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How To Tame A Leopard Gecko In 6 Easy Steps

Have you heard about taming a leopard gecko, but you don’t know what it is?

Do you want your pet to enjoy interacting with you?

The process of getting a pet used to you is an important one.

Even if you’re the type of owner who doesn’t interact physically with your gecko often, you’ll need to do this on occasion.

The more accustomed to you, the less stressful every interaction will be.

This entire process is called taming. It may seem complicated, but it’s pretty simple if you know how.

This is why we made this guide for taming a leopard gecko.

Taming a leopard gecko takes time and patience. Start by letting the gecko get used to your hand and scent and then begin to handle it more and more over time. Be patient and stick with short periods.

Look ahead for more details on this general idea.

how to tame a leopard gecko

How To Tame A Leopard Gecko In 6 Easy Steps

This section tells you how to tame your leopard with simple steps.

There may be variations in these instructions depending on the person, but all the core ideas (see below) remain the same.

  • Move slowly
  • Never surprise the gecko
  • Handle for short periods
  • Keep the gecko secure and safe in your hands
  • Never pick it up by the tail
  • Always wash your hands before and after

#1 Leave Your Hand In The Tank

taming a leopard gecko

First, you need to get the leopard gecko used to your scent.

The best way to do this is to start by putting your hand in the tank near the leopard gecko for short periods.

When you do this, make sure your hands move slowly and are always visible to the reptile (don’t come from behind).

Start farther away from the gecko and gradually move closer.

5-10 minutes throughout the day goes a long way with getting this process started.

Note: If you see the gecko run and hide or, worse, attack, take your hand out and do this again later.

#2 Stroke Them Gently And Slowly

stroking a leopard gecko

Once they seem used to your presence, the next logical step is to get them accustomed to being touched.

Move your hand closer (and in front of them) and begin to gently stroke them.

Start at the head and move down their backs or bellies.

Don’t pinch or grab at anything, as this will make them panic.

#3 Feed By Hand

feeding leopard gecko by hand

At the same time, as in the previous step, you may build a stronger bond and speed along the taming process by feeding them by hand.

This is, of course, if you’re comfortable handling the insects they eat.

Hold the insect by the very tip and offer it to the gecko.

The gecko will grab at it (quite quickly!) and eat the food.

By doing this, it’s associating your scent positively with things it likes and needs.

In this case, this is food!

Gecko bites don’t hurt much (or at all in most cases), so don’t worry about this.

However, be careful you don’t jerk your hand back when feeding.

The quick motion may startle the leopard gecko.

Now, you may be accidentally enforcing negative instincts with your scent.

#4 Handle Your Leopard Gecko

Once they don’t react much to your hand, it’s time to pick them up a little.

Keep your hand(s) slow and in front of them.

Scoop underneath their body (never the tail) and support their weight.

Use your second hand to provide a broader foundation for them to crawl on.

At first, they won’t like you placing your second hand over the top of them to secure them.

Keep your hands low until the gecko doesn’t struggle or attempt an escape.

Beginning with 5-7 minutes once per day, pick them up gently and let them get used to being handled.

Increase this by a couple of minutes over weeks until they’re at 15 minutes at a time.

We don’t recommend going beyond this time limit because you never know when they’ll get so stressed they drop their tails or go for an escape.

Over time, start to place your second hand over their body.

Once they’re used to this, feel free to take them places and explore other areas of their surroundings.

Keep a close eye on them! These little guys spoke easy and ran faster than you’d think.

#5 Hand Walking

Another handling tactic to use is called hand walking.

Placing your hands next to one another, encourage the gecko to walk from hand to hand.

Keep your hands low while doing this, and move at the gecko’s pace.

They like the feeling of exploring and climbing. It’s good exercise!

This may be a sign of fear if they start to sprint.

Take your cues from the reptile. They’ll tell you what they’re comfortable with.

#6 Be Patient

The process will take time, and you shouldn’t do these steps within a week.

Move gradually, going only a few minutes at a time.

This table may help you better visualize the process:

Week Action And Time (Daily)
Week 1 Hand in the tank 5-7 minutes at a time once per day. Gradually get closer.
Week 2 Stroke the gecko/hand in the tank for 7-10 minutes daily. Feed from hand on meal days.
Week 3 Pick up the gecko (low) for 5-7 minutes.
Week 4 Pick up the gecko (low-medium) for 7-10 minutes.
Week 5 Pick up the gecko (medium height) for 10-15 minutes. Hand walking may begin.
Week 6 Pick up the gecko (second hand on top) for 10-15 minutes. Hand walking as well.
Week 7 Handle gecko for up to 15 minutes and explore. Hand walking as well.

This is only an example of how the process may go. Take your cues from the pet and adjust the speed to match its needs.

How To Tame A Baby Leopard Gecko

This process works better and faster if you start when the geckos are babies.

The steps are the same, although we recommend waiting until they’re bigger to carry them to many places.

As they age, the taming process will stick better overall, and they’ll be less likely to get stressed by you in most situations.

Learn about how to take care of a baby leopard gecko.

how long it will take to tame the baby leopard gecko?

If you’re planning on taming a baby leopard gecko, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, it’s important to understand that it can take some time; usually a few weeks to a few months to get your gecko comfortable with you. But don’t worry, patience and consistency are key! 

For starters, try spending some time near your gecko’s enclosure so it can get used to your presence. Then, gradually introduce your hand without trying to pick it up or handle it. Using tongs to hand-feed your gecko can also help create positive associations. 

When your gecko starts to feel more comfortable around you, you can begin gentle handling, but be sure to move at your gecko’s pace and increase duration over time. It’s important to be patient and not rush the process. And if you encounter any difficulties along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to a reptile veterinarian or an experienced keeper for guidance.


We hope you enjoyed learning how to tame a leopard gecko.

The process isn’t tricky; it just takes time.

Give them patience and stick with it.

In a short amount of time, they’ll come to get excited by your presence, and you’ll be able to have beautiful interactions with your pet.

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