35 Best Corn Snake Morphs: Colors, Pictures, Price

With so many different corn snake morphs available today, it is often challenging for even the most experienced reptile owners to decide which ones are their favorites. 

If you’re considering adopting a corn snake, check out our list of the best morphs, their colors, and what to expect as far as their prices.

Average Price Of Corn Snake Morphs Chart 

MorphColorsAverage Price
AmberGold, tan, beige, golden brown$45+
AmelanisticRed, orange, and yellow$40 – $75
Anerythristic (A and B)Grey, black, white, brown, yellow$70 – $100
AvalancheWhite, pink, grey$200 – $400+
BlizzardSolid white or white and pink/yellow$70 – $100+
Blood RedRed, auburn, brown, orange, tan$100 – $800+
ButterYellow, tan, beige, white, orange$70 – $100+
CandycaneRed, white, orange$40 – $75
CaramelGold, brown, black, yellow, tan$100 – $200+
CinderGrey, black, white$100 – $220+
CreamsicleOrange, white, red, yellow, tan$70 – $100+
FireRed, orange, white, yellow$150 – $200
GhostGrey, brown, black, white, tan$50 – $70+
Ghost StripeGrey, brown, black, white, tan$120 – $150
HoneyYellow, white, light brown, gold$200 – $300+
Hypomelanistic (Hypo A)Orange, red, brown, white$60 – $75
LavaRed, orange, brown, tan$100 – $150
LavenderGrey, pale pink, lavender, tan, white$60+
Miami PhaseOrange, red, brown, grey, tan$50 – $70
MotleyColors vary; see below$80 – $175+
NormalBrown, red, orange, gold$30 – $50
OkeeteeBrown, black, grey$100 – $160+
OpalWhite, grey, pale pink, lavender$70 – $100
OrchidPale pink, lavender, grey, tan$100 – $150
PalmettoWhite, orange, grey, brown$1,000+
PewterGrey, black, brown, white$80 – $100+
PhantomGrey, white, beige$100+
PlasmaGrey, brown, white, tan$200+
Reverse OkeeteeOrange, white, red$150 – $250
ScalelessColors vary; see below$300+
SnowWhite, pale pink, pale yellow, beige$100 – $150
SolarYellow, white, pale orange$80 – $150
StrawberryPink, red, white, orange$150 – $200
StripeColors vary; see below$100 – $200+
UltramelOrange, red, brown, gold$200+


best corn snake morphs amber (1)
Photo Courtesy of Rept Mart

The amber corn snake morph is a mixture of two different existing morphs: caramel and hypomelanistic. 

The result is a handsome blend of golden-brown colors on their scales in varying patterns; these snakes usually have thick stripes or brown, gold, yellow, and tan spots throughout their bodies.

Average Price

Despite having scales reminiscent of precious stones, amber morphs are relatively affordable and well-suited for beginners. 

Depending on their genetics, age, and the breeder they are purchased from, they typically start at around $45 and up.


best corn snake morphs amelanistic
Photo courtesy of Ian’s Vivarium

The amelanistic morph, also known simply as “amel” within breeder and reptile expert circles, is a striking snake; they cannot produce black pigment in their skin and eyes, resulting in their signature bright, fiery, fiery red, orange, and yellow shades. 

They are commonly referred to as “red albino” snakes due to their red, almost pink eyes, which match well with their skin.

The amelanistic corn snake is a gorgeous addition to any reptile enthusiast’s collection with its warm neon colors. 

Plus, it’s a reasonably inexpensive snake for beginners.

We have a post on caring for amelanistic corn snakes if you want to learn more.

Average Price

Amelanistic corn snakes typically range from $40 to $75, depending on their exact genetic makeup and the breeder they are purchased from.

Anerythristic (A and B)

best corn snake morphs anerythristic
Photo Courtesy of Ian’s Vivarium

Interestingly, the anerythristic morph is divided into two distinct variations: Anery A and Anery B. 

