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How To Tell If A Guinea Pig Is Pregnant (& What To Expect)

Guinea pigs, the adorable furry fuzz butts, are quick to mature. They are born with luscious hair, sharp teeth, and their explorer game on. Heck, they can chow down on solid food right after birth. So, it’s no surprise these little munchkins start reproducing at an early age and know no stop.

So, the weight that my female guinea pig has put on isn’t just cilantro and parsley? Am I going to be a proud guinea pig grandpa soon? How to tell if a guinea pig is pregnant?

Key Takeaway:

Guinea pigs, like their other rodent cousins, are quick reproducers. If you leave a sexually active male and female guinea pig together, expect baby guinea pigs soon. A pregnant guinea pig will be rounder and eat and drink more. Give her abdomen a gentle feel or inspect her nipples to be sure.

Beware, guinea pig pregnancies can get complicated. It is especially true if your snuggle bug is a first-time mom or is over a year old. Understanding what to expect and how to move further will help in taking care of your little mommy-to-be.

Suspecting something?

Let’s check out the signs of pregnancy in guinea pigs. Ready, human?

a white spotted guinea pig feeds its little ones

Signs of Pregnancy in Guinea Pigs

Sometimes, guinea pig owners fail to tell between genders. They might place a male and female guinea pig together without realizing it. That’s why pregnancy often comes as a surprise.

I house my male and female piggies together. Is my guinea pig pregnant?

She could be. You’ll need a few more signs to confirm.

Okay, erm, how do I know if my guinea pig is pregnant?

If your unneutered male guinea pig had a moment with your female sweetie squeaker, chances are the act’s done. But you don’t have to wait too long to find out.

Your whisker lover’s body will show visible signs of pregnancy as time passes. You just have to recognize them to be able to take better care of the mother guinea pig. Here are five signs your guinea pig is pregnant:

Increased Appetite

Is your cuddle nugget munching more than usual? It’s not because fruits and veggies taste better all of a sudden. She’s doing it to keep the little pups growing inside her tiny belly nourished.

Guinea pigs need tons of vitamin C, pregnant or not.

Vitamin C keeps your piggy’s skin healthy, her gums strong, and her immune system fit. It also helps maintain her joints. Most of all, vitamin C is an energy booster.

Pregnant guinea piggies need more vitamin C than usual. It helps them pull through the tough pregnancy stage with ease.

So, feed your pregnant guinea pig with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Of course, pellets and hay are also important. But they shouldn’t be too old; vitamin C breaks down fairly easily.

In addition to intense munching, your mom-to-be piggy will also be sipping more water. Usually, a guinea pig will consume 80-100 ml of water daily.

But when she’s pregnant, it can go up to 150 ml in some cases.

Weight Gain

Of course, if she’s eating more, she’ll become heavier. Increased weight is the first physical sign of pregnancy in guinea pigs.

Is it too obvious right from the start?

Nope! It’s hard to tell instantly unless you weigh her regularly. A steady gain of a few grams per day is a telltale sign your piggy is going to become a mommy. When she’s near the end of her gestation period, she’ll be double her when-I-was-single (pre-pregnancy) weight.

How do I weigh her?

Use a kitchen scale, parent!

Grown Abdomen

More eating = weight gain = rounder abdomen!

But it isn’t just her diet that’s the reason for a grown abdomen. The growing fetuses in her belly are also responsible for the increase.

The size of your piggy’s abdomen will depend on the number of pups she’s carrying.

It is also a sign that your guinea pig is nearing labor. So, if you notice her tummy has become rounder and firmer, it means labor is just a few days away.

Want to feel the babies?

Go ahead, but be gentle. You can feel the little ones moving in her abdomen. They’ll be more like lumps. Remember, no pressing!

white guinea pig mom with its baby

Widened Pelvis

Pregnant sows that are younger than seven months will exhibit widened pelvises. It is because their bodies are preparing for labor. This sign, however, is only obvious when the time’s near. You’ll have to be extra vigilant.

How much wider will it get?

It depends on your piggy, honestly. In most cases, however, the pelvic width will increase by an inch.

Nipples and Milking

This is a dead giveaway. Your guinea pig’s nipples will become larger and darker. In some cases, they may even start secreting milk!

Well, she’s definitely pregnant now.

That’s right! Your guinea pig is officially a mommy-in-waiting.

Guinea Pig Pregnancy – The Chances

My cuddle puff is just a few weeks old, but she’s gained a lot of weight recently. She’s munching and sipping like a food-obsessed marathon runner on a victory lap. It can’t be pregnancy, can it?

Well, why can’t it be?

Guinea pigs mature at an early age. Female guinea pigs are ready to breed as soon as they turn two months old. It's better if it happens between six and twenty-four months, though.

