Best Artificial Vines For Chameleons

Do you want to give your chameleon ample items to climb on?

Are you looking to add some jungle flair to your chameleon cage?

Real plants for chameleons are great to have in your enclosure, but sometimes you just want the look only fake vines give.

These provide awesome places for chameleons to climb and connect your other furniture pieces.

But with all the options out there, you may need some help finding the best artificial vines for chameleons.

The best artificial vines for chameleons are completely non-toxic and sturdy. You especially don’t want any of the coverings to break and the wire to stick out easily. Our picks for the best options include:

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Review Of The Best Artificial Vines For Chameleons

best artificial vines for chameleon

In this section, we’ll break down each of the vines into their features and how these features impact their use.

We’ll also condense our own experience and others’ as well into easy-to-read pros and cons.

Fivebull Tank Decoration Vines For Climbing

FiveBull Reptile Hammock with Sticks, Climbing...
  • ❤【EASY TO CLEAN】:Just dip in water to clear debris. Quick dry Easy to maintain, soft materies won't hurt the skin of...
  • ❤【IT WON'T BLEED THE COLORS WHEN WET】:Tropical and frequently misted terrariums with these exact plants in them and...
  • ❤【ATTACH WITH A SUCTION CUP】:Attach with a strong suction cup and remained attached even with the snakes crawling...

The Fivebull vines for climbing is a medium-priced option which comes with several items inside, giving this product a great value.

For the price, you get four furniture based items perfect for any chameleon cage.

There’s a reptile hammock with easy-to-attach suction cups.

It’s a triangle shape with 10″ inches by 17.7″ inches in dimensions.

Included is also a 39″ inch bendable branch attachable by suction cups.

This branch is sturdy and safe for chameleons to climb on.

There’s also a 35.4″ inch bendable vine with decorative leaves on the outside.

The vine is made of plastic, but the material is treated, so it doesn’t bleed color when wet or tear on the outside.

The branch and the vine are both natural-looking products.

To a trained eye, they may not look exactly real, but when mixed in with other plants, you won’t notice much difference.

The leaves don’t wilt when wet and hold up strong.

This is important as chameleons only drink water droplets off of objects like leaves.

Each product is completely non-toxic and safe for chameleons, even when wet.

If you don’t want to use all three of the items in your chameleon cage, the other ones work well with any other number of pets.

Pros For This Product:

  • Tough and durable product
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Great value

Cons For This Product:

  • Suction cups don’t hold a ton of weight but will hold a chameleon
  • Leaves aren’t full

Kathson Artificial Scindapsus Vine for Reptiles Lizard Chameleon

Kathson’s artificial vines work well for small reptiles, including some chameleon species.

These vines are quite affordable, and there is a lot of material to use.

The artificial vines are modeled after the Scindapsus vine.

It uses silk fabric and plastic in its construction.

The leaves are the soft fabric, and the stems are tougher plastic.

All of these are safe and non-toxic.

Its natural look fits in well with other live plants.

It’s untreated with chemicals and doesn’t bleed colors when wet.

Small lizards and chameleons will be able to climb on this, but larger chameleon species won’t be able to use it in this manner.

If you buy this product, you get to use it in one of two ways.

First, use the suction cups to stretch the vine across the cage as you’d like to.

Then, the chameleons will climb on the vine.

The other method is purely as decoration.

Wrap the vines around otherwise bland-looking climbing furniture to make it match better the jungle look.

The vines also provide good cover for the reptiles with their ample leaves.

Chameleons are shy creatures and will appreciate the protection.

Kathson provides 6′ feet of length with this vine, so it’s possible to stretch it several times however you want around the cage.

Pros For This Product:

  • The long length of the vine
  • Good, natural look
  • Very affordable

Cons For This Product:

  • May bleed colors when extremely wet
  • Rips over time
  • Won’t handle heavy chameleons

HEEPDD Reptile Vines

HEEPDD Reptile Vines, 3.28ft Artificial Reptile...
  • Qualitative Materials---This reptile vines is made of premium PU, which is eco-friendly, non-toxic, flexible and safe to your...
  • Flexible Design---The rattan is bendable, life-like rattan with a natural feel and look can be twisted together with vines of...
  • With Suction Cups---This artificial bendable rattan with suction cups, can make your pet feel at home and exercise while...

