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How Long Does It Take For A Ball Python To Poop

Are you worried your ball python hasn’t pooped in a while?

Do you want to help your pet be healthy?

As gross as some may find it, droppings are usually one of the earliest indications, something is wrong with the health of any pet.

When the dropping changes in some way, it’s time to watch for other signs of illness and be ready to act.

Still, you don’t want to panic any time there is a change, so you may wonder:

How long does it take for a ball python to poop?

Usually, it takes 5-7 days after feeding for the ball python to poop. This may seem like a while, but remember, it takes a few days for the python to digest its food, let alone pass it.

Look ahead at the rest of the article for more related information and details.

how long does it take for a ball python to poop

What Does Ball Python Poop Look Like?

Before digging into how long it takes for ball pythons to defecate, you may want to know what their droppings look like.

This answer is a little tricky to give exact details on.

It largely depends on the individual ball python and what it’s been eating and how much it’s been drinking.

However, in general, it looks just like poop. It’s not usually loose or rock-hard. The droppings are brown in general coloration.

A better way to look at ball python droppings would be from two perspectives:

Has there been a change in droppings?

You know your pet better than anyone. If droppings suddenly get harder or looser or change color, you may want to watch your snake a little more closely to make sure other signs of illness don’t pop up.

If your snake has loose poops, to begin with, another loose dropping probably won’t be a problem.

However, if it goes to rock hard, you may want to watch your pet closely.

Extreme soreness and white-colored droppings.

If the droppings ever become completely watery or white, this is usually an indication of a digestive problem.

This doesn’t usually happen for any normal reason. Still, you don’t need to run your pet into the vet yet.

Check to make sure your ball python isn’t able to eat anything in the tank it’s not supposed to.

This may cause different droppings.

Watch for other signs of illness, including lethargy or filmy eyes.

If you see these, call your vet and ask their opinion.

How Long Does It Take For A Ball Python To Poop?

The easy answer is ball pythons take every two weeks.

The slightly harder, but more accurate answer is 5-7 days after a ball python eats.

In other words, pooping is related to how often ball pythons eat.

Adult ball pythons east every 10-14 days, and then 5-7 days after this, they usually poop.

Another way to look at it would be: ball pythons will defecate about halfway in between each feeding.

This way of looking at it is more helpful with feeding baby and juvenile ball pythons.

These pythons need to be fed more often.

Usually, babies need to be fed every 5-7 days and juveniles somewhere in between.

They also poop more often because of this.

Many experienced owners use the frequency of defecation as a way to tell how often the pet should be fed.

If you keep feeding the python every five days, but it begins to take five days to poop, you’ll want to extend the time between feedings.

In general, double the length it takes for them to poop, and this is how often they should be fed.

If an adult python goes up to 9 days after eating without pooping, you should give your vet a call.

At seven days without pooping, you may want to use some of the tips in the next section.

How Do I Get My Ball Python To Poop?

There are a few tricks to attempt when helping your ball python poop.

If these don’t work and the lack of pooping stretches into nine days after feeding, call your vet for advice.

Also, when you see abnormal bulging 5-7 days after eating, you should call your vet.

Here are the two tricks which work the best:

Bath your python.

Fill hot, but not scalding hot, water in a shallow tub.

Place your ball python in there.

Many animals, especially reptiles, find it easier to defecate in the water.

The water temp should be above 70° degrees Fahrenheit (21° C) but below 90° degrees Fahrenheit (32° C).

Give a gentle belly massage.

Sometimes things get stuck in the python’s stomach.

Gently rub the python’s belly, starting from below the head down towards the tail.

You may even feel where the poop is stuck.

Combine the rub-down with the warm bath for maximum effect.

What about laxatives?

There are laxatives available to give your ball python to help loosen up the droppings to help with excretion.

Yes, some of these are available for anyone to pick up from a pet store or online.

However, we recommend against deciding to administer laxatives on your own.

This decision should be made in conjunction with an animal health professional such as a vet or ball python breeder.

Should I Wait Until My Snake Poops To Feed Her?

This area is up for some debate with ball python owners.

If your python is younger, you don’t need to wait.

They eat about as long as it may take to poop.

It’s not so much you’re waiting for them to poop for adult pythons, but they should poop well within the 10-14 days you should go between feedings.


We hope you found the information on how long it takes for a ball python to poop helpful.

5-7 days after feeding is normal, and even a couple of days after isn’t alarming.

Use the tips above to help your pet poop once it reaches the 7-day mark.

Keeping a close eye on how the droppings of your ball python are is a good indicator of health and will leave you ready to act when your pet does get sick.

It’s important for long and healthy life.

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