painted turtle outside water

How Long Can A Painted Turtle Be Out Of Water?

Painted turtles must live in water; you must not force them to spend time out of water. Female turtles will stay on land overnight after laying eggs, and some species migrate over land for days during droughts.

chinchilla bite

Male VS Female Chinchilla: Which Should You Pick?

Female chinchillas are larger and heavier than males. During estrus, they are sometimes more aggressive. Males are 30% smaller than females and are called bucks. Both genders like to have cage mates.

best temperature chinchillas featured

Best Housing Temperature For Chinchillas

A chinchilla’s normal body temperature range is from 98-100°F. If a chinchilla gets too hot, he’ll die of heat stroke. Extreme cold can lead to hypothermia, which is equally dangerous.

shave chinchilla

Can You Shave A Chinchilla? (Should You?)

Only a veterinarian should ever shave a chinchilla’s fur. Chinchilla owners should never shave their pets as their skin is very sensitive and prone to dryness and infections.