As for male guinea pigs, they can begin impregnating their female pals as early as three months!

If your little fluffer has been mingling with the opposite gender, there are high chances you’re having guinea pig babies.

What do I do? Is it too soon for my marshmallows to become parents?

No, it’s not too soon. Early pregnancy is less complicated. We’ll tell you why later in the article.

However, if you’re not interested in breeding guinea pigs just yet, keep them in separate cages and away from each other.

When should I take them apart?

Three weeks is a good time to separate your male and female guinea pig.

Can guinea pigs get pregnant without a male?

Nope! They need to mate.

Guinea Pig Pregnancy – The Right Age

Female guinea pigs can give birth to little snuggle buns as soon as they turn two months old. For us humans, it seems a tad bit too early.

Are guinea pigs safe for pregnancy at such an early age?

Between six and twenty-four months is an ideal age for guinea pigs to have babies. The sooner, the better. Their bodies are healthy and ready to take care of their newborns. No major complications. Your whisker puff can deliver her babies naturally.

Is it too late for my piggy to get pregnant after she’s seven months old?

If it’s her first pregnancy, yes, it’s late.

At eight months, a guinea pig’s pelvic bones start to fuse together. It means her pelvis won’t widen to make pushing the babies out easier. This makes delivery difficult and risky. Baby guinea pigs and their mom are all at risk of dying.

If your little mommy-to-be is two years old, she might need a cesarean.

Can a 4-year-old guinea pig get pregnant?

We are afraid not. Female guinea pigs are fertile for only three years. After that, they won’t be able to reproduce. Even if nature decides to surprise you, the pregnancy will be complicated.

Guinea Pig Pregnancy – The Gestation Period

How long are guinea pigs pregnant?

Guinea pig gestation period lasts for 58-72 days. It’s best to keep your little mummy-to-be away from the male guinea pig around the 40th day of her pregnancy.

After the 40th day, she will get aggressive and won’t let your male buddy near her. Not even for a sniff.

How many times can a guinea pig get pregnant?

Female cavies come back to heat right after fifteen hours of delivering babies. It means the new mommy piggy can be nursing her litter while growing another inside her at the same time. Now that’s some level of multitasking.

Guinea Pigs Pregnancy – The Litter Size

Guinea pigs usually give birth to a litter of 3-4. But in some cases, the number can go up to 8. Some might even birth just one adorable puffer.

The younger the piggy, the smaller the litter. Also, if it’s her first pregnancy, her litter size will be small as compared to a repeat pregnancy.

Since the gestation period is short, guinea pigs can have five litters in a year.

Taking Care of a Pregnant Guinea Pig

Congrats, human! You have a pregnant pet piggy and you’ve learned how to recognize the signs. Now, it’s time to show her some love during this delicate period.

A pregnant guinea pig needs special care to deliver healthy babies comfortably.

Here are three helpful tips for you, so you can ensure your cuddle buddy stays fit and happy:

Compulsory Vet Visit

Find a vet who specializes in rodents and take your little darling to them. The vet will give her a check-up, do an ultrasound, and tell you how many babies you can expect.

It is especially important for older guinea pigs who are expecting their first litter. The vet will also guide you on the steps to take before, during, and after delivery.

Give Her Lots of Water and Food

As mentioned earlier, pregnant guinea pigs require more water and food. Keep a close eye on your piggy’s diet and make sure she gets enough of both.

Also, give her extra vitamin C supplements to keep her fit and healthy. Feed her a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, grass hay, and top-grade pellets. Also, refill her water bowl or bottle with fresh water every single day.

Keep Her and the Newborn Guinea Pigs Away from Daddy

Guinea pigs can conceive within a day of delivering babies if they share a cage with a male. It’s not safe for their health.

Also, since cavies reach sexual maturity at an early age, there are chances the male guinea pig might impregnate one of the newborn female piggies. You don’t want that.

black and brown guinea pig mom with its baby

Baby Bumps and Beyond – Recognizing and Nurturing a Pregnant Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are playful, curious, and super adorable. They mature faster than other pet rodents, so it isn’t uncommon for the unexpected to happen — like an unplanned pregnancy.

A female guinea pig can conceive only when she’s two months old. And she can get pregnant again right after delivering her first litter. Someone’s eager to enter parenthood, ha!

Each pregnancy will last between 58 and 72 days. During this period, your lovable, furry friend will display physical signs of pregnancy, like weight gain, widened pelvis, and dark nipples. She’ll also be hungrier and thirstier.

So, watch out for these signs. If you think your sow is expecting, take her to the vet for an ultrasound. Also, show her all the love you can. She needs you.

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