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(DIY) How To Make A Bearded Dragon Hammock At Home

Are you looking for a fun hammock, but all of the premade ones for reptiles don’t seem appealing to you?

Do you want to add some furniture to your bearded dragon tank for a low price (or free)?

Then you may want to look into how to make a bearded dragon hammock.

In the bearded dragon world, it’s well known how much this reptile loves hammocks.

As semi-arboreal (tree-climbing) critters, they love to be up higher as much as they can.

Hammocks can help with this, but you don’t need to buy one unless you want to.

Or, make one yourself!

Read on for more info on what you need and how to make a hammock on your own.

how to make a bearded dragon hammock

What You’ll Need

In this section, we go over all of the items you’ll need to make your bearded dragon accessories.

You likely have many of these items already around the house.

Fabric or Socks

The first thing you’ll need is the fabric to make the hammock out of.

Get some unique and comfy material, or use a large pair of socks!

Make sure the socks are big enough to let your bearded dragon lay on.


Next, you’ll need something to hang the hammock with.

If your tank is glass, get some suction cup hooks like these.

If it isn’t, go with the classic adhesive hook like these.


I’m guessing you already have scissors somewhere in your home, but if you don’t, make sure to pick some up.

The scissors need to be able to cut through the socks easily.

And there you have it!

You may already have these things at home, bringing your cost to ZERO.

Step By Step Instructions For How To Make A Bearded Dragon Hammock

Here, we detail what you need to do to make a bearded dragon hammock.

This isn’t hard to do at all once you’ve read through and tried it yourself.

#1 Cut The Fabric Into Shape

Take your sock or fabric and scissors.

Your goal is to cut the material into a triangle shape.

If you’re using a sock, you’ll need to start by cutting it straight down one side to open it up into a flatter shape.

Pro-tip: Take your bearded dragon and set them on the material to get an idea of how large a triangle you need to cut.

The triangle should fit all of the bearded dragon’s body, including its tail.

Cut the fabric into its triangle shape once you know how large the shape needs to be.

If you’re struggling to eyeball it, you may want to use a light marker or pencil to outline the shape.

#2 Cut A Hole In The Corners

Using your scissors, cut small holes in the triangle’s three corners.

making holes in bearded dragon hammock

Ensure the holes are large enough for the hook to fit through easily.

Also, place the holes a small distance away from the edge of the material, or the hammock may start to fray and be ruined quickly.

#3 Stick The Hooks Up

Now you need to adhere the hooks to the tank.

The most accessible place to do this is in one of the corners of the tank.

If you use a suction hook because your tank is made of glass, make sure the glass is clean and free of debris, so it sticks better.

suction cup hooks for bearded dragon hammock

Remember, the hooks need to bear the weight of the fabric, which is minimal, but it also needs to bear the weight of your bearded dragon.

Make sure the hooks have stuck firmly.

For adhesive hooks, press and hold the hooks against the tanks after peeling off the paper covering the glue.

Don’t just stick them up there and let them go; they may fall off later.

Hold them tight yourself for at least 30 seconds before letting go.

#4 Hang Up The Hammock

Finally, take the hammock and hang it up on the hooks.

Each of those little holes you cut before should fit nicely into the hooks.

If they don’t fit well, take the scissors and widen the holes in the fabric.

Test it out by placing your bearded dragon on the hammock to see if it holds.


You’ve now made your hammock for your reptile cage.

If you’re still struggling to see how this could be done, watch this video to see it in action.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do Bearded Dragons Require A Hammock?

No, your pet doesn’t require one for its terrarium to thrive.

But bearded dragons like to hang out in them.

If you put one in your reptile tank, you may be surprised how much time they spend there.

Why do bearded dragons like hammocks so much?

In the wild, bearded dragons are considered semi-arboreal, which means they spend a lot of their time climbing and in trees.

For several reasons, including safety from predators, hunting for an insect, and getting closer to the sun for basking.

Or getting closer to the heat lamp (basking light).

bearded dragon in hammock

This climbing behavior begins even as a baby bearded dragon.

Just because your pet is in a terrarium doesn’t mean its instincts are gone.

They still love the heights and like to climb to rest.

A hammock satisfies this instinctual need in a completely adorable way.

What if I rather buy the hammock?

There are some great hammocks out there if you don’t want to DIY the project.

We like the zoo med repti hammock.

This hammock will fit your bearded dragon terrarium no matter the size since they have plenty of options.

Woah! Look at this!
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Now you know how to make a bearded dragon hammock.

This process can save you some money, make you feel proud as a bearded dragon owner, and allow you to customize the look of your reptile hammock.

It’s not tricky at all once you’ve done it a few times, and your lizard is going to love it!

It’s always nice to provide for your pet and build a bond with them.

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