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Best Place To Buy Bearded Dragons Online

Would you like to become a bearded dragon owner?

Are you already an experienced owner but want to expand your collection with a specific morph?

Online shopping is here to stay with good reason.

By shopping online, you get access to the products of many specific varieties you can’t always find in person.

But as with all online shopping, when it comes to buying a bearded dragon online, you need to be careful.

We’re here to keep you and your pet safe and guide you to the best place to buy bearded dragons online.

The best places to buy bearded dragons online are from experienced breeders. They often have websites and social media pages available to determine if they’re legitimate, and they are experienced in shipping these reptiles in a healthy way.

Read on for more details on how to buy a bearded dragon online.

4 Ways To Tell If An Online Store Is A Good Place To Buy

There are many online places to find bearded dragons to buy, but are they all credible?

Probably not.

However, the use of these four qualifications can determine if a place is safe enough to use.

Or just look at our next section for some safe picks.

Here’s one company we highly recommend that sells reptiles.

#1 Name Recognition

As simple as this, if you recognize the names of the online shop, chances are it’s more reputable.

This goes for big-name chain shops such as Petco or online shopping platforms such as Craigslist.

If you’ve been into bearded dragons for a while, you may notice some stores and breeders being mentioned as recommended places to use.

Pro-tip: Check if an online store has been mentioned on any forums.

#2 Breeders

Online stores are more trustworthy if they share information about their breeders.

The more they share, the better they are, usually.

Doing simple searches on the website about how long the site has been in the business is helpful.

#3 Detailed Shipping Information

One of the most important aspects of online shopping for a pet is how the business handles shipping.

Good stores go into detail on how they ensure the health and safety of the bearded dragon during transport.

#4 Standard And Official Payment Methods

The other big issue with online purchasing from unique websites is how financial information is potentially stolen.

A well-established site will provide suitable payment methods often involving major credit cards and/or PayPal.

best place to buy bearded dragons online

5 Places To Buy A Bearded Dragon

In this section, we’ll look at five common and good choices for where to buy a bearded dragon online.

The shortlist below are all great places to get a new pet but if you’re looking for a more exhaustive list of bearded dragon breeders check out our other post.

#1 Petco

This is the first place many go when thinking about buying a new pet.

Petco does carry bearded dragons.

When you go to Petco, you’ll notice it says they aren’t available for online sales.

This is technically true, but if you want to go with a trustworthy website, there is a workaround.

What you’ll need to do is search for stores around your area.

Then look for bearded dragons at these stores.

When you find one you want, call the store and ask about their beardies.

Finally, purchase and reserve the beardy for you to come and pick up.

How much does a bearded dragon cost at Petco?

The cost ranges from $30 – $60.

#2 Craigslist

Craigslist may not seem very reputable, and in some cases, it’s not.

But, you will be put into contact with breeders and others who own bearded dragons in your area. 

This may be better because buying online avoids the shipping problem.

If someone is shipping a pet to you, make sure they’re experienced in doing so, or the reptile may die.

Whenever shopping on Craigslist, be sure to follow their recommendations for safe purchasing as the platform is too large to regulate tightly.

#3 Atomic Lizard Ranch

Atomic Lizard Ranch is an Arizona-based breeder with almost 30 years of experience and positive reviews on breeding, selling, and shipping bearded dragons.

Their site is easy-to-use and offers access to other approved breeders, supplies, and information you may find helpful.

They offer many types of morphs for sale and have experience with shipping safely.

On the downside, the prices for these bearded dragons are much higher than finding one at a pet store.

But the reptiles are healthy, and they’ll arrive safely.

#4 Reptile City

Reptile City is another excellent place to buy bearded dragons online.

This company is based out of Texas and provides supplies and care advice for all reptiles.

Because these groups are so experienced in selling and shipping bearded dragons, expect them to reach you safely and in healthy form.

Bearded dragons at Reptile City only come in the standard what-you-see-is-what-you-get form.

They don’t specialize in fancies or morphs.

Still, their beardies are healthy and relatively reasonable in price.

Currently, they are available for around $70.

#5 Underground Reptiles

Despite the name, Underground Reptiles is a quality source for finding a bearded dragon online. 

On this website, there are many kinds of reptiles, including morph bearded dragons.

They can sell these bearded dragons at reasonable prices from $45 – $400 depending on the morph and color of the dragon.

The bearded dragons you get come from a variety of breeders through Underground Reptiles.

As such, they don’t always have every morph available; it depends on what is available at the time.

This store is an excellent place to buy any reptile online.

These animals are shipped safely, and the transactions go through official channels such as:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover


We hope you now go shopping online with confidence for beardies because you know the best places to buy bearded dragons online.

As long as you stick with a reputable site, you should be able to get your new pet shipped or picked up safely.

And if you’re someone looking to sell a bearded dragon we have a post on places to sell bearded dragons to give you some options.

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