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Where To Sell Your Leopard Gecko Or Donate

Some leopard gecko owners find themselves in a situation where they have more reptiles than they can care for properly.

The most common reason for this is because new, often inexperienced leo keepers fall in love with their new pet and decide to become a breeder. 

These leopard gecko owners may not realize the amount of responsibility breeding entails and quickly become overwhelmed, and some have legitimate reasons to re-home their pets. 

When you sell or donate your leo, you need to know how to do so safely. 

Reptile shows, online leopard gecko forums, local advertisements, and personal websites are all great places to sell or donate leopard geckos. Local animal shelters and reptile rescue groups are excellent resources if you would like to donate your leopard gecko.

Whatever your reason for selling or donating a leopard gecko, it is important to be informed about your options.

Keep reading for more information about where to sell or donate your leopard gecko, with information on each resource to help you decide.

where can i sell my leopard gecko

Places To Sell Leopard Geckos

Reptile Shows

If you have multiple leos to sell, reptile shows are your best option.

These shows are full of people who are interested in purchasing a new reptile.

There are a few drawbacks, such as paying for vending space, and you may need to drive several hours away for a show. 

However, your chances of selling your leopard geckos at one of these shows are greater due to the large number of people who will be in attendance.

You should start networking right away to be more successful at selling your leos at a reptile show. 

Contact people you know, or reach out on social media networks to let people know you will be at the show and what you are offering.

Leopard Gecko Forums

Leopard gecko forums are another excellent option for selling your reptiles.

These forums are full of leo enthusiasts and people who are very curious about the animal and may be looking to purchase one.

Be sure to follow proper forum etiquette and list your leos in the appropriate area of the forum. 

Avoid spamming the forum by posting multiple listings where it is not appropriate. 

For example, a forum thread where gecko owners seek care advice will likely not welcome your sale listings, and violating any forum rules might get you banned altogether.

You should be prepared to ship your lizards directly to buyers in your country. 

Do your research to understand shipping rates, the supplies you will need, and instructions on shipping a live animal. 

Shipping will stress out a reptile, and you want to ensure the safety of your leo to ensure it arrives at its destination alive and healthy.

Local Advertisements

Place ads in your local classifieds, or create fliers to post in busy areas.

Veterinary offices, schools, churches, and community centers are all good places to put up your fliers.

Be sure to include as much information about your leo as possible, including pictures. 

Do not forget to add your contact information as well.

Create a Website

If you are tech-savvy and have multiple leos to sell, you may want to create your website.

You will need to be prepared to heavily promote your website through social media and reptile forums. 

Do not create a website and expect the buyers to come flooding to you.

Having your website may also be challenging if you are a new breeder because you lack the experience and reputation to attract buyers.

A website may not work if you are only selling a limited number of leos. 

However, having your website is necessary if you plan to start a business as a leopard gecko breeder.

Educate potential buyers by posting care sheets on your website, and ensure the information you include is accurate.

Much like selling through online forums, you will need to research the logistics of shipping reptiles. 

You should clearly state your shipping policies on your website to avoid any confusion with buyers.

It is also helpful to include pictures of your breeding operation and establish guarantees to assure buyers about the health of your geckos.

If you are unfamiliar with these policies and procedures, research other leopard gecko breeder websites to see what kinds of information they include and how their guarantees are worded.

Donate To A Local Animal Shelter Or Reptile Rescue Group

If you do not wish to sell your leo because you do not want to deal with shipping costs, or if you need to re-home your leo quickly, look at the option of donating your animal.

Reach out to your local animal shelter or a reptile rescue group to see if they accept donations.

If you are unable to find a local shelter equipped to care for reptiles, a rescue group is your best option.

Never Abandon Your Leopard Geckos In The Wild!

We could not state this point enough.

Not only is setting a leopard gecko loose in the wild illegal, but it also is not good for your leo or the local wildlife population.

If a leo has been raised in captivity its whole life, it may be unequipped to survive in the wild. 

The climate where you live may also be unsuitable for your leo, especially if you live in a colder region.

There are also countless reports of local wildlife being threatened when an exotic animal is abandoned in the wild and allowed to thrive. 

While snakes, turtles, and frogs are the most common causes of a decline in a wildlife population, leos could decimate important insect species in an area as the reptile population grows.

Important Considerations For Selling Leopard Geckos

Before deciding to sell your leos, there are some things you will need to consider.

Never price your leos lower than the competition just to make a quick sale. 

Not only does this undermine the confidence people may have in the health of your reptiles, but it will likely anger more experienced breeders and damage your reputation. 

Having a bad reputation in the reptile community will make it more difficult for you to sell your geckos.

Do your research and offer your leos for sale at reasonable prices compared to other breeders.

While leos are a more common gecko species, the reptile market is flooded with them, so they may be more challenging to sell. 

You should not expect overnight success from starting a leo breeding operation.

It is also important to disclose any health issues or cosmetic flaws to potential buyers, such as toe or tail nips. 

Consumers have a right to know about the health of the animal they are purchasing. 

Misrepresenting the health of your leo in any way is a bad business practice, and it will keep anyone from purchasing an animal from you in the future.

One last thing to consider before breeding leos is the cost required to care for them properly. 

The equipment cost could be hundreds of dollars. 

Since leos do not typically sell for high prices, this leaves very little room for profit. 

You will also need to pay for a commercial permit to sell reptiles in most areas.

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