Both types are unable to produce red pigment in their skin and eyes. 

Anery A morphs tend to have more brown and light grey coloring, while the Anery B morph, also known as charcoal, is usually darker with black pigmentation.

Both Anery A and B snakes, due to their lack of red pigment, typically present in varying shades of black, white, and grey, giving them a mesmerizing monochromatic look. 

Occasionally, they will have small patches of yellow on their undersides near the neck and jawline.

Average Price

Anerythristic corn snakes are relatively affordable from $70 to $100 or more depending on their genetics and the breeder from which they are purchased.


best corn snake morphs avalanche
Photo courtesy of Reptile Forums.UK

As its name suggests, the avalanche morph is usually mostly snow-white with very light grey, pink, and yellowish markings. 

Its eyes lack pigment and have a pink, orange, or yellow tint, making it look ghostly and mysterious.

These pet snakes are extremely light in color throughout their bodies and look as if they crawled out of the remnants of an avalanche! 

Though they are a bit more pricey and difficult to find than many more common morphs on this list, they are certainly worth the investment for such a handsome snake.

Average Price

Avalanche morphs usually range in price from around $200 to as much as $400 or more.


best corn snake morphs blizzard
Photo courtesy of Ian’s Vivarium

If the avalanche morph’s colors appeal to you, the blizzard morph is perhaps even more striking and exquisite with its bright solid white coloration with pinkish undertones and pink eyes. 

These snakes are a combination of amelanistic and charcoal morphs.

Most blizzard morphs are pink as babies and juveniles and eventually become completely white throughout their bodies or primarily white with tiny yellow patches on their underbelly and neck area. 

All individuals have pinkish to orange eyes, which complement their markings well.

You can find our full write-up on the blizzard corn snake morph here.

Average Price

Blizzard morphs are moderately priced between $70 to $100 depending on their genetics and the breeder from which they are purchased.

Blood Red

best corn snake morphs blood red
Photo courtesy of Big Apple Herp

True to its name, the blood-red morph is known for its deep crimson, brown, and orange coloration. 

Their stripes typically alternate between these shades, which contrast their dark brown eyes beautifully. 

Some morphs’ stripes are barely present at all, resulting in a stunning solid deep red color.

If you look closely at this morph, you’ll notice their eyes are primarily brown with deep orange rings around the pupils. 

The orange color varies amongst individuals and typically matches the rest of the snake’s body coloration.

Unfortunately, blood-red morphs vary significantly in price; morphs with more solid coloration usually tend to be more expensive than those with the standard stripes/spots present on most corn snake morphs.

Average Price

The average price varies wildly for this morph. 

While most tend to be priced around $200, they often range from $100 to $800 or more.

This depends on their coloration, scale pattern, and the breeder from which they are purchased.


best corn snake morphs butter
Photo courtesy of Rept Mart

The butter morph is a popular variety of corn snakes thanks to its bright and sunny buttery yellow colors. 

This morph’s eyes are typically a slightly darker shade of yellow/orange than the rest of the body, making them look quite piercing even from a distance.

Butter morphs tend to have primarily yellow bodies similar to the color of smooth, silky butter or margarine. 

The stripes/spots typical of corn snakes are usually very light yellow to off-white with thin white stripes bordering them.

These gorgeous snakes are a captivating mixture of the amelanistic and caramel morphs, which is pretty easy to see from their colors alone.

Average price

Butter morphs are an everyday favorite amongst breeders and reptile enthusiasts, and in terms of price, they are very accessible at only around $70. 

However, butter corn snakes are commonly bred with other morphs; these hybrid morphs are often significantly more expensive.

Candy Cane

best corn snake morphs candy cane
Photo courtesy of Snakes At Sunset

The candy cane morph looks just like you would expect: red and white striped with striking reddish-orange eyes.

This snake is the result of breeding the creamsicle and Miami phase morphs; the creamsicle morph is amelanistic, meaning it cannot produce black pigment. 

