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How Many Phoenix Worms To Feed Bearded Dragons

Are you a new bearded dragon owner trying to figure out what is good for your pet to eat?

Are you wondering about what the fuss is with phoenix worms?

Phoenix worms are considered by some to be an excellent choice for a feeder insect staple of your bearded dragon’s diet.

But if you decide to try it out, you may be wondering about how many phoenix worms to feed bearded dragons.

In a single protein meal, expect to feed a bearded dragon 20-60 phoenix worms. These larvae are high in protein, calcium, and come in different sizes.

It’s not just enough, however, to know how many to feed them.

You also need to know if you’re doing it safely.

Read on for more details.

bearded dragon eating bugs

How To Feed Your Bearded Dragon Phoenix Worms

When it comes time to feed your bearded dragon for its protein meals (see next section for more info on a balanced diet), there are some steps you need to take to make sure you’re feeding your beardie in the best and healthiest way.

With adults and baby bearded dragons, you want to feed your reptiles as much as they can eat in a 10-15 minute time span or until they stop eating.

Because of phoenix worms’ status as a reptile superfood, it’s considered OK to feed bearded dragons as much as they’ll eat during this time.

This usually works out to between 20 and 60 phoenix worms (also known as calci worm) in one meal.

This will change depending on whether you’re also feeding other live food at this time or if the lizard is stressed, pregnant, sick, or experiencing other things which may decrease their appetites.

Note: Make sure the feeder bugs you’re feeding your pet are not longer than the distance between your beardy’s eyes.

Food that is larger than this amount may end up getting stuck in the digestive tract.

In the best case, this results in the impaction of feces, which needs to be released.

In the worst cases, the pressure on the spine from the blockage may result in paralysis or death.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Phoenix Worms?

Phoenix worms are an excellent option for your baby bearded dragon.

These worms are high in calcium, protein, and phosphorous and don’t need to be gut-loaded.

And if your pet is in the juvenile bearded dragon stage we have an article on the best worms to feed baby bearded dragons you’ll find extremely helpful.

What Is a Balanced Diet For Bearded Dragons?

Giving your bearded dragon a balanced diet is key for its living a long and healthy life.

Just because an adult bearded dragon may eat 20-60 phoenix worms doesn’t mean it should eat this every meal.

The frequency and ratio of protein to greens change depending on the age of younger bearded dragons.

Note: Phoenix worms fit into the insect/protein part of a bearded dragon’s healthy diet.

This bearded dragon diet chart should help you get a better idea of what feeding a bearded dragon entails.

AgeDiet RatioAmountFeeding Frequency
0-3 Months70% Insect 30% Veg30-80 Insects Daily3-5 Daily
3-8 Months70% Insect 30% Veg30-80 Insects Daily2 Daily
8-12 Months70% Insect 30% Veg30-80 Insects Daily1 Daily
1+ Year30% Insect 70% Veg50 Insects WeeklyRotation*
* Rotation – 1 Day Salad, 1 Day Insect, 1 Day Nothing & Repeat

Note: All insects should be smaller than the distance between the bearded dragon’s eyes.

This prevents injury from eating.

When you go to give a bearded dragon a meal, you should feed the reptile all it’s willing to eat in one sitting.

Once it’s full, remove the food from the enclosure.

And if you’re looking for additional diet information we have a post on the bearded dragon diet sheet you should look at.

Are Phoenix Worms A Good Staple Insect For Bearded Dragons?

Yes! Phoenix worms have many health benefits for the bearded dragon and many care benefits for you as the owner.

Benefits As The Owner

For you, phoenix worms are easy to use.

They stay alive even at room temperature, so you don’t need to worry if you’re running out of fridge space.

If you wanted them to stay in their larvae form (which is what you want for feeding), just put them in a fridge at 50° – 55° degrees Fahrenheit (10° – 13° C).

This keeps them in larvae form much longer until you need them.

Phoenix worms are also often available for purchase in different sizes.

Some other worms have only one standard size, which makes them unsafe choices for smaller beardies and babies.

Phoenix worms come in all sorts of sizes, making them a good choice for the entire life span of the bearded dragon.

Benefits For The Bearded Dragon

For your beardy, the phoenix worms are an excellent choice as a staple for several reasons.

Phoenix worms are high in protein which is needed for a beardy diet.

They’re also lower in fat than some other worms.

While the fat content isn’t bad (they love the taste), too much fat in their diet makes them unhealthy and unwilling to eat greens and healthier foods.

Most importantly, phoenix worms are high in calcium.

One of the biggest health threats in pet bearded dragons is a metabolic bone disease.

This disease is the result of a calcium deficiency where the bones and body of the bearded dragon are weakened.

This condition could result in death.

As we mentioned before, phoenix worms are also available in several different sizes, so buy the safest size option for your pet.

Nutritional Value of Phoenix Worms

Fat %9.4
Protein %17.3
Calcium PPM8155
Phosphorous PPM5355

How Long Do Phoenix Worms Last?

When you order and receive your phoenix worms they will last between 2 – 3 weeks inside the container at room temperature.

If you need to keep them for longer store them in a fridge around 55° degrees Fahrenheit but no lower than 50° F.

Are Phoenix Worms Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL)?

Yes. The black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) have become so popular in reptile diets, many dealers have given them nicknames.

The most common nickname is the phoenix worm, but you may also find them called Reptiworms and Calciworms.


Now you know how many phoenix worms to feed a bearded dragon.

In your protein meals which happen in different amounts depending on the age of your pet, expect to feed the reptiles between 20-60 phoenix worms.

They are a great choice for a staple food because of their high protein, high calcium, and size options.

From the owner’s side of things, they’re also easier to keep than some other worms and crickets.

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