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How Fast Chinchillas Run & How High They Jump

Chinchillas can run at up to 15 mph and jump to 6 feet. Chinchilla owners must give these animals 2 to 4 hours of play every day outside of their cages so they can stretch their legs.

gerbils adoption

Gerbil Pet Adoption Process & Checklist (Cost, Tips, & Considerations)

To adopt gerbils buy a 20-gallon wire mesh cage with a 6-inch base. Gerbils are social creatures so get two from the same litter and house them together. Put accessories in the enclosure to keep the gerbils entertained. Get a food bowl and water bottle. Take them to the vet once a year.


Chinchilla Cage Setup Ideas (Layouts & Necessities)

A wire mesh 4x4x3 feet big, tall cage will work best. Attach the food bowl and the hay rack to the walls of the cage on the inside, above the ground, and the water bottle on the outside. Place hideouts on the floor and exercise wheel 1ft above the floor to avoid falls.

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61 Wild & Interesting Facts About Milk Snakes

The lifespan of a milk snake is 15 to 20 years. They are terrestrial reptiles and tend to live in forested areas. Milk snakes have red, black, and yellow bands or white, black, and red bands.

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50 Fun & Interesting Facts About Chinchillas

Chinchillas dwell together in colonies called herds. They have the densest fur out of all land mammals with 20,000 hairs per square centimeter. They eat plants, leaves, and seeds.

Milk Snake

Different Types Of Milk Snakes That Make Great Pets

Some different types of milk snakes that make good pets are Eastern milk snakes, Mexican milk snakes, Honduran milk snakes, Black milk snakes, Pueblan milk snakes, and Red milk snakes. They are not venomous snakes.