The candy cane morph also exhibits this trait, which makes its red and white colors especially vibrant.

While most candy cane morphs are primarily red and white, many also exhibit orange, pink, and yellow shades, particularly on the top of the head and around the neck and underbelly areas. 

The snake’s eyes are also a deep reddish-orange with light red rings around the pupils.

Average Price

Surprisingly, candy cane corn snakes are relatively inexpensive by and large, ranging from around $40 to $70.


best corn snake morphs caramel
Photo courtesy of Ian’s Vivarium

If you’re looking for a snake with rich, amber color, look no further than the caramel morph. 

These handsome snakes’ scales range from off-white to deep brown, with plenty of shades of gold, beige, and tan in between. 

Many individuals have a checkered belly pattern of alternating black and white patches, which beautifully contrasts the colors stretching across the top of the body.

Caramel morphs exhibit a wide range of different colors all over their bodies, but you’ll always know one when you see it, thanks to its creamy, shimmering patches of golden brown. 

They are a highly popular morph amongst both novice and expert reptile owners.

Average Price

Caramel corn snakes vary somewhat in price, but they typically are available from most breeders at around $100. 

Some individuals cost as much as $200 or more. 


best corn snake morphs cinder
Photo Courtesy of Morph Market

Cinder morphs, also sometimes known as “ashy” morphs, look like an albino snake had been rolled in soot and ashes, resulting in primarily grey and black color from head to tail. 

Their large, round eyes are a piercing jet black, which stands out against their grey scales.

The cinder corn snake’s stripes tend to alternate between two contrasting shades of grey and/or black. 

Some individuals have more subtle differences in color between the stripes, almost giving them a solid grey appearance.

Interestingly, some cinder morphs also have patches of light brown on their bellies, though most are primarily grey throughout.

Average Price

Depending on how its scale coloration is expressed, a cinder corn snake will range in price from around $100 to $250 or so.


best corn snake morphs creamsicle

What a delicious-looking morph! 

The creamsicle corn snake is known for its bright orange and white coloring, making them look like a tasty summertime treat. 

Its eyes are typically pinkish orange with lighter orange or yellow rings around the pupils.

This vivid morph is the result of breeding a common rat snake with an amelanistic corn snake; its amelanistic genes give it its signature orange and white look since it cannot produce black pigment.

Average Price

Creamsicle morphs corn snakes typically cost around $70, though some will occasionally cost more, up to around $100 or so, depending on genetics and the breeder they are purchased from.


best corn snake morphs fire

Fire corn snakes are yet another product of combining the amelanistic gene with another morph–in this case, the diffused morph. 

Colors range from solid deep orange to orange and red striping to a lovely red and orange stripe pattern.

The scale pattern on the bellies and heads of these snakes look like bright orange and red flames! 

The morph’s body coloring matches its fiery red and orange eyes perfectly.

Average Price

Expect to pay around $150 to as much as $200 for one of these rarer morphs.


best corn snake morphs ghost

This spectral-looking morph’s name suits it well. 

Ghost corn snakes are a mixture of anerythristic and hypomelanistic morphs

This snake’s colors tend to be muted shades of grey, white, black, and brown, usually in a striping pattern with dark eyes and an irregular checkerboard pattern of white and brown on the belly.

Average Price

Ghost morphs are pretty affordable as they are a more common morph. 

You’ll be able to purchase one for around $50 to $70 or so.

Ghost Stripe

best corn snake morphs ghost stripe
Photo courtesy of Ian’s Vivarium

The ghost stripe morph is similar to the ghost morph mentioned above.

In addition to having anerythristic and hypomelanistic genes, it also possesses the stripe gene observable in the stripe morph. 

Colors are mostly the same as the ghost morph, with varying shades of brown, black, white, and tan being standard. 

However, the scale pattern is where these snakes differ. 

