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Where Can I Sell My Bearded Dragon: Your Options

Did you end up with a pregnant bearded dragon without realizing it?

Do you want to get into the breeding game?

Are you wondering, “Where can I sell my bearded dragon?”

The best places to sell your bearded dragon are pet stores, breeders, or an online posting service.

Read on for more info on these places and how to ship a bearded dragon.

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Places To Sell A Bearded Dragon

There are many places to sell a bearded dragon, but you need to look for a reputable one.

Some keep a portion of your profit or make you pay a fee to sell through them.

This section looks at the different options to choose from and any pitfalls you may want to avoid with specific groups.

The Bearded Dragon

This website is dedicated to providing a safe place to sell and buy bearded dragons.

You have to create an account to join and then create a listing for the bearded dragon.

Once it’s approved (it usually takes 24 hours), the posting is up on their website for anyone to see.

After a purchase is agreed to with someone, it’s up to you to ship the reptile correctly (see below).

Even so, many buyers won’t trust you to ship the bearded dragon safely unless you’re an established breeder.

Currently, the site is free to use and register for, although they say this may change at any time.

Getting payment is up to the method you prefer.

The site advises AGAINST giving bank account information and suggests using a secure third party (such as PayPal).

You can visit the site here.


Post your bearded dragon on Craigslist or another similar service.

Craigslist has access to many users, so your chances of reaching a larger audience are greater if you use this service.

However, due to the sheer volume of postings on the site, they can’t police people who abuse the system.

Avoid being taken advantage of by exchanging cash or check in person and not through mail or electronic service.

Pro-tip: If the idea of meeting someone in person frightens you, always meet in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant or police station.

In my area, police stations encourage people selling things (including pets) to exchange in their parking lots.

Posting on Craigslist is free, but some areas may have fees.

It’s also worth noting if you pay an ad fee, your posting gets moved up in buyers’ feeds.

PetCo/PetSmart/Local Pet Stores

Some pet stores can be worked with to sell your bearded dragons too.

If you’re trying to sell one bearded dragon, this may not work.

But if you’re a breeder or trying to get into the breeding game, talking to your local pet stores may end up in a good arrangement for selling bearded dragons.

Often, pets at these stores go quickly, and you’re paid much quicker as well.

However, the pet store also needs to make a profit, so expect a hefty cut taken out of the sales price.

Most people who make money selling through pet stores breed many bearded dragons (including morphs) to get their profits up.

This requires a lot of equipment and time on your part as well.

If you’re trying to get rid of your pet because you have to move to a place where you cannot keep reptiles, try to negotiate with a pet store about surrendering the pet.

Check out our article on places to buy bearded dragons online since some of them will allow you to list yours for sale.

Find A Breeder

Another great option is to find a breeder in your area.

This is done by checking different sites or, better yet, asking your vet.

If you find a breeder, they can guide you in the best ways to sell your pet locally.

Or they may even buy it off your hands (especially if it’s a morph of some kind).

Unless your beardy is a super-rare morph, don’t expect to make a lot of money from this kind of transaction.

Post On Forums

A quick search of the internet can show you any number of pet, reptile, and bearded dragon-related forums out there.

Most of these forums allow you to post selling listings for your pets for free.

The downside of going through these is how unregulated these sites are.

You may find someone right away, but they could be a scammer.

Pro-tip: Protect yourself by limiting the amount of personal information you give out, meeting in a public place, and getting cash or check for payment. 

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How To Ship A Bearded Dragon?

If you have found a buyer in the local area, it’s best to do the exchange in person if possible.

If you’re unable to, you need to know how to ship a bearded dragon safely.

The safest way to go about this is to use a professional shipping company that gives you great guidelines on safety.

Use a firm box with ventilated holes and insulated foam sides.

You can read our post on the best insulation for bearded dragon vivariums for some options.

Use a heat pack only if the daytime high temperature is under 70° degrees Fahrenheit (21° C).

If you do use a heat pack, tape it to the lid of the box.

Also, take into consideration how long the bearded dragon will be without heat.

Use newspaper to create a nest completely covering the bearded dragon.

Note: Bearded dragons shouldn’t be shipped until they’re at least six months old.

Check out this video for more information.

How-To Ship Your Reptiles!

How-To Ship Your Reptiles!


We hope you learned where you could sell your bearded dragon.

Find a pet store, breeder, or place online.

Any of them are good options if you take care to protect yourself from scammers.

If you have to ship your bearded dragon, make sure to do it properly by using an insulated, ventilated box with a newspaper nest.

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