5 Best Thermometers For Bearded Dragons

Are you a new bearded dragon owner?

Is your thermometer accurately reading the temperature in your beardy’s enclosure?

It’s essential you get a great thermometer to ensure your temps are right on for your reptile.

When the temperature is too cold or hot, it can hurt your pet.

We helped you out by searching all over and finding the best thermometer for a bearded dragon.

Read on for our reviews and guide below.

What Temperature Should My Enclosure Be?

The temperature of a bearded dragon enclosure varies depending on place and time.

Basking spot – The basking spot is the warmest place in the enclosure.

It’s where your beardy relaxing and absorbs energy.

For babies, the temp should be between 100° – 110° degrees Fahrenheit (38° – 43° C).

For adults, the temp should stay around 105° degrees Fahrenheit (40° C).

Overall enclosure – The overall temperature of the enclosure should stay around 90° degrees Fahrenheit (32° C).

Remember, bearded dragons are hot weather creatures.

Cool spot/ hiding spotBeardies also need a place to rest and cool down.

This is often called a hiding spot because this where they would avoid predators in nature.

This temperature should be between 70° – 85° degrees Fahrenheit (21° – 29° C).

Nighttime – At night, it’s suggested to turn off the heating lamp and let it get dark and cooler.

The temp varies here, but it should settle around 65° – 70° degrees Fahrenheit (18° – 21° C).

Features Of Thermometers

In this section, we go over some features you may want to consider when it comes to picking the right thermometer for you.


Most thermometers are pretty low in price, but knowing the temperature of your bearded dragon’s enclosure is an essential part of taking care of your pet.

You don’t want the thermometer to give inaccurate readings or break easily.

This may result in your beardy getting hurt. 


Not all thermometers are made equally.

Some don’t read temperature with accuracy.

Even five degrees of difference can hurt a bearded dragon’s health.

All the products we picked are accurate, but be careful if you go looking on your own.

Power Source

All of these thermometers run on batteries, but it’s important to know how long the battery lasts.

If you’re continually replacing expensive batteries, the cheap thermometer you bought may end up being quite expensive.

Fahrenheit Vs. Celsius

All thermometers on this list read Fahrenheit, but you may also want one which reads centigrade or Celsius.

Check the features for each product if this is a concern for you.

Reading Method

There are several reading methods thermometers use you may want to consider.

Each has its pros and cons.

Ambient – These thermometers sit in the place they’re measuring.

They’re straightforward to use, but take time to settle into a reading and can’t be moved a lot without losing the current temperature.

Probe – This method involves a stick called a probe which is inserted in the specific area to get a reading.

It can get relatively quick readings on specific places, including general air temperatures.

Infrared – This is the most advanced type.

It uses light to gauge the temperature.

They are considered very accurate, quick, and easy to use.

However, they’re more expensive, and they don’t read general air temperatures.

bearded dragon next to thermometer

Review Of The Best Thermometers For A Bearded Dragon

In this section, we go through our picks for the best thermometers.

We look at the features and experience of using the products and help you decide which one is perfect for you.

Zoo Med Labs Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge

Zoo Med Labs Digital Thermometer Humidity Gauge,...
  • Digital read out
  • Quick and easy to read
  • Waterproof probe

This affordable thermometer and humidity gauge by Zoo Med is reliable and easy to use.

It doesn’t feature a lot of extra features, but it’s quick and easy use, and low price may make it the right one for you.

This thermometer works by using a probe to gather quick reading from different places, including in water if needed.

The digital display is not complicated to read, but it is a little small for those who have a hard time reading the small print.

It comes with a long-life battery.

However, the LR44 battery it requires isn’t as standard and is a little challenging to switch out when it does go. 

The thermometer and humidity readings are accurate when compared to other high-end models.

It also can flip between Fahrenheit and Celsius depending on what you want.

Here’s what the user experience boils down to:

Pros For This Product

  • Reliable readings
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • The battery lasts a long time

Cons For This Product

  • May lose its accuracy as the battery loses power
  • Suction cups may not work well

Zoo Med Repti Temp Digital Infrared Thermometer

Zoo Med ReptiTemp Digital Infrared Thermometer, 6...
  • Great for Monitoring Basking Areas, Thermal Gradients, Incubation, and Hibernation Temperatures.
  • Temperature measurement Range -28° to 230°F (-33° to 110°C)
  • Min/Max Function

This medium-priced thermometer by Zoo Med uses infrared technology for fast checking of temperature in different places.

Using this thermometer is very easy.