Instead of the typical striping/alternating spots pattern seen in most morphs, the ghost stripe tends to be a solid shade of light brown or beige with two darker brown or black stripes stretching vertically down each side of the body.

Average Price

Ghost stripe morphs are a bit more pricey than their plain ghost or stripe counterparts; expect to pay around $120 to as much as $150 for one of these morphs.


best corn snake morphs honey
Photo courtesy of Snakes At Sunset

True to its name, this morph looks as though it was dipped in rich, golden honey! 

These snakes’ bodies are usually colored either light yellow or light brown with slightly darker yellow or brown striping.

These snakes tend to have darker eyes, with brown or black pupils and golden brown rings around them.

Average Price

For this particular morph, prices usually range from around $200 to $300 or more.

Hypomelanistic (Hypo A)

best corn snake morphs hypo

This morph is an exciting combination of the hypo gene and the standard “normal” corn snake morph. 

As a result, since the hypomelanistic gene lacks black pigment, the colors are similar to the normal morph but in more amplified, vivid shades of orange, red, and brown.

Typically, the color pattern on these snakes looks like alternating stripes or spots of red and orange, though the shades vary significantly from reddish-brown to pale orange. 

The belly has a checkerboard pattern of white and either red or orange patches.

Average Price

Hypomelanistic corn snakes are reasonably inexpensive and popular with novice and expert keepers alike. 

Prices usually start at around $60 and go up to approximately $75 or so.


best corn snake morphs lava
Photo courtesy of Morph Market

The lava morph is similar to morphs like the fire corn snake thanks to its vivid red and orange coloring. 

The typical alternating stripes/spots pattern is present in varying red, auburn, orange, brown, and white shades.

This morph’s belly scale pattern looks like flowing lava; the usual checkerboard pattern is more irregular than expected, with brown, red, and orange patches fading into each other.

Average Price

Expect to pay around $100 to $150 or so for a lava corn snake morph.


best corn snake morphs lavender
Photo courtesy of Rept Mart

The lavender morph exhibits shades of light grey, white, and even pale pink and purple if examined closely in the right lighting. 

The checkerboard pattern on the belly is very light and tends to be alternating shades of white and grey, while the rest of the body has the standard striping pattern seen in most corn snake morphs.

This morph was originally referred to as the mocha morph, as hatchlings tend to be more brown and tan.

Average Price

Typically, lavender morphs cost roughly $60 to $75 or so.

Miami Phase

best corn snake morphs miami phase
Photo courtesy of Ian’s Vivarium

This morph has been carefully bred to look similar to wild corn snakes with its traditional striping pattern and alternating reddish-brown and grey coloring.

While the standard Miami Phase is known for its distinct red and grey patches, the colors vary slightly, with some having more brown instead of red or more white instead of grey. 

In rare cases, Miami Phases will have patches of orange.

Average Price

Miami Phase corn snakes are reasonably inexpensive and a great choice for a novice reptile keeper, as they are typically only around $50 to $70 each.


best corn snake morphs motley (1)
Photo courtesy of Snakes At Sunset

The motley morph is an interesting choice, as the name refers to the snake’s pattern rather than its color. 

Instead of the usual irregular striped or spotted pattern seen on most corn snakes, the markings are more diamond-shaped and spaced out, giving them a unique appearance.

Colors vary significantly, as the motley morph is commonly bred with other morphs to pass on its unique scale pattern. 

Red, brown, and grey are quite popular.

Average Price

For the Motley morph, prices vary significantly since it is often bred with other corn snakes. 

Expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $175, depending on the breeder you choose and the snake’s scale coloring.


best corn snake morphs normal

Also sometimes known as the classic morph, normal corn snakes look just like those found in the wild. 

The standard striping pattern is present, with shades ranging from dark brown to red to vivid orange in some individuals.

This morph is very popular with beginner reptile keepers, as they are easy to find and among the least expensive morphs.

