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100 Best Chameleon Names List (Badass, Female, Male, Cute)

Have you recently purchased a pet chameleon but still have no idea what to name it?

Naming pets is never easy, but naming chameleons is even harder.

Why? Chameleons are colorfully unique pets with special characteristics and personalities, and as you’ve probably discovered (since you’re on the hunt for the best chameleon names), they require something a bit more creative and original than your traditional pet names.

Below is a list of the 100 best chameleon names separated into five different categories. From male and female to cute and badass, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your new scaly friend.

best chameleon names

Female Chameleon Names

1. Elly– A spin on the traditional spelling, but pronounced the same way

2. Meg– Short and sweet (also the girl on Family Guy)

3. Cameo– A feminine-sounding variation to chameleon

4. Crissy– Perfect for a small, sweet-tempered chameleon 

5. Eve– This name makes you think of leafy, green nature–perfect for a chameleon

6. Ivy– Another nature name great for a female chameleon

7. Lizzy– An excellent name for any female lizard

8. Izzy– Similiar to Lizzy, but with a little more sass

9. Skye– A great choice if your chameleon has some blue on her

10. Zoe– It’s not only short and cute, but the “Z” goes perfectly with lizards

11. Karma– Exotic and fun, just like your female chameleon 

12. Pixie– For the chameleon who thinks she’s a princess 

13. Luna– An ancient Roman mythological name for the moon

14. Lola– Another “L” name perfect for your favorite female chameleon

15. Kona– A Hawaiian name meaning “lady”

16. Leia– An ancient Greek name meaning “relaxed”

17. Poppy– There’s nothing cuter than Princess Poppy in Trolls (and with her ability to change colors, it’s the perfect name for your chameleon!)

18. Koda– Short for “Lakota,” this Native American name means “friend”

19. Frankie– A perfect name for your plucky female chameleon

20. Mila– A sweet-sounding Slovic name meaning “dear” or “gracious”

Fun Fact: Chameleons don’t only change color to blend in the environment; they also do it according to their mood. Plus, some tones help chameleons regulate their body temperature.

Chameleon Changing Color

A Chameleon changes color out in the wild of Madagascar. This lizard walks along a branch and sticks out his tongue, changing from red to pink to green to yellow and blue.

Male Chameleon Names

21. Dax– It’s cute like Max, but doesn’t sound cliche

22. Bruce– For the dignified male chameleon

23. Atlas– For the chameleon who loves to go places

24. Tony– If you say it the right way, he’s from Italy

25. Charlie– For the chameleon who thinks he’s a cat

26. Yoshi– The cute green dinosaur from the video game

27. Julio– Pronounce the “j” like “h,” and you’ve got an intriguing chameleon on your hands

28. Leon– “L” names are always a good choice for lizards

29. Rexy– A cute spin on the dinosaur species

30. Triceratops– For your Trioceros chameleon

31. Scott– For The Office enthusiast pet-owner

32. Milo– A strong-sounding name dating back to ancient Greek times

33. Zeus– Another ancient Greek name to set your chameleon apart

34. Gus– A perfect name for reptile pets never going out of style

35. Finn– A fun name perfect for a chameleon with some blue coloring (think shark fins and the ocean)

36. Samson– A masculine-sounding name shouting “super-power strength”

37. Marley– Names ending in “ey” are always great choices for pets 

38. Mario– Like the character from the beloved Nintendo racing game 

39. Dexter– Names with an “X” stand out from the crowd–  just like your chameleon

40. Sir-Hides (a-lot)– For the chameleon liking to lay low

Pro Tip: Male veiled chameleons can get a bit feisty and territorial, even giving a good hiss or a nibble to anyone they see as an intruder – including you. So, if you’re aiming for a laid-back pet, get a female chameleon.

