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How To Play With Your Leopard Gecko

Are you just itching to get to know your leopard gecko better?

Have you seen the animal moving around the tank, but want to learn more about how to interact with your pet?

Leopard geckos are an excellent choice for a pet, but sometimes you might want to engage with the animal, which will make you wonder:

How can I play with my leopard gecko?

When playing with your leopard gecko, set up a gecko-proofed area, and allow your pet to explore. Set up an obstacle course for the animal to crawl through or over and climb. Also, introduce “toys” for your gecko to play with during these sessions.

Playing with your gecko is a fun experience for both of you.

Read on for everything you need to know to play with your leopard gecko.

how to play with your leopard gecko

How To Play With Your Leopard Gecko

Playing with your leopard gecko is a great way to interact with the animal, and there are a few ways to do this.

From toys to an obstacle course to just letting the animal explore you or the environment outside of their tank, you are providing a fun and safe experience.

First, you will need to set up a gecko-proofed area to ensure the animal does not escape and has a safe space to play where it will not be injured.

This could be a box or a bin, or an area in a room you set up with soft barriers to prevent an escape.

Also, be sure to close all doors or windows to prevent drafts from reaching your Leo.


Playtime doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but can just be giving you leopard gecko some time to explore you or an area outside of their enclosure.

These are curious and active creatures who enjoy exploring, so let them.

They are likely to climb on your body and find a warm spot to settle.

Exploring an empty room or a bed is another way to play.

They will find new places to crawl and explore, but be sure you are keeping a close eye on the Leo, or you could risk losing it.

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Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are another great way to provide a fun and entertaining playtime for your leopard gecko.

To set up an obstacle course, grab a large box or bin, and place “obstacles” inside.

Your obstacles might be paper towel tubes or small boxes, even small old toys or wooden blocks.

If your box or bin is large enough, add small trees or plants for climbing.

These things will allow your gecko to crawl through or climb on as they explore.

Adding different items will give the obstacle course a unique look, and with a variety of things, you can change it every time.

Arrange the items in a way your leopard gecko will have to work through the course by climbing or moving through them.

Again, these animals are so curious, so having the obstacle course is going to provide stimulation and excitement for your leopard gecko.

Gecko Carnival

A gecko carnival is a similar concept to the obstacle course.

Like with the obstacle course, you will add toys like the paper towel rolls and small boxes, to the bin or box you are using.

In this case, you aren’t trying to set them up in such a way that your gecko follows a course from one area to another.

Think of this as giving the Leo an opportunity for just some free, unstructured playtime.

You will be able to watch your pet climb and crawl through certain areas and even jump from climbing perches.

You might even catch your leopard gecko rolling around the space inside the paper towel or toilet paper tubes.

A gecko carnival can give you a better idea of what kinds of toys your pet is going to prefer and may even help you set up a better obstacle course.

Getting Your Leopard Gecko To Trust You

Playing with your leopard gecko doesn’t come instantly, but after a little time spent gaining their trust and building a relationship, the playtime will come.

Building trust is challenging, especially because leopard geckos are going to be a bit more independent than your everyday dog and cat house pets.

One of the first things you can easily do is to talk to your leopard gecko.

While this might sound silly, hearing your voice and recognizing it is a great way to get them used to you.

Start by entering the room, getting on their level, peek in the tank from the size and say hello.

Like many other reptiles, these animals have a great sense of hearing, and after some time, they will recognize you when you speak.

Spend some time in the room watching them, just getting them used to your presence and smells.

Once you have been doing this for a while, start putting your hand in the cage, but don’t rush it or force this on your gecko.

If you notice the leopard gecko getting agitated with your hand in the tank, be cautious and give them time.

Eventually, they will come and check you out.

Once you have developed trust, your gecko should let you pick it up, but always respect the animal and be aware of the signals they are giving you.

They will let you know when they are ready to go back to their tank.

With a little time and patience, you will quickly build trust with your leopard gecko.


Playing with your leopard gecko is a great way to learn about their personality, and it can provide both of you with entertainment.

Keep in mind, playing doesn’t have to be an extremely involved time, with millions of toys, but if you do opt for playtime with toys, they don’t have to be anything fancy or expensive.

Just ensure your pet is safe and when it is ready to return to the tank, make sure you do so.

While you’re here you may enjoy learning why your leopard gecko stares at you.

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