Can Corn Snakes Live Together? (What Happens?)

Your corn snake is so docile and will even let you handle him.

But how well will he put up with living with another corn snake?

Can 2 corn snakes live together?

In this article, we’ll reveal what really happens when you house them together.

Key Takeaway:

Corn snakes are solitary animals in the wild. They hunt, eat, and sleep alone. Female and male corn snakes only come together during mating season. To avoid aggression and cannibalism, keep your corn snakes in separate enclosures.

Why is the corn snake such a solitary animal? And how can you make two corn snakes comfortable if you have no choice but to house them together?

We’ll be discussing the answers to these questions and more coming up next in this article.

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2 corn snakes with their heads outside a rock

Can Corn Snakes Live Together?

You love your corn snake so much that you just can’t wait to get another. After all, double the corn snakes means double the fun!

But is it a good idea to keep two corn snakes together?

Next, we’re going to learn more about how well corn snakes live together and what you can do to ensure your corn snakes are happy and healthy.

Let’s slide right into it!

Can You Keep 2 Corn Snakes Together?

Corn snakes are extremely docile pets when they are on their own. So you might presume that one snake will get along just fine with another.

Or will it? Can you put two corn snakes together?

It is not a good idea to keep two corn snakes together. In the wild, corn snakes live a solitary life and prefer to live alone in captivity too.

How Many Corn Snakes Can Live Together?

Corn snakes are very obedient animals.

But is keeping two corn snakes together a good idea?

You must only keep one snake in your vivarium. Corn snakes are not social animals; they like their own space.

Each corn snake you have must live in its own enclosure. Make sure you set up the enclosure properly so he feels comfortable.

The only time a female corn snake will come into the habitat of a male snake is during its breeding season. Other than that, a corn snake will live alone for its entire life.

Female corn snakes do not even stick around with their babies. These snakes will abandon their own eggs before they hatch.

After they hatch, the young corn snakes will go their separate ways and fend for themselves. Only a few of the hatchlings will survive into adulthood because of the predators they have to face.

Why Are Corn Snakes Solitary Creatures?

Corn snakes will spend their whole lives alone, only coming together during mating season. Here are a couple of reasons why they are like this.

  • Wild corn snakes do not live together. They hunt, eat, and sleep alone.
  • When you put two corn snakes in the same enclosure, they feel stressed.
  • Housing one snake with another can result in cannibalism.
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Housing Corn Snakes Together

Corn snakes are not social creatures; they like to live alone. If you have no choice but to house your corn snakes in the same enclosure, you must ensure they remain happy and healthy.

How can you do so?

Take a look at the following guide that will help you when housing snakes together.

Corn Snake Pairs

When keeping corn snakes in the same tank, you must consider the sex of the animals. Keeping a male corn snake with a female in the same enclosure could result in unexpected breeding.

Unexpected breeding is often fatal in younger snakes when they are not quite ready to mate.

Same-sex pairs can have negative outcomes. Keeping two males in each other’s company can result in aggressive behavior, especially during mating season.

Two female corn snakes in the same vivarium are less likely to fight. Female snakes might get on better if they have known each other for a long time and if they are roughly the same size and age.

Even still, you must keep a close eye on them and remove the more dominant snake at the first sign of bullying.

Housing Two Corn Snakes In One Vivarium

If your corn snakes cannot be housed separately, you must ensure they have enough space and hiding places.The tank must be big enough for the corn snakes to move about freely.

They must have separate branches and rocks to climb on.

Keep each hiding space on opposite ends of the tank. This will ensure the two corns can have some privacy and time away from one another where they will feel safe.

Feeding Two Snakes

Corn snakes can turn aggressive and competitive when it comes to food. They can attack and harm one another for a meal.

When this happens, the weaker, smaller snake will be in danger. He may even stop eating altogether.

How can you make meal times a success with two corn snakes in one cage?

Follow these instructions.

  • When it is time to feed the two snakes, you must take one out of the enclosure.
  • Once both snakes have finished what they had to eat, put them back together.
  • Put one water bowl for each snake in the cage.

Keeping Two Corn Snakes Healthy

There are many diseases corn snakes can develop. If one corn snake gets ill, it can quickly pass on its illness to the other snake.

Inclusion body disease, for example, is highly contagious among snakes. If one snake develops symptoms of the disease, you must quickly separate it from the other corn snake.

You must keep the corn snakes separately until the diseased snake has finished its treatment and completely recovered.

Another difficulty when you house corn snakes together is that they can develop parasites. These will quickly spread to the other snake in the enclosure if you do not put them in separate tanks fast enough.

You must keep an eye on the health of the two snakes, separate them, and take them to the vet at any sign of health issues.

Bicephalic Corn Snakes

A bicephalic corn snake is a two-headed snake. These are rare and do not have high survival rates in the wild.

Housing a bicephalic corn snake is just as problematic as housing two snakes in one enclosure, as the heads can attack one another, often over the food they eat.

2 corn snakes

Keeping Happy, Healthy Corn Snakes

Corn snakes are beautiful, docile creatures. Because they are so tame on their own, we might think they will be just as placid with a cage mate.

But, can corn snakes live together?

This article has helped us to see the risks involved when you keep two corn snakes in the same enclosure. Snakes prefer to live alone as they are solitary animals in the wild.

If you want to have two corn snakes, it is best you purchase two enclosures.

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