s body? If you are looking to learn more about your lizard and how they survive in the wild, you might wonder: Why do lizards have scales? Scales are multifunctional for lizards. …

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why do snakes regurgitate

Why Do Snakes Regurgitate?

Has your snake been unable to keep food down?  Have you noticed your snake is bringing up undigested meals? When something like this happens, it’s nerve-racking for owners.  You may wonder if you need to rush your pet to the vet.  Don’t panic yet.  You need a broader answer to …

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where do snakes go in winter

Where Do Snakes Go in the Winter?

What happens to cold-blooded animals like snakes when it gets cold outside? Do snakes have ways of staying warm in the snow? Cold temperatures are dangerous for snakes.  Because they’re cold-blooded animals, they need mild climates to survive.  However, plenty of snakes live in areas with pretty harsh seasons.  Curious …

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how often do snakes shed

How Often Do Snakes Shed?

Do you wonder if you should be worried about your snake’s shed? Have you noticed your snake’s skin dulling and starting to peel? Shedding is something most reptiles do, and there are problems which may occur.  Instead of panicking, you need to answer the question:  How often do snakes shed? …

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