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How Big Do Panther Chameleons Get (Size Guide)

Are you thinking of purchasing a panther chameleon but aren’t sure it will be a good fit in your home?

Do you want to make sure you have the room to house a chameleon?

If you are interested in becoming a panther chameleon owner, you might ask:

How big do panther chameleons get?

Male panther chameleons will grow between 12″ and 18″ inches once they reach maturity, while females will be slightly smaller, reaching 10″ to 14″ inches as adults.

Keep reading this article for more information about the size of a mature panther chameleon.

how big do panther chameleons get

Size Of Panther Chameleons

Panther chameleons are a popular species of chameleon taken in as pets.

It is good to know how big they can grow before adding one of these brightly colored chameleons to your home.

The gender of the animal first and foremost determines the size of a panther chameleon.

Male panther chameleons will grow larger than their female counterparts, reaching sizes between 12″ and 18″ inches.

Some male panther chameleons have been growing up to 22″ inches, but this is not typical.

Once they reach maturity, female panther chameleons will measure approximately 10″ to 14″ inches in length.

In the wild, these lengths will differ slightly, but the difference is relatively insignificant. 

How Much Will A Panther Chameleon Weigh When It Reaches Maturity?

Again, panther chameleons will differ based on gender, with males outweighing the females, but not by much.

Male panther chameleons weigh in at an average of 140 and 180 grams.

When you convert grams to ounces, this means your male chameleon might only weigh as much as 5 ounces when it is full-grown.

Females, just like with length, will be much more slender, weighing between 60 and 100 grams or two to three and a half ounces.

Your chameleon will reach these sizes once they are full-grown at about the age of a year old.

Does Size Have An Impact On How Big Of A Cage I Need?

When you are doing your research and trying to figure out if you want to commit to any pet, let alone a chameleon, you will need to realize the size of your pet will directly relate to how big of an enclosure it will need.

There are many different species of chameleons in the world, and while only a handful will make a good pet, they still range a bit in their size.

It is extremely important to select the correct size cage for your chameleon.

Doing so will ensure they have a good quality of life with an enclosure they can enjoy.

Their environment plays such an integral role in their stress level, and these animals are easily stressed.

The more stressed a chameleon is, the shorter their life cycle.

Smaller chameleons will require a smaller cage, and larger chameleons will, in turn, require a larger cage.

As your chameleon grows from a baby to adulthood, you will need to look at adjusting the cage, so it grows with your animal.

Baby Chameleon Cage Size

Baby chameleons should have a cage measuring 16x16x29in up to 18x18x36 (length, width, height).

If you have anything bigger and the young chameleons will likely have trouble catching their food.

Males will do better in the larger size cage as they are bigger and grow quickly.

If you are breeding chameleons, it is common to have multiple babies in one enclosure.

This is a significant reason why you will want to avoid having too small of a cage.

Juveniles To Adult Chameleon Cage Size

As your chameleon grows, the size of their cage will need to grow with them.

Juvenile chameleons will need to graduate to a cage measuring at least 18x18x36.

When your chameleon is close to its maturity, we recommend a cage measuring a minimum of 2x2x3ft, but bigger is better.

There is a little wiggle room when it comes to the size of the enclosure, especially if you have a female over a male.

Adult female chameleons can be placed in a cage measuring 18x18x36in,  but again giving the animal some extra space to move around really isn’t a bad thing.

We have a post on how fast chameleons grow if you’re interested in knowing how long you have before your reptile reaches a particular size.

Housing Chameleons

Remember, only baby chameleons can be housed together in the same cage.

Once they mature, you will need to separate the animals, as they are incredibly territorial and very antisocial.

In the wild, panther chameleons do not live in groups and only come in contact with each other to breed.

Captive panther chameleons have not lost this deeply ingrained trait and do not want to be around other members of their species.

Never house more than one chameleon in the same cage, and don’t put the cages next to each other unless you put a visible barrier between them.

If they can see the other chameleon, they will not understand there is a barrier between them, and the proximity will cause stress and aggression in your animals.

Males will want to fight other males and display their dominance in an attempt to maintain their territory.

In captivity, like in the wild, only bring a male and female chameleon together if you are trying to breed them, but be sure to watch for their signals to make sure they are willing.

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Panther chameleons have become a very popular choice when it comes to pet chameleons.

These Madagascar natives will reach maturity at a year old, with males growing to sizes of 12 to 18 inches, weighing 140 to 180 grams.

Females tend to be smaller than the males of their species, measuring in at 10 to 14 inches in length and weighing just 60 to 100 grams.

It is important to understand just how big a chameleon, or any animal, will get before you decide to bring one into your home.

After reading this article, we hope you better understand the mature size of a panther chameleon.

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