The HEEPDD vine is a medium-priced option with a tough vine for any size chameleon to climb on easily.

Essentially, this product comes with two parts: the rattan vine and the leaves.

The rattan vine may be attached with suction cups or wrapped around other plants.

This vine is bendable yet strong enough to handle climbing well.

The vine is 3.28′ feet in length for stretching across the cage.

This may be smaller than some other options, but the vine is thick and strong.

With this vine, you get the choice of either ivy or Scindapsus leaves.

Either works well; it’s just a matter of preference.

These may be wrapped around the vine however you wish.

Both are made from a premium PU, which is a durable, non-toxic, and pet-safe type of plastic.

With each purchase, you get the vine, three suction cups, four-pipe liners for help securing and decorating, and the leaf vine.

Pros For This Product:

  • Durable and safe for chameleons
  • Strong enough for larger species
  • Leaves look nice and provide good cover

Cons For This Product:

  • Suction cups don’t stick well

EONMIR 8′ Foot Reptile Vines

EONMIR 8-Foot Reptile Vines, Flexible Jungle...
  • Advantage: These vines are bendable, twistable life-like vines with a natural feel and look and can be twisted together with...
  • Tips: Due to the production process, the surface texture may varies.
  • Material: Made of special PU and iron metal, very flexible The jungle vine looks real and easier to clean

The EONMIR vines are a more premium vine option, but you get a lot and high quality for the price.

First off, with this product, you receive 8′ feet of vine material.

This is enough to wrap up and down a large chameleon cage.

There’s also the option to get this vine in thick or thin vines.

The thin ones are 1 cm in diameter, and the thick ones are 1.5 cm in diameter.

The thin ones work well for any small chameleon, but the thicker ones are strong enough to handle larger chams as well.

As with many fake vines, these are bendable with a special PU (plastic) exterior and strong metal wire inside.

You get six attachable suction cups and two end covers for providing wire protection if not directly attaching the vine to another plant or piece of furniture.

The look of the vine itself varies but is mostly a brown, tree-like color.

If you need a sturdy vine for climbing, this is the product for you.

But if you’re looking for a vine more for matching and augmenting the style of the cage, you may be disappointed.

As a compromise, many users buy this product and then either create or purchase a leafy vine or string to naturalize the look.

Pros For This Product:

  • Lots of material
  • Safe for chameleons
  • The strong wire holds up well to climbing

Cons For This Product:

  • Doesn’t look too natural
  • No leaves on the vine

Chenkou Craft 10M Artificial Vine Fake

Chenkou Craft 10M Artificial Vine Fake Foliage...
  • Materials:Hemp
  • Color:Green
  • Quantity:10Metrs/package(Around 10.94yards)

The Chenkou craft vine is an unusual choice for an artificial vine, but the affordable product works well for smaller chameleons.

While many other vines use plastic outsides and wire insides, this vine, not originally designed for reptiles, is used entirely of natural hemp material.

It’s completely safe for chameleons and comes in 10 meters (10.9 yards) in length.

There is no wire, so it won’t hold up to heavy chameleons climbing on just the vine, but a smaller one will be fine.

Tie the vine from plant to plant or attach by some other means, and your small chameleon will climb it easily.

Alternatively, wrap the vine around a tree or other piece of furniture to add a more natural look.

Honestly, with this much material, it’s possible to do both!

The look of the vine is classic and natural, although close inspection will show its artificial nature.

Even so, the vines are craftily and artfully made to add for decorative purposes.

After all, this is what it was originally made for.

Pros For This Product:

  • All-natural materials
  • Very long and affordable
  • Great decorative look

Cons For This Product:

  • No wire for bending


We hope you enjoyed checking out our picks for the best artificial vines for chameleons.

These products all meet the requirements of tough, safe, and attractive.

Your pet will surely love any of these options, but now it’s up to you to decide which is the best fit.

Regardless of what you pick, you’re going to love watching them climb on the vines.

So enjoy the show!