How Much Does A Boa Constrictor Weigh

Are you interested in learning more about how boa constrictors grow?

Have you thought about buying a boa constrictor, but aren’t sure how big it will get?

Whether you dream of bringing a boa constrictor into your home or are just interested in learning more about these animals, one question you might ask is:

How much does a boa constrictor weigh?

While boas are often considered to be among the largest snakes, they are more of modest size, with an average weight of 22 to 33 pounds for females and 15 to 23 pounds for males. These sizes are the average, but some have grown to weigh around 60 pounds.

The size of a boa constrictor largely depends on the age of the animal and the sex.

For more information on how much a boa constrictor weighs and more about their size, continue reading.

how much does a boa constrictor weigh

How Much Does A Boa Constrictor Weigh?

Boa constrictors are among some of the best-known snakes, and certain varieties make great pets.

The weight, and overall size, of a boa constrictor depend on a few things, such as variety, age, and sex.

No matter the variety, the female is nearly always larger than the male of the same species.

On average, adult male boas will weigh between 15 and 23 pounds, but an adult female averages a weight of 22 to 35 pounds.

Of course, since these numbers are just an average, some subspecies will be smaller, and others will weigh much more.

Some boas will weigh up to 60 pounds by the time they are fully grown, while others, like dwarf boas, often weighing less than average.

While there are numerous subspecies of boa constrictors, some of the most common include the boa constrictor imperator and red-tailed boas.

A boa constrictor imperator will weigh around 13 pounds, and red-tailed boas sometimes get as large as 50 pounds when fully grown.

How Big Do Boa Constrictors Get?

Like the weight of a boa constrictor, the length of these animals depends heavily on the kind of boa, their age, and whether they are females or males.

Boa constrictors, in general, are long, but grow to be much shorter than reticulated pythons and anacondas.

The longest boa every found was measured at 13′ feet.

There have been longer measurements taken of non-stretched dry skin of boas, with the longest being 14.6′ feet without the head.

Some believe the longest boa constrictor ever found was 18′ feet long, but this has been disproved and discovered to be a green anaconda, which was misidentified as a boa.

As a comparison, giant anacondas often grow to an average length of 17′ feet, and the reticulated python dubbed the longest stake in the world, has been known to reach lengths of 30′ feet.

On average, an adult boa doesn’t grow to be anywhere near as long as these giants.

Their average length is between 6.5′ and 9.8′ feet, with the females measuring longer than their male counterparts.

Red-tailed boas usually grow between 6′ and 10′ feet, and boa constrictor imperators come in a little smaller measuring between 5′ and 8′ feet.

It is very common in any snake for the female to be larger than the males of the species.

Not only are they longer and heavier, but they are also wider than males.

How Fast Does A Boa Constrictor Grow?

Boa constrictors, like other snakes, grow rapidly in their first few years of life, reaching maturity in just three years.

It is important to remember, while they do most of their growing those first few years, they will continue to grow all of their lives, just at a much slower pace.

When born, baby boas will be between 14″ and 22″ inches long and weigh approximately two ounces.

From the start, these baby snakes are ready to eat, which allows for rapid growth in length and weight.

By the time they are seven months old, some will grow to 3′ feet or even longer, and depending on how much food they are getting; larger subspecies weigh as much as 33 pounds already.

They will continue to grow, reaching maturity at about three years old, measuring around 6′ to 8′ feet.

The animal’s growth and its rate of growth are mainly dependent on their diet.

The diet of these animals is made up of small mammals, like rats, adult mice, and in the wild, they will also eat birds and lizards if they catch them.

If you feed your boa constrictor more, it will grow larger, but overfeeding is possible, leading to obesity.

Overfeeding compounded with a lack of activity will cause health issues in any snake and shortens the life expectancy of a boa.

Why Are Females Bigger Than Males?

With most reptile species, the female is always larger than the male of their species, greatly differing than many other animals on earth where the male is the larger, more dominant gender.

Female boas fall in line with this characteristic and are almost always bigger than the males, a trait common in snakes.

This is because of something called sexual dimorphism.

Sexual dimorphism means different sexes have different physical characteristics, but this goes beyond having different reproductive organs.

One example of these characteristics is the tail of the male boa constrictor.

The male has a tail thicker and longer than the female because this is where the hemipenis is located.


Boa constrictors are fascinating animals, and some subspecies over the years have become popular choices for pets.

Their average size of about 6′ to 9′ feet, and weight of 22 to 33 pounds, make for a giant snake, but one you will still be able to care for in your home.

We hope you now know more about how much a boa constrictor weighs and how big they may get.

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