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3 Best Bearded Dragon Water Fountains (Review)

Are you looking for some quality bearded dragon water fountains?

Do you want to make sure your bearded dragons stay hydrated?

Even though these are desert animals, they still need water, and they get this through their food and drinking. 

Hydration is vital for a healthy life, and dehydration causes many health problems. 

With this in mind, you may need some items to help your beardie along. 

Luckily, we looked through the options and found 3 of the best water fountains, dispensers, and waterfalls for bearded dragons.

bearded dragon drinking from a fountain

After comparing them, we believe the Zoo Med Reptile Reservoir is the best one.

The Zoo Med Reptile Reservoir is safe, easy-to-clean, electric-free, and carries a lot of water. All in all, it takes the burden of providing water off your hands and provides more than enough for your bearded dragon. 

Zoo Med Reptile Reservoir, 22 Oz
  • The width of the base helps keep the reservoir stable and upright to avoid tipping and spilling.
  • The reservoir holds 22-ounces of water and continuously dispenses it as your pet drinks.
  • Designed with an insect guard to keep insects and small lizards from entering the water bottle.
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Review Of The Best Bearded Dragon Water Fountains

bearded dragon water fountain

If you are interested in a water fountain for your bearded dragon, look no further.

We have done our research and come up with three of the best options for you.

Zoo Med Reptile Reservoir 22 oz.

Zoo Med Reptile Reservoir, 22 Oz
  • The width of the base helps keep the reservoir stable and upright to avoid tipping and spilling.
  • The reservoir holds 22-ounces of water and continuously dispenses it as your pet drinks.
  • Designed with an insect guard to keep insects and small lizards from entering the water bottle.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This water jug reservoir sits atop a broad base with a small basin for drinking.

It comes with an insect-safe guard between the jug and the basin, preventing crickets and other prey insects from contaminating the water supply.

The smaller basin size may also prevent your bearded dragon from defecating in their water bowl. 

While this technically might not be a waterfall or fountain, its jug feature will provide a regular supply of fresh water for your pet.

If you are concerned about your pet while you are on vacation, this makes a convenient option.

A reservoir ensures your pet will not be dehydrated while you are gone.

Plus, the lack of actual running water means you most likely will not have issues with humidity levels.

Like any water bowl, this will need to be cleaned regularly to prevent bacterial growth.


  • Water does not overflow
  • No electric setup needed, will not add to electricity costs
  • Base is large enough to soak in but small enough to prevent drowning
  • Don’t need to worry about running out of water, especially on vacation


  • No water movement, may have to drip water into the base to attract your pet’s attention
  • Will need frequent cleaning

Ninuo Reptile Water Dispenser

Ninuo Reptile Water Dispenser
  • 🦎 PROVIDE YOUR REPTILES WITH FRESH, CLEAN WATER continuously flowing from this water dripper dispenser that simulates a waterfall, to make your snake, turtle, lizard or amphibian feel in their natural habitat.
  • 🦎 GET OUT OF THE FUSS OF ADDING WATER: This automatic drinking water dispenser will supply your reptile with 1,000 milliliters of running water - enough for one week without you having to change the water!
  • 🦎 EASILY INSTALL IT ON YOUR PET’S TANK: Featuring strong suction cups on the bottom, our water bowl will safely stick on the glass surface of your reptile box, without risking to be tipped over by big reptiles.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This food-grade resin waterfall dispenser is made of nonporous material, which is easy to keep clean.

It comes with an adjustable 2.5-watt water pump and a carbon filter.

Strong suction cups on the sides and bottom make it easy to secure to your bearded dragon’s enclosure.

Buyers report the waterfall sounds of this particular water dispenser are quiet and nondisruptive.

Though it does not come with a soaking bowl, the gentle running water may entice your bearded dragon to drink.

Like all running water in a reptile enclosure, make sure you put it on the cold side. 

This dispenser holds a week’s worth of water, meaning you will not have to refill it as often.


  • Running water in a waterfall feature, naturalistic and quiet
  • Water is carbon-filtered and dechlorinated
  • Holds enough water for a week
  • Pump is low-wattage


  • No soaking bowl, will have to supplement with baths or have a separate water bowl
  • May be difficult to take apart for cleaning

Sunnydaze Aged Tree Trunk Tabletop Water Fountain

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

While not initially designed for reptile use, this naturalistic waterfall design has caught the eye of pet owners and bearded dragons alike.

Not only does it provide a beautiful running water feature for your pet’s enclosure, but it will also offer a climbing area and basking spot, adding to their mental stimulation.

The lower basin is only 2″ inches (5 cm) deep, making it a bit small for soaking, so you may need a separate dish.

This waterfall comes with LED lights, which you will have to turn off when it is time for your bearded dragon to sleep at night.