Average Price

You’ll only need to pay around $30 to $50 or so for a typical normal corn snake morph.


best corn snake morphs okeetee
Photo courtesy of Morph Market

The Okeetee morph is known for its very dark coloring. 

Shades of deep brown, black, and occasionally small patches of orange are common. 

The usual striping pattern is present in these morphs.

“Reverse” Okeetee morphs are also common; with these snakes, the usual Okeetee brown and black coloring is swapped for brighter shades of orange and white.

We have a post covering the Okeetee corn snake in more detail if you want to learn more.

Average Price

For an Okeetee corn snake, expect to pay around $80 to $160.


best corn snake morphs opal
Photo courtesy of Ian’s Vivarium

Thanks to its pink, white, and even purple coloring, the opal morph shimmers like a brilliant gemstone. 

These handsome corn snakes are a blend of lavender and amelanistic morphs.

Although the usual striping pattern is present, it is far more muted than most morphs, making the snake look almost solid pink from a distance. 

Additionally, the typical checkerboard pattern on the belly is also present but similarly muted. 

The eyes are usually either pale orange or pale pink.

Average Price

Opal corn snakes are typically around $70 to $100, making them a great choice if you’re on a budget yet still want a morph with striking, unusual colors.


best corn snake morphs orchid
Photo courtesy of Morph Market

This morph is another whose name truly suits its scale, color, and pattern. 

Colors range from grey to pale pink, yellow, and even purple. 

While the standard striping pattern is present, the edges of the stripes are more faded and muted, giving their color pattern a subtle gradient.

Similarly, the belly checkerboard pattern is also present, though it is very light and difficult to see unless viewing the snake in bright lighting. 

The pastel shades on this snake’s body contrast its dark brown eyes beautifully.

Average Price

Orchid corn snake morphs usually cost around $100 and will occasionally reach $150 or more depending on the breeder they are purchased from and the snake’s exact genetic makeup.


best corn snake morphs palmetto
Photo courtesy of Morph Market

The Palmetto morph is a truly exquisite and unique snake, making it extremely rare. 

The typical striping pattern seen on most morphs is swapped for a solid white snake with orange, red, and brown specks.

In addition to its unusual scale pattern, this morph’s eyes are a striking shade of slate grey with jet black pupils, making it even more unique and prized by breeders and collectors.

Average Price

Don’t expect to find a Palmetto corn snake on a budget; this morph tends to be one of the most expensive on the market, and prices of $1,000 or more are very common!


best corn snake morphs pewter
Photo courtesy of Ian’s Vivarium

The pewter morph’s name suits it well. 

This snake tends to have mostly stone grey, silver, and black scales. 

The usual pattern is present in most morphs, though some pewter corn snakes have solid grey coloring.

This snake’s scales seem to shimmer in certain lighting, making it look just like polished pewter.

Average Price

The pewter morph is becoming more common; in turn, prices have dropped to around $100 or so per snake.


best corn snake morphs phantom
Photo courtesy of Morph Market

This morph is known for its pale grey and white coloring and originated as a blend of the hypomelanistic and charcoal morphs. 

True to its hypomelanistic genes, pigmentation is very light, making the usual striping pattern almost fade into the snake’s body entirely in some spots. 

Its charcoal genes give it its signature grey hue.

The light colors on the snake’s body are in stark contrast to its dark brown eyes, making it look truly spectral and otherworldly. 

Rarely, small patches of pale yellow will be present near the head and neck.

Average Price

Phantom corn snakes are a bit hard to find, meaning their prices vary significantly. 

Generally, you should expect to pay around $100 or more for one of these unique morphs.


best corn snake morphs plasma
Photo courtesy of BHB Reptiles

This particular morph is known for its primarily grey and brown coloring. 

Some individuals have solid grey scales, while others have alternating brown, grey, and white stripes. 

Occasionally, shades of pale pink will be present, particularly around the head and jaw area.

Though they are rather difficult to find, plasma morphs are well worth the effort with their handsome shimmering grey and tan scales.