All you need to do is point the product and press a button to get an instant reading of a specific place.

Zoo Med’s display is effortless to read, and it also flips between Fahrenheit and Celsius as needed.

The smooth and quick use lets you check the different areas instantly to make sure the enclosure is just how your bearded dragon needs it to be.

They include the needed CR2032 Lithium cell battery when you buy the thermometer.

The battery should last a while, and it’s not hard to change these out.

It also includes a Min/Max function which lets you test ranges of temperatures.

Other customers who used this had the following to say:

Pros For This Product

  • Very easy to use, easily used with all enclosures you have
  • Quickly take readings from many areas
  • Great value
  • Accurate readings compared to more expensive models

Cons For This Product

  • Does not come with clear instructions
  • Does not measure ambient temperatures

Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 774 (Not for Human)...
  • NOT FOR HUMAN: Temperature readings from this devices are inanimate objects. The measured temperature for humans or animals...
  • BETTER ACCURACY: 12: 1 D:S, meaning it can accurately measure targets at greater distances compared to most others; For best...
  • TARGET QUICKER: Measure surface temperature ranging from -58℉ to 716℉(-50℃ to 380℃), you can choose the unit from ℉...

Here’s a medium-priced temperature gun by Etekcity with a focus on giving the best reading for an affordable price.

They designed the gun to be more accurate at greater distances than other infrared guns.

Its optimal reading distance is 14″ – 17″ inches.

Choose a reading from Fahrenheit or Celsius with a simple button push.

Its laser design helps it also gets a faster and more accurate reading.

The laser light also gives you a visual spot to see exactly where you’re aiming.

The screen is easy to read and backlit by a powerful 9-volt battery, which is also easy to change.

If you want to upgrade this gun, choose the Lasergrip 1022D for an even more reliable product.

The users had the following to say:

Pros For This Product

  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Very accurate readings over a long time
  • Backlit display
  • Durable and reliable over years of use

Cons For This Product

  • It’s larger than many thermometers
  • 9-volt batteries are more expensive

Qooltek Mini Hygrometer Thermometer LCD Display Digital Temperature Humidity Meter Gauge

Qooltek Mini Digital Hygrometer Thermometer Indoor...
  • Mini Digital LCD Thermometer Humidity Temperature.
  • Temperature Range: -40°F ~ 140°F
  • Measuring Humidity Range: 10% RH ~ 95% RH

The Qooltek mini thermometer may be the most affordable option on the list, but it’s excellent for use with reading the ambient temperature of the enclosure.

This thermometer sits or secures in the enclosure and stays there to read the temperature.

Its simple but easy-to-read display shows the humidity and the temperature in Fahrenheit only.

It uses two LR44 batteries which are easy to access and change.

They do last a long time because this thermometer doesn’t require much power.

The small design is great for staying out of the way.

You just set it up and then check whenever you want to.

It requires almost no work on your part.

These are the other customers’ experiences:

Pros For This Product

  • Accurate for its size and price
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Small size

Cons For This Product

  • No on/off switch
  • Only reads Fahrenheit

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer for iPhone/Android

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer for...
  • Flexible: Add a SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway (sold separately) for data and alerts via the Internet
  • Powerful: Line of sight range of 325 feet keeps you up to date, even on the other side of your home
  • Easy one-time setup with our beautifully designed, free app (iOS or Android)

SensorPush’s thermometer is the most advanced and highest priced one on our list.

The thermometer/hygrometer itself sits or attaches where you’d like ambient temperature read.

It’s very accurate and durable.

The fanciest feature of this product is its linking up with the partner app on your iPhone or Android, allowing tracking of the temperature for the day.

Purchase multiple of these to place in different places in your enclosure, and the apps track them all in one easy place.

This is helpful for knowing how your lamp setup is working and if it’s getting too cold at night.

The thermometer also tracks up to 20 days of data, and the app can alert you to any problems in temperature occurring when you get in the Bluetooth range.

The battery lasts for over a year before you need to change it as well, even in extreme temperatures.

See what others had to say about the product:

Pros For This Product

  • Accurate
  • Syncs up with phone app
  • Alerts you when there are problems
  • Long battery life
  • Tracks 20 days of temperature and humidity data

Cons For This Product

  • More expensive
  • Requires setup through Bluetooth


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best thermometers for a bearded dragon.

Whichever one you decide, each one is a quality product and is a crucial part of your beardy’s setup.

Finding the right one is a big help in making your bearded dragon’s environment safe and happy for your pet!

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