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Best Background For A Bearded Dragon

Do you want to add the best background to your bearded dragon’s enclosure?

Are you unsure which product will be the best for your beardie’s tank?

Having a background will help your pet feel safer and calmer because it makes them feel more at home, and a background reduces glass surfing.

With so many options on the market, it is sometimes overwhelming to pick the best background to work for your pet and its enclosure.

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Keep reading for our top picks for backgrounds.

Why Have A Background?

If you have a glass tank for your bearded dragon, a background is essential to ensure your pet feels secure.

Having a background will minimize glass surfing, which is when a bearded dragon looks like it is surfing on the glass with its belly rubbing and legs flailing.

It is believed beardies do this because of stress, which could be triggered by a variety of issues, including feeling threatened by its reflection.

Adding a background will not completely stop a bearded dragon from seeing its reflection, but it will help to reduce it.

But a background will give them a sense of being in their natural environment.

They will feel more secure and less stressed when you have a background mimicking their natural habitat.

What Types Of Backgrounds Are Available?

There are many backgrounds available for your bearded dragon’s tank.

From clings to natural-looking imitation bark or rock, you will have to decide which look you will want to go within your tank.

Static clings are found in a variety of images and simply stick to the glass on the tank.

When it comes to a more natural look, there are options on the market resembling the bark of trees or even rocks.

We have included a variety of options on our list to give you options no matter which route you decide to take.

Review Of The Best Backgrounds For A Bearded Dragon Enclosure

best background for a bearded dragon

Galapagos Arid Terrarium Clings

Galapagos Arid Terrarium Clings
  • Hi-Resolution Vibrantly Real Background
  • Long-Lasting - Holds up to UV light
  • Ideal for freshwater fish
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The Galapagos Arid Terrarium Cling is our top choice when it comes to backgrounds.

This cling is a high resolution and vibrant image which will hold up to UV light.

At a great price, this cling uses no potentially harmful glues to be attached; instead, it static clings on its own.

Galapagos Clings are used to add more dimension to the enclosure and can help your pet feel safe as they mimic the bearded dragon’s natural environment.

Pros For This Product

  • Holds up to everyday UV light use
  • High-Resolution image
  • Static cling means no messy or toxic glue

Cons For This Product

  • Measures 11.125″ inches x 36″ inches depending on the size of your tank, may not cover completely

Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile Background

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Zoo Med’s Natural Cork Tile Background is a great alternative for creating a background as large as you need.

Use multiple tiles to fill the background of your enclosure with these pre-cut panels.

It is also easy for anyone at home to cut to fit the space.

This product is perfect for the high humidity environment of a bearded dragon’s enclosure because they are highly resistant to mold and mildew.

It doesn’t come with anything to attach it with, but we recommend using silicone or velcro.

Pros For This Product

  • Highly resistant to mold and mildew
  • Can use multiple tiles to fill the background completely
  • Easy to cut at home to fit in the space

Cons For This Product

  • Requires a silicone or velcro to attach
  • Using silicone requires drying time where the animal will have to be housed somewhere else

Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile Background Version 2

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This version of the natural cork tile background by Zoo Med is just like the other version on our list, just a different size.

Zoo Med sells these versatile mold and mildew resistant tiles in single packs.

If you need to cut a tile to fit an irregular space, they are easy to cut at home.

Your terrarium will have a nice natural look with the cork bark.

Not only can this natural product add texture to your tank as a background, but it can function as another climbing surface.

Pros For This Product

  • Holds up to high humidity
  • Resistant to mold and mildew
  • Easy to cut at home to fit in the space

Cons For This Product

  • Silicone or velcro to attach the panels is not included in your purchase
  • Purchasing multiple tiles to fill an entire background can get costly

Exo Terra Background

Exo Terra Background
  • Creates a natural rock look for tropical or desert terrariums
  • Insulates the terrarium, creates an extra dimension
  • Made with black, non-toxic polystyrene
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

We added the Exo Terra background to our list because of its natural rock look.

Create an extra dimension with this product, which is purchased in multiple sizes and can easily be cut in your home.

The non-toxic product works great for backgrounds and has the added benefit of filling the role of a climbing surface.

For the price, this is a great option for a natural-looking background.

Pros For This Product

  • Natural rock look
  • Budget-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to cut to fit

Cons For This Product

  • Some users were dissatisfied with the look of the finish

Universal Rocks Ledge Flexible Background

Universal Rocks Ledge Flexible Aquarium Background
  • Realistic rock replication flexible background with ledges
  • Easy to install
  • Product is flexible and can be installed into tanks with center braces by bending as much as needed to fit.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This easy to install background is an exceptionally realistic and natural-looking rock face.

With a natural-looking and decent size ledge overhangs, your beardie will feel right at home lounging on or hiding under them.

This product is easy to install, cut to size, and is flexible, so use this in tanks with center braces.

Pros For This Product

  • Realistic rock look
  • Ledges and overhangs for basking or hiding
  • Easy to install and cut to size

Cons For This Product

  • Pricier option


Having a background will help calm your animal by simulating their natural environment.

We hope you find our background reviews helpful when making a selection for your bearded dragon.

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