Average Price

Since they are a rather rare corn snake morph, you should expect to pay at least around $200 for a plasma hatchling.

Reverse Okeetee

best corn snake morphs reverse okeetee
Photo courtesy of Morph Market

The reverse Okeetee is an interesting variation of the Okeetee morph, having been bred with amelanistic snakes for their bright orange, red, and yellow pigmentation. 

They are also prized for their unusual striping pattern; while most corn snakes’ stripes have thin borders, the reverse Okeetee has wide white or yellow borders surrounding patches of bright red and orange.

The belly checkerboard pattern is barely visible instead of appearing to be a subtle gradient of orange and white scales. 

This morph is a striking one thanks to its vivid colors and unique patterning.

Average Price

Since collectors and reptile keepers prize it, the reverse Okeetee tends to be rather pricey at around $150 to as much as $250 or more in some cases.


best corn snake morphs scaleless

The scaleless morph is exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak; these snakes’ bodies are devoid of scales, making their skin look like soft leather. 

They are often bred with various other rare morphs to give them their unusually smooth, scaleless appearance.

Scaleless snakes are striking to look at from head to tail tip. 

Since its head lacks scales, this snake’s eyes look almost comically large and protruding. It’s a popular corn snake for its truly alien-like appearance and bright colors.

Average Price

Scaleless morphs are fairly rare and highly sought-after, meaning you’ll need to search far and wide to find one for less than $300 or so.


best corn snake morphs snow

With its mostly white body, the snow corn snake’s name suits it well. 

These corn snakes are a mixture of the amelanistic and anerythristic genes, and though they are primarily white or off-white, they also tend to have patches of pink, yellow, and pale beige.

The usual checkerboard pattern on the belly is barely visible and typically alternates between white and pale yellow.

Average Price

Snow morphs are moderately priced at around $100 to $150 per hatchling.


best corn snake morphs solar
Photo courtesy of Ian’s Vivarium

The solar morph is a mixture of the sunkissed and sunrise morphs. 

As you might expect, its colors range from pale yellow to vivid neon orange. 

Though this morph is still somewhat rare, it is becoming more popular as more enthusiasts become aware of its unique coloration.

Though the usual striping pattern is present throughout the body, it is barely visible because this morph’s colors are so pale and almost seem to blend together. 

These snakes look as if they’ve been basking in the sun all day!

Average Price

Expect to pay anywhere from $80 to as much as around $150 for a solar corn snake.


best corn snake morphs strawberry
Photo courtesy of Morph Market

This morph is known for its vivid red and pink coloration, though shades of white, pale orange and even yellow are also quite common. 

The typical striping pattern is present in bright shades of orange and red with a pink tinge.

Though hatchlings tend to be darker, these snakes’ scales become brighter and more pronounced as they mature into adulthood.

Average Price

Strawberry corn snake morphs usually cost around $150 to $250.


best corn snake morphs stripe

The stripe morph is another variation known more for its pattern rather than a specific color, though common colors include shades of brown, red, and orange. 

Instead of the normal pattern present on most corn snake morphs, a thin dorsal stripe extends vertically from the head to the tip of the tail on both sides of the body.

Stripe morphs are commonly bred with various other morphs to pass on their unique pattern.

Average Price

Because it has so many morph variations and is so often bred with other morphs, prices vary significantly, ranging from around $100 to $400 or more.


best corn snake morphs ultramel
Photo courtesy of Morph Market

The last morph on our list is the ultramel, short for ultramelanistic. 

These snakes are a mixture of ultra and amelanistic morphs and are usually red, orange, brown, and white, thanks to their lack of black pigment.

Interestingly, the typical checkered pattern on the belly tends to be more irregular in these snakes, though the striping on the top of the body is usually very uniform.

Average Price

Ultramels vary significantly in price depending on their gene expression, scale pattern, and breeder purchased from. 

Expect to pay at least $200 for an ultramel morph, though some will reach prices of $400 or more!

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