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Can Guinea Pigs Drink Cold Water?

Providing fresh water for our guinea pigs is essential for their hydration and health. 

Supplying constant access to clean water helps our guinea pigs from getting thirsty or dehydrated. 

We know they love water, but can they drink cold water?

Guinea pigs can drink cold water so long as it is not extremely cold. As a rule of thumb, giving guinea pigs water between 60-70° degrees Fahrenheit (21° C) or just below room temperature is best. Throwing an ice cube into the water bottle is not a big deal but make sure it doesn’t make the water extremely cold.

The more we learn about our beloved guinea pigs, the better we’re able to care for them. 

Let’s look into whether or not guinea pigs can drink cold water. 

can guinea pigs drink cold water

Is Cold Water Okay For Guinea Pigs To Drink? 

It is perfectly fine for guinea pigs to drink cold water, but cool water is better. 

Tap water and bottled water are great for them so long as the tap water is safe. 

Generally, it’s best not to give your guinea pigs anything from a water source you wouldn’t drink. 

If you have a water filter, this is great as well. 

Alkaline water or bottled mineral water may be okay, but it’s best to check with your vet to ensure it’s okay. 

Keeping your guinea pig well-hydrated helps them maintain healthy activity levels without getting too thirsty. 

It is fine to give guinea pigs ice cubes in their water so long as it’s just one or two in the water bowl and doesn’t make it too cold. 

Strive to only give cool (not ice-cold) water between the 60-70° degrees Fahrenheit (21° C) range for guinea pigs or just below room temperature. 

You don’t want to give them warm or hot water either. 

Water temperature is essential when filling your guinea pigs’ bottles or bowls, but giving them cold tap water is not the end of the world. 

The most important thing is to provide a constant supply of clean drinking water. 

There is no inherent risk to giving your beloved guinea pigs extremely cold water, but they may not drink it. 

This means they are at risk of dehydration. 

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Other Beverages?

The best thing to give your guinea pig is fresh drinking water, but you may wonder if it’s okay to give them other drinks throughout the day. 

The answer is no. 

Guinea pigs should only drink water. 

Fruit water, juices, and milk are not adequate ways to hydrate your beloved pet and should never be given to them. 

They may be tasty and enjoyable for us, but they pose serious health risks if given to your guinea pigs. 

We all love to spoil our guinea pigs and make them happy with tasty treats, but the sugars in juices and other beverages are not good for their health and well-being. 

Keep the tasty treats to fresh fruits and vegetables to help balance their diet and get them all the vitamins, minerals, fibers, and nutrients they need to live happily and healthily. 

Are Water Bottles Better Than Water Dishes?

Some people prefer one or the other when it comes to water bottles and water bowls. 

So long as your guinea pig gets the recommended fresh drinking water per day, they are both fine. 

There are some differences in hygiene, container size, and usability. 

These are important to consider when using either a water bottle or water bowl for your guinea pig enclosure. 

Water Bottles

Water bottles like this are the most popular option for holding the water source in a guinea pig enclosure. 

They keep the water clean, and your cavies won’t be able to spill it as they may with a bowl. 

Water waste causes soggy bedding, leading to many health and skin issues like bacterial infections, mold growth, fungus growth, and overall poor hygienic conditions. 

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Water Dishes

Bowls of water are another popular way to provide consistent access to water for your guinea pigs. 

Some guinea pigs have trouble working the ball bearing in bottles, so bowls like this are a great alternative. 

Unfortunately, the open bowl puts your guinea pig at risk of drinking dirty or contaminated water. 

They also increase the risk of water waste as your guinea pig will likely spill quite a bit if they frequently run and play around the enclosure. 

If you decide to keep a bowl, make sure you change and clean the bowl daily.

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How Much Water Does A Guinea Pig Need Each Day?

Guinea pigs drink a good amount of water each day. 

Each guinea pig will drink about 3.3 ounces of fresh water daily. 

This means you must supply at least this much for them daily. 

Make sure to fill the water bottle up before you leave the house, especially if it is particularly hot. 

Many water bottles hold about 8 oz, so they should never run out of water while you are at work or if you run out to do some errands. 

Still, it is crucial to check the water bottle daily to ensure it is adequately filled. 

It is also important to clean the water bottle regularly to ensure no germs or bacteria form. 

Guinea pigs get very thirsty from running and playing. 

They also rely on hydration to keep them cool when it gets hot out. 

Guinea pigs don’t sweat like we do and need to maintain their temperature by drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. 

Dehydration leads to diarrhea, vomiting, digestive issues, and other health concerns. 

If you have more than one guinea pig, it is crucial to have additional water bottles. 

We recommend installing two bottles for two guinea pigs, so each cavy has its own water source for drinking. 

By having an additional water bottle, you’ll rest assured knowing they won’t run out of water while you are out. 

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