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How To Bathe A Ball Python In A Few Simple Steps

Are you a new ball python owner and want to make sure you are properly caring for it?

Have you noticed your ball python needs help removing dead skin?

A bath might be just what your ball python needs, but you might be unsure of the process and worried you could hurt your pet.

This might lead you to ask:

How Do I Bathe A Ball Python?

Begin with about an inch of warm, clean spring or filtered water in a bathtub or other container and gently place your snake in the bath for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the bath is over, gently dry your ball python with a clean and soft towel before returning it to the enclosure.

Continue reading this article to learn more about how to bathe your ball python.

how to bathe a ball python

How To Bathe A Ball Python

Bathing your ball python is not a difficult task, and the occasional bath can help your ball python stay happy and healthy. 

When you begin the routine of bathing your ball python, it is essential to remember to use warm water as these animals are cold-blooded.

Bodily functions will slow as the temperatures around them decrease.

Ultimately, if the temperatures get too low for too long, your ball python can face serious health issues and even death.

On the flip side, if the water temperature is too hot, your ball python could get burned. 

The water should be between 80° and 85° degrees Fahrenheit (27° – 29° C), and it is best to use a thermometer to ensure you have the water at just the right temperature. 

When you are bathing your ball python, it is a good idea to turn off the air conditioning to prevent your snake from getting too cold.

A running air conditioning system can create a draft, and if your ball python is hit with a burst of cold air, it can develop a respiratory infection.

To learn about what low temperatures your snake can handle read our post on how cold can a ball python survive.

The water should be clean spring or filtered water and never chlorinated as it can irritate the ball python’s skin. 

Fill a bathtub or other large container with approximately an inch of warm water.

Using a bathtub will give your ball snake plenty of room to swim around and stretch out, something you will find they love to do.

If you can’t let your ball python use the bathtub, a large container will also work.

Remember, they will enjoy stretching out their body entirely, so don’t grab too small of a container.

Gently lower your snake into the bath and let them soak and swim around for about 10 to 15 minutes. 

ball python being bathed

After this time in the bath, remove the snake using care and use a clean and soft towel to dry your pet gently.

Because many snakes will defecate following a bath, it is a good idea to place your ball snake in a holding tank for a little while, but only if you have a spare cage.

This is not a requirement, but it will save you a little clean-up if the snake goes to the bathroom in their regular enclosure. 

When Should I Bathe My Ball Python? 

While bathing your ball python isn’t a challenging endeavor, you might be wondering when you should bathe your pet. 

Many snakes love a soak in warm water now and again, but not all ball pythons are interested in a regular bath. 

There are a few health reasons to indicate when you should bathe your ball python.

When your snake is getting ready to shed its skin, sometimes the skin doesn’t easily slough off on its own.

A bath is a great way to soften up the skin and help them naturally remove it.

bathing ball python to remove stuck shed

If you keep the humidity level in the enclosure consistently between 60% and 80%, your snake will stay pretty well hydrated and really shouldn’t have too many issues when they shed.

And if you need help keeping humidity in the proper range, read our post on ball python tank humidity.

Bathing your snake will help relieve constipation and kill mites.

Baths are something your ball python may enjoy, leaving you with a clean snake and a happy one. 

Other ball pythons will panic in the water, so don’t push your snake into an uncomfortable situation if you don’t have to. 

Every snake will be different, so be sure you are aware of what is going on with your ball python before you continue to put it in situations it may not like. 

You don’t want to cause unnecessary stress to the animal, as it can lead to many health issues.

Include A Soaking Tub In The Enclosure

Sometimes your snake will want to take a little dip, but you don’t always need to go through with a full bath.

You may notice your ball python slipping into his water dish for a quick soak.

Since this is something your ball python will try to do, it is a good idea to place a water dish large enough to accommodate a soak.

You will already need to place a water dish in the aquarium for regular drinking, but it can also function as a soaking tub. 

An ideal soaking tub is large enough to hold your ball python, but it also must be shallow.

Also, be sure not to fill it with too much water.

If it is too deep, you will risk your ball python drowning in the soaking tub.

With this shallow dish for soaking, you won’t have to worry about bathing your snake too often, as your ball python will use this to bathe itself. 

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Regular baths of warm water in a tub will not only keep your snake clean but also offer a chance to stretch out and keep the ball python happy and healthy.

When you are bathing your ball python, remember the helpful tips in this article, and you should have no problem.

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