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25 Best Leopard Gecko Morphs (With Pictures)

Over years of careful selective breeding, over 100 distinct leopard gecko morphs have been created. 

Here are some of our favorites, along with detailed information on each and average prices if you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself!

Type of MorphPrice RangeGenetic Traits
Hypomelanistic$80 to $180Bright yellow orange with less than 10 black spots all over the body
Super Hypo$80 to $250Less melanin resulting in lighter color
Wild Type/Normal$40 to $75Standard color of wild Leopard geckos
High Yellow$60 to $100Enhanced banana yellow color
Carrot Head $150 to $300Bright orange head with yellow and orange patches all over body
Carrot Tail $150 to $300Bright orange tail with fewer spots on body
Tremper Albino$150 to $300Less melanin resulting in pale yellow, pink, orange, and brown body color
Blizzard$80 to $250White or grey with little to no spots on body
Aberrant$200 to $300Circular or broken pattern all over body
Giant $70 to $300Larger in size compared to other morphs
Lavender$80 to $300 or morePink or purple color throughout the body
Mack Snow$100 to $150Less melanin resulting in lighter color with black spots all over the body
Reverse Stripe$100 to $250Closely clustered spots that appear like stripes
Tangerine$100 to $250Bright orange color
RAPTOR$200 to $350Red eyes, bright orange color and a patternless body
Stripe$150 to $250Single stripe running from head to tail
Melanistic$1,500 to $3,000Solid black or gray with dark eyes
Hyper Melanistic$300 to $800Brown base color with black spots all over the body
Ghost$80 to $150Pale faded color with no pigmentation
Creamsicle$150 to $200Pale yellow or white color with orange spots
Sunglow$50 to $100Vibrant yellow or orange color with no black or brown spots
Murphy Patternless$50 to $80Bright yellow or purple body color with no pattern on the body
Ember$150 to $350Bright yellow body, red eyes, and plain white underside
Baldy$100 to $150No spots on the head giving it a bald look
Snowglow$100 to $150Pale yellow or solid white with no black spots


leopard gecko morphs hypomelanistic
Photo Courtesy of CB Reptile

The hypomelanistic morph is a handsome one that has been bred over time to have primarily bright yellow and orange coloring from head to tail and far fewer spots than a standard wild-type leopard gecko. 

They must have less than 10 spots aside from those present on their tail and head to even be considered a hypomelanistic gecko.

These lizards lack most black pigment present in wild types, though they still have a small amount of spotting towards the ends of their tails and around their eyes and noses. 

They are quite popular amongst breeders today, thanks to their vivid colors!

Average Price

Expect to pay $80 to $180 for a hypomelanistic leopard gecko, depending on the breeder and the expression of spots and coloring.

Super Hypo

leopard gecko morphs super hypo
Photo Courtesy Of CB Reptile

Super Hypo leopard geckos are similar to the hypomelanistic morph mentioned above, as they lack most of the black pigment present in wild-type geckos. 

However, most of their body color is mostly either pale or warm, bright yellow rather than orange, though some individuals will have a small number of orange patches on their body and tail.

These lovely lizards have been produced through line breeding, which simply means geckos with multiple different genes or traits have been bred over time to create this particular morph. 

They have almost no spots, save for a cluster of around 10 or so on their tail.

Average Price

Are you interested in getting a Super Hypo for yourself? 

If so, expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $250 or so for one of these geckos. 

Prices vary slightly depending on the number of spots present and the vibrancy of the gecko’s body coloring.

Wild Type/Normal

leopard gecko morphs normal

While these leopard geckos tend to be overlooked in favor of more vibrant and colorful morphs, we had to include them, as they’re the source of all the other morphs on this list! 

Plus, if you’re a beginner, you won’t go wrong with one of these. 

Wild types, or normals, are named such because they are the standard type of leopard gecko you’d see in their natural desert habitat with no selective breeding. 