beautiful chameleon in his natural habitat

Badass Chameleon Names

41. Shredder–a name saying, “this is a lizard you don’t want to mess with!”

42. Blackbeard– A perfect name for your bearded leaf chameleon 

43. Panther – What’s a better name than that for a Panther chameleon?

44. Tiger– A fierce-sounding name for your striped pet

45. Xena– A warrior princess from the 1995 TV show and comic books

46. Crush– A strong name for your independent pet

47. Digger– Perfect for a mischievous chameleon

48. Dynamite– For the chameleon full of surprises 

49. Raptor– A type of lizard doubling as a badass name

50. Bandit– For the sneaky chameleon

51. Spike– This name pays homage to your chameleon’s fierce-looking spikes 

52. Harley– Can’t you picture your chameleon in black leather, straddling a motorcycle?

53. Tank– A bold name perfect for larger chameleons

54. Thor– If you’re going for fierce, name your chameleon after the hammer-wielding Norse god

55. Vader– Your chameleon doesn’t have to be on “the dark side” to pull off this badass name

56. Hercules– Name your pet after the Roman god known for his super strength 

57. Slash– Cute but fearless, your chameleon is not messing around

58. Storm– A strong name for both female and male chameleons

59. Nemesis– In Classical Mythology, Nemesis is the goddess of divine retribution

60. Loch– This name calls up images of Gaelic lakes and sea monsters 

cute colorful chameleon chilling on a branch

Cute Chameleon Names

61. Ace– For the chameleon who’s the ace of all pets

62. Boo– Because he’s your boo 

63. Bean– A popular nickname great for chameleons

64. Bo– Sounds like a cowboy lizard from an old cartoon 

65. Camo– For the chameleon flaunting his camouflage

66. Candy– For your oh-so-sweet chameleon 

67. Coco– You can’t help but use your pet baby voice when you say this name

68. Dippy– A spunky name for your male or female chameleon

69.  Dip’n’Dot– Because chameleons are to traditional pets, what dip ‘n’ dots are to regular ice cream–way more fun!

70. Diva– A perfect name for a spoiled female chameleon 

71. Doc– Who doesn’t want to greet their chameleon with a “what’s up, Doc?”

72. Dot– Perfect for a small, colorful chameleon

73. Junebug– For the chameleon just so tiny and cute

74. Linus– A cute and quirky name perfect for chameleons

75. Marti– This name is cute on male or female chameleons

76. Nugs– Short for “nugget,” this name is ideal for a small chameleon

77. Taco– Can’t you picture him wearing a mini sombrero? 

78. Trix– Another “x” name with sass and spirit

79. Yoda– Because baby Yoda is the cutest

80. Zeek– An adorable name for a spirited male chameleon

Bonus Info: Panther chameleons are the most colorful camo artists out there. If colorful = cute for you, get a Panther chamey!

Famous Chameleon Names

81. Rango– From the movie where Johnny Depp is a chameleon

82. 007– For the chameleon as cool as James Bond

83. Abe– A classic name saluting the 16th President of the USA

84. Elvis– Why not name your rock-star chameleon after “The King”?

85. Jolie– If your chameleon loved Maleficent, she’d want you to name her after its star actress

86. Khan– After the great Mongol Emperor himself

87. Elton– A great name for the music-loving chameleon

88. Winfrey– Want your chameleon to have strong female role models? She won’t need any if you name her after Oprah 

89. Nat– King Cole would be proud to have a chameleon namesake

90. Nicki– This one’s an obvious choice if your chameleon likes rap music 

91. Chameleon Cabello– A pun on the Cuban-American singer and actress’ name 

92. Rambo– If your chameleon is a tough fighter, this is the name for him

93. Bruce Lee– For the chameleon hiding secret martial-art skills

94. Simba– This favorite Disney character’s name evokes strength and pride

95. Anakin– Another one for Star Wars fans, Anakin is Skywalker’s first name

96. Pascal– After the famous French mathematician, inventor, and physicist

97. Bilbo– The furry-footed Hobbit hero from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings 

98. Leon– A great chameleon name, even before the American actor and singer made it famous 

99. Charmander– This adorable Pokemon species on the Nintendo game can set its tail ablaze

100. Reptar– He’s a green T. Rex from the TV series Rugrats

Naming Your Color-Changing Companion – The Ultimate List

A chameleon’s color-changing ability is truly remarkable. And it’s one reason why these fascinating creatures are popular as pets. 

If you’ve brought home a beautiful color wizard, you must be wondering what to call him. 

Thanks to this list, you now have 100 creative names for your pet chameleon

Whether he’s a tough guy who likes to keep it to himself or a stunning girl who prefers hanging out with you, pick a name that suits your pet’s personality. Trust us, they will appreciate it! 

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