There is no plumbing setup required, just electrical.

You may need to adjust water and pump levels for appropriate water distribution.

Customers have reported severe leakage and splashing in some of these fountains.

Others have commented on the noise produced by the motor.

This is also a heavy item, weighing in at seven pounds, and it may not be suitable for your enclosure.

However, if it is, make sure you keep it on the cool side to not mess with the environment’s humidity.


  • Naturalistic design
  • Provides a climbing spot and more mental stimulation
  • Attractive LED lights


  • Reported problems with leaking and splashing
  • May have to adjust water and pump levels
  • Reported issues with a noisy motor

About Bearded Dragon Hydration

Why Isn’t My Bearded Dragon Drinking Water?

Bearded dragons don’t have an instinctive attraction to drinking out of a water bowl, as a dog or a cat would.

In the wild, bearded dragons get much of their hydration from the food they eat, only occasionally drinking water from a puddle or standing water source.

Standing to drink water is dangerous for a beardie, who needs to watch for predators.

Bearded dragons still need a fresh and clean water source in captivity.

Your pet may be more attracted to running water than stagnant water in a bowl.

If you are concerned about their low water intake, a fountain or waterfall may entice them to drink more. 

Another way to tempt a bearded dragon to drink is by putting a few drops of fruit juice, like strawberry or papaya, in their water bowls.

Misting them and their enclosure a few times a week with a spray bottle will mimic a rainfall event or dew in the wild, giving them a more natural water source.

encouraging bearded dragons to drink water

There should be moisture in the vegetables and fruit you feed your pet.

Misting their greens with extra water will also help with hydration.

This is why whatever source you have should be big and shallow enough to soak in without drowning.

What About Humidity?

Since a bearded dragon is a desert animal, the humidity levels in its enclosure should be lower than those for a leopard gecko or other tropical reptile or amphibian.

This is why some experts and owners argue a bearded dragon should not have a water fountain or waterfall, as constant running water in a reptile enclosure may increase humidity.

bearded dragon waterfall

High levels of humidity may cause a respiratory infection in a bearded dragon, as well as other health concerns.

If you commit to a water fountain, make sure you put it on the cold side of your bearded dragon’s enclosure.

Look out for symptoms of respiratory infection in your beardie, which include wheezing and a runny nose.

We have a guide on maintaining humidity levels in bearded dragon tanks to help you keep things in the correct range.

How Do I Keep My Bearded Dragon’s Water Clean?

You may be concerned about giving tap water to your reptile.

Tap water may have chlorine or other impurities which may harm your bearded dragon.

Ensure you are filtering or conditioning tap water with a reptile-safe water conditioner.

Clean and sanitize your beardie’s water dish regularly, especially if your beardie tends to defecate in their water.

It may go without saying but make sure to clean any new product for your pet before putting it into their enclosure.

How do I give My Bearded Dragon Baths?

bathing a bearded dragon in a sink

Make sure you supervise your beardie closely during bath time.

Heat the water to lukewarm, about 90 to 100° degrees Fahrenheit (32 to 37° C).

Make sure you do not overfill the tub or sink to prevent drowning.

You can use a toothbrush or a sponge to scrub your bearded dragon. Also, keep rubber gloves handy for icky situations.

Dry them quickly with a towel and get them back to their basking spots right away.

How Can I Tell If My Bearded Dragon Is Dehydrated?

Signs of dehydration include sticky saliva, wrinkled skin, decreased elasticity in the skin, and sunken eyes.

Though a bearded dragon is a desert animal, dehydration will still cause severe problems. These include impaction, kidney failure, weak muscles, and digestion problems.

But don’t worry; you can always rehydrate your bearded dragon.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Give your pet a bath.
  • Mist your bearded dragon’s tank walls and floor.
  • Drop an insect in the water bowl during feeding time.
  • Offer foods with high water content, like cucumbers, radishes, and celery.
  • Force feed water with a syringe (use this as your last resort).

How Can I Teach My Bearded Dragon To Drink Water?

There are a few ways to encourage a bearded dragon to drink.

Move the water in the bowl with your fingers, creating an attractive surface and motion.

Mist your hand and offer it for your beardie to drink from.

You may want to mist something positioned over your bearded dragon’s water bowl, which will drip and create motion.

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The Fountain of Hydration: Making the Right Choice

We hope this guide has helped you select the perfect bearded dragon water fountain.

When considering a waterfall or fountain, it is essential to remember the effects of running water on the humidity in your bearded dragon’s environment.

A bearded dragon does not need as much humidity as a tropical lizard might, and putting running water in a hot environment is a sure recipe for humidity.

It is also essential to pick something easy to clean and keep free of bacteria or mold.

A nonporous material is best.

There are other ways to make sure your beardie gets enough water, like misting them or their environment and giving them baths.

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