Most pet stores carry plenty of these geckos, making them very popular with novice reptile keepers.

Their bodies typically have a mostly pale to bright yellow color with small brown and black spots from head to tail, though as babies, their coloring looks more like solid yellow with large brown and black stripes. 

As they age, these stripes spread out and turn into the handsome leopard-like spots they are known for.

For a long time, these were among the only morphs available on the market! 

Nowadays, this is far from the truth, as they are now one of the most common morphs. 

Still, if you’re not picky and want to dip your toes into the world of owning a leopard gecko, a wild type is a great choice.

Average Price

As they are so abundant, wild types are available for as little as $40 to $75. 

Their low price and accessibility are another great thing about this morph!

High Yellow

leopard gecko morphs high yellow
Photo Courtesy of XYZ Reptile

The High Yellow morph is similar to the wild type mentioned above, though they have a much brighter and more vivid banana yellow body color and fewer black and brown spots on their bodies. 

This morph was one of the first selectively bred from the standard wild type.

These geckos’ spots tend to be concentrated around the head and tail, with only small groups of spots on their bodies. 

While they look somewhat similar to wild-type geckos, they are unique thanks to their brighter color and less prominent spotting.

Average Price

For a High Yellow leopard gecko, you will have to pay $60 to $100 depending on the brightness of its body color and the number of spots present on its body.

Carrot Head

leopard gecko morphs carrot head
Photo Courtesy of Morph Market

This morph’s name suits it particularly well, considering its head is bright orange! 

Selectively bred by breeder Ron Trember back in 2002, Carrot Head leopard geckos are known for their neon orange coloring around their head and neck and patches of bright yellow and orange coloring throughout their body.

Carrot Head geckos typically have very light yellow or white-colored tails, and their bodies have far fewer spots than the standard normal morph. 

If they have spots, they will be focused in small clusters around the head, neck, and tail. 

Some will have almost no spots at all!

Another unique feature of this morph is their feet, and the underside of their body tends to be very light yellow to white, almost giving their claws a gloved appearance.

Average Price

Expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $300 or more for this unique morph, as they are somewhat rare and require careful breeding to produce their signature traits. 

It’s worth it for such an attractive gecko!

Carrot Tail

leopard gecko morphs carrot tail
Photo Courtesy of CB Reptile

The Carrot Tail morph is much like the Carrot Head morph mentioned previously, though their bright orange coloring is present around their tail rather than their head. 

15% or more of their tail has to be their neon signature orange color to be considered a Carrot Tail gecko. 

This has been the standard amongst breeders for several years.

The rest of the Carrot Tail’s body often ranges from yellow to light orange, and they tend to have fewer spots than standard wild types. 

Additionally, while at least part of a Carrot Tail’s tail must be orange, it is common for them to have pale yellow and white coloring present as well.

Average Price

Carrot Tail geckos typically run anywhere from $150 to $300 depending on the amount of orange present in their tails and spotting present on their bodies. 

These carrot-tailed beauties are sometimes more expensive if they have predominantly orange tails.

Tremper Albino

leopard gecko morphs tremper albino
Photo Courtesy of CB Reptile

Interestingly, there are three unique types of albino leopard geckos, and the Tremper Albino morph was the first discovered and one of the more well-known varieties. 

Named for breeder Ron Tremper who created this morph back in 1996, these geckos have very light body coloring ranging from pale yellow to pink, orange, and even light brown.

True to its name, the Tremper Albino leopard gecko typically lacks much of the black and brown pigment present in standard wild types and has very light-colored eyes. 

Some will even have bright pink eyes as hatchlings, though this color usually fades slightly as they age into their adult size.

Other variations of an albino leopard gecko include:

  • Bell albino
  • Rainwater albino
  • Chocolate albino

Average Price

Tremper Albino geckos are on the pricey end, with most individuals costing anywhere from $150 to $300 or more depending on how much pink, yellow, and orange coloring is present on their body and the color of their eyes.


leopard gecko morphs blizzard
Photo Courtesy of CB Reptile

The Blizzard morph dates back to 1995 and was initially created by Prehistoric Pets’ Jay Villa. 

Like their namesake, Blizzard leopard geckos have little to no patterning on their body and are usually a very light white, yellow, pink, or even pale purple color. 

They usually have almost no spots, even on their heads and tails, giving them a very handsome solid color unique from most other morphs. 

They will have a few isolated spots present on their tail or around their eyes in rare cases.

Their eyes are usually dark brown to solid black, which contrasts their light body color well, making them a popular choice amongst novice and expert reptile enthusiasts.

Average Price

Blizzard morphs vary in price depending on their body color and if they have any spotting present, though you should expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $250 to get your hands on one.


leopard gecko morphs aberrant
Photo Courtesy of Mr. Geckos

The Aberrant leopard gecko morph is known for its non-standard patterning, broken up in patches throughout its body. 

These geckos are fairly new and still somewhat rare, making them a bit pricey and hard to find, but they are worth it if you manage to purchase one when they do become available.

It is common for Aberrant geckos to have circular patterns on their back and a broken pattern either on their tail or body. 

They are distinct from Jungle morphs, as Jungle geckos have a broken pattern on both their tail and body rather than one or the other.

Average Price

Like we mentioned above, Aberrant geckos are a bit harder to find than some of the other morphs on this list. 

Expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $300 for one of these beauties.


leopard gecko morphs giant
Photo Courtesy of CB Reptile

The Giant morph is another popular one carefully bred by Ron Tremper back in 2000. 

There are Giants and Super Giants, both much larger than any of the other morphs on this list! 

Bred for their massive size, they’re an impressive gecko to have on display.

While a normal-sized adult leopard gecko will typically weigh anywhere from 60 to 100 grams, Giants and Super Giants have been known to reach over a whopping 150 grams!

There’s even a larger variant called the Godzilla Super Giant! 

Their coloring varies significantly, as the main trait they are bred for is their size.

While they start as fairly normal-sized hatchlings, Giants grow very rapidly and are heavier and longer than just about any other morph.

Average Price

Since Giants have a wide range of different colors and patterns, their prices vary significantly depending on their traits and the breeder they are purchased from. 

Expect to pay anywhere from $70 for a more standard colored Giant or Super Giant to as much as $300 or more for one with more vibrant coloring.


leopard gecko morphs lavender
Photo Courtesy of CB Reptile

Lavender leopard geckos are known for their very light pink to purple coloration throughout their bodies. 

They tend to be much brighter as hatchlings and fade as they age, though some lavenders retain some of their vivid colorings even as adults.

Developed in 2003 by JMGReptile, the Lavender morph is a somewhat rare and very handsome, unique type of gecko. 

It was developed thanks to lots of careful breeding of albino geckos.

Lavender geckos have mostly solid pale pink, yellow, and purple coloring, though it is common for them to have small clusters of brown and black spots on their heads, bodies, and tails. 

They’re a difficult morph to perfect, though with selective breeding over several years; they’ve recently become more prominent and abundant.

Average Price

These elusive and attractive geckos typically cost anywhere from $80 to $250, with some more vibrant individuals reaching prices of $300 or more! 

They’re well worth it, though, as their coloring is truly unique and vivid like no other morph.

Mack Snow

leopard gecko morphs mack snow
Photo Courtesy of CB Reptile

This morph is named for the breeders responsible for their creation, John and Amy Mack of Reptiles by Mack. 

A lot of careful selective breeding has developed this morph, which is known for its very light body coloring. 

They typically have pale yellow to white bodies with black spots from head to tail, though some baby and juvenile individuals have more broken-up patterning with large clusters of spots. 

However, these tend to become smaller and more uniform as they age and become adults.

Average Price

Mack Snow leopard geckos typically cost around $100 to $150, with prices varying slightly depending on the gecko’s body coloring.

Usually, geckos with paler yellow or white bodies tend to be more expensive, as this trait is more difficult to produce.

Reverse Stripe

leopard gecko morphs reverse stripe
Photo Courtesy of CB Reptile

The Reverse Stripe morph is an interesting one known for its uniform lines of spots atop their backs, stretching from their neck to their tail. 

The spots are clustered so closely together, and they look like solid stripes in such a neat line!

Aside from their most prominent trait, the Reverse Stripe’s coloring and patterning vary significantly. 

Some will have standard wild-type yellow and brown coloring, while others will have more vibrant orange and yellow coloration.

Average Price

For these unique geckos, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $250 or more depending on their coloration and how uniform their stripes are on their backs. 

Geckos with more defined stripes typically are more expensive than those with lighter, less uniform stripes.


leopard gecko morphs tangerine
Photo Courtesy of CB Reptile

Known for their vivid tangerine orange coloring on their bodies, Tangerine leopard geckos are some of the brightest and most colorful around! 

They have been carefully bred to have far fewer spots than most standard morphs, which helps their neon orange body coloring truly stand out. 

These geckos look as if they’ve been dipped in bright orange paint!

While their patterning tends to be mostly nonexistent, some Tangerine geckos will have small groups of spots on their backs and bodies. 

However, most of their spots are usually focused around their head and tail, and their tails are usually pale yellow to white.

Average Price

These beautiful orange geckos cost anywhere from $100 to $250 depending on how bright and warm-toned their signature tangerine orange coloration is and how many spots are present on their bodies.


leopard gecko morphs raptor
Photo Courtesy of CB Reptile

You’re probably wondering why this morph’s name is in all-caps. 

It’s an acronym!

While their name sounds menacing, it stands for Red-eye Albino Patternless Tremper Orange! 

This is another unique morph developed by Ron Tremper in 2004. 

These geckos are a combination of the Eclipse, Patternless Stripe, and Tremper Albino morphs, meaning they’ve required lots of careful selective breeding to be perfected into the morph they are today.

RAPTOR morph leopard geckos are known for their reddish-colored eyes, orange body color, and lack of patterning on their bodies. 

They lack black and brown pigment, giving them a primarily yellow and orange color. 

Some individuals will have spots, though instead of the standard brown or black color, they will be dark yellow or orange and almost blend into their bodies in a very subtle way. 

Additionally, some geckos will have brighter orange coloring around their heads and tails, with more pale coloration on their bodies.

Average Price

RAPTOR leopard geckos range from $200 to $350 or more, as they have required generations of very careful breeding to produce. 

They’re more expensive than most geckos on this list, but they’re worth it for such a vibrant and attractive color and pattern!


leopard gecko morphs stripe
Photo Courtesy of CB Reptile

The Stripe leopard gecko morph is known primarily for its distinct body pattern. 

Instead of the usual leopard spots, these lizards have a single solid stripe running from the neck’s base down to the base of their tail! 

The colors of Stripe geckos vary from yellowish-pink albino to the more standard yellow and brown, and they usually have very few to no spots present on their bodies. 

In some cases, individuals’ stripes will run down to the very tip of their tails. 

They are unique and result from breeding generations of geckos with abnormal striping, over time shifting their stripes from horizontal to vertical.

Average Price

For Stripe leopard geckos, prices vary significantly depending on their coloration, how uniform their striping is, and whether or not their stripe runs down their tail. 

Expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $250 or more for one of these handsome lizards.


leopard gecko morphs melanistic
Photo Courtesy of Darling Geckos

These rare and mysterious-looking geckos are solid black! 

While Hypomelanistic geckos lack black pigmentation, Melanistic morphs have an abundance of it, resulting in their distinct solid dark grey to black head, body, and tail coloration. 

They have no spots or patterning present and usually have very dark eyes to match their dark color.

Unfortunately, this morph is notorious for being very difficult to produce even with selective breeding, so you’ll likely struggle to find them on the market very often. 

If you manage to find one, their prices are often incredibly expensive, reaching the thousands of dollars! 

For such a wildly unique gecko, though, it’s worth it.

The Melanistic is perhaps the hardest to produce of the many types of leopard gecko morphs because of their unique black coloration.

Average Price

Due to their extreme rarity and difficulty to produce, Melanistic leopard geckos often cost as much as $1,500 to $3,000 or more for a single hatchling! 

If you are able to get your hands on one from a skilled reptile breeder, hold onto it and treat it with care.

Hyper Melanistic

leopard gecko morphs hypermelanistic
Photo Courtesy of JDC Reptiles

If you want a gecko with very dark coloring but aren’t willing to shell out thousands of dollars for a Melanistic morph, perhaps a Hyper Melanistic leopard gecko will be perfect for you! 

These geckos have excess black and brown pigmentation from head to tail, giving them a very dark appearance.

Typically, a Hyper Melanistic gecko will have a brown base body color with black spots from head to tail. 

There is almost no yellow or orange color present at all, and these geckos usually have dark brown eyes, which blend in well with the darker colors on their head and body.

Although they aren’t solid black like the rare Melanistic morph, they are often pretty close. 

If you want a gecko with very dark colors, this is the closest you’re going to get within a reasonable price range. 

They are often known alternatively as Black Night, Black Pearl, or Black Velvet geckos.

If you’re interested in breeding, here’s our post on how to breed a black pearl leopard gecko.

Average Price

These geckos get rather pricey due to their unique traits. 

Expect to pay anywhere from $300 to as much as $800 for a Hyper Melanistic leopard gecko. 

At least it’s cheaper than the elusive Melanistic morph!


leopard gecko morphs ghost
Photo Courtesy of Morph Market

Known for their ghostly pale coloration, Ghost leopard geckos were one of the first distinct leopard gecko morphs available on the market back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. 

They aren’t as prevalent nowadays, though they are experiencing a revival amongst some breeders in the past few years.

Ghost morphs typically have very faded colors and lack the standard black and brown pigmentation present in wild-type geckos. 

They still have the usual patterning of wild-type geckos, though they are much lighter and paler in color. 

Their bodies are usually pale yellow to pale pink with slightly darker yellow and light brown spots instead of a dark yellow body with dark brown or black spots.

Average Price

Ghost leopard geckos range in price from $80 to $150 depending on how pale their colors are and the expression of their spots and body patterning.


leopard gecko morphs creamsicle
Photo Courtest of the Urban Reptile

These deliciously named leopard geckos were created by the skilled breeders at JMG Reptile. 

The standard for this morph is a pale yellow or white body with vivid yellow and orange spots. 

Some individuals will even have the Carrot Tail morph’s unique neon orange at the base of their tails.

Creamsicle leopard geckos typically have very few to no spots, though if spots are present, they will be primarily focused around the head, base of the neck, and end of the tail. 

Their eyes are usually fairly dark in color and contrast their bright orange heads very well.

Average Price

Creamsicle leopard geckos vary in price from around $150 to $200 depending on how vibrant their orange and yellow coloration is, how many spots are present and if they have any orange color around their tails.


leopard gecko morphs sunglow
Photo Courtesy of CB Reptile

The Sunglow morph is another variety of leopard gecko known for their vibrant orange, yellow, and white coloring and lack of black and brown pigmentation. 

They’ve been carefully bred over time with albino geckos to give them lighter and brighter colors, resulting in the striking neon shades we know the Sunglow morph for today.

If they have spots on their head and body, they will often be dark orange rather than the usual brown or black. 

The base body color tends to be either dark yellow or neon orange with pale yellow or white bellies and tails. 

Spots are usually clustered around their orange head and the end of the tail, with very few to none present on most of the body.

Average Price

Sunglow leopard geckos usually cost anywhere from $50 to $100, though this varies depending on how bright their colors are, patterning, and how many spots are present on their body and tail. 

They used to be on the pricier side, but thanks to their abundance, as of late, prices have dropped to a more reasonable and accessible range.

Murphy Patternless

leopard gecko morphs murphy patternless
Photo Courtesy of Morph Market

The Murphy Patternless leopard gecko morph dates back to 1991 and was created by breeder Pat Murphy. 

True to their name, these geckos lack any patterning from head to tail. 

Their base body color ranges from bright yellow to purple. 

While as hatchlings, they have some scattered pale markings, as they age into adulthood, any spots or markings present will gradually fade out until they are no longer visible. 

This morph has been used to create various other morphs thanks to its patternless trait, resulting in many variations and colors from pale yellow, grey, white, and orange. 

If any markings are present, they will be clustered around the head and end of the tail.

Average Price

Murphy Patternless geckos are fairly abundant nowadays, so their prices have dropped to a reasonable range of $50 to around $80 per hatchling. 

Some will be slightly more expensive if they are crossbred with other morphs or have particularly bright colors throughout their body.


leopard gecko morphs ember
Photo Courtesy of Morph Market

These fiery geckos blend the Murphy Patternless and RAPTOR morphs we mentioned earlier in this list. 

They were originally bred by Garrick Demeyer of Crestedgecko.com back in 2007 and are now known for their bright yellow bodies and striking red eyes!

Another great feature of the Ember morph is its lack of spots and patterning from head to tail. 

While most of their body coloring is usually pale to bright yellow, the underside of their bodies and tails are typically solid white. 

If any spots are present, they will be extremely pale and primarily focused around the head and end of the tail.

This morph is one of our favorites thanks to its unusually red eyes, which contrast its yellow body beautifully.

Average Price

Ember leopard geckos are hard to find and are prized for their unique eye color, so expect to pay a bit more than usual for a hatchling. 

Prices range from $150 to $350 depending on the brightness of eye and body color and any spots.


leopard gecko morphs baldy
Photo Courtesy of Morph Market

This gecko’s unusual and somewhat humorous name comes from its lack of spots on its head, giving it a “bald” appearance. 

Essentially, Baldy morphs are Super Hypo geckos with no spots, and their body coloring ranges from bright yellow to deep orange.

Baldy geckos’ tails often range from orange to white, with very few spots present. 

The tail is the only place where spots are present at all; the rest of their body usually has a solid color, with a light yellow or white underbelly.

These geckos have been produced by carefully breeding geckos with little to no spots on their heads. 

Their eyes are typically standard brown.

Average Price

Baldy morphs usually range from around $100 to $150 per hatchling, depending on how vivid their body coloring is and how few spots are present on their tails. 

Additionally, geckos with more orange around their tails, similar to Carrot Tail geckos, tend to be more expensive.


leopard gecko morphs snowglow
Photo Courtesy of BHB Reptiles

To finish off our list, we wanted to feature the Snowglow morph. 

These geckos are a mixture of the Mack Snow, Albino, and SHTCT morphs. 

The standard for this morph is a pale yellow to solid white color on the body, sometimes with a very subtle orange tinge. 

They are somewhat difficult to breed, though the resulting gene expression is certainly worth it.

The Snowglow morph’s body has very few to no spots present on the body at all. 

The head usually has very light brown or orange spots rather than the usual brown or black, though the tail spots are often darker. 

If any spots are present on the tail, they are usually fewer than 10 or so in number.

Average Price

Snowglow leopard geckos usually cost from $100 to $150 depending on the color of their body, how many spots are present on the head, and how many spots are present on the tail.

If you don’t know what morph you have, read our post on how to tell what leopard gecko